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How to Automate Data Import/Export in Salesforce for Your Startup




Stabilizing all business processes is crucial at the very beginning for startups because a good beginning makes half of success. Organizing all the operations in the right way lays down a good foundation for the future prosperity of a company. In particular, this article talks about the importance of data management for startups with the Salesforce data loader.

The focus of Salesforce isn’t occasional because small businesses and startups constitute around half of its users worldwide. This solution provides all the necessities for managing sales, marketing, and customer service at the highest level at affordable prices. It also perfectly integrates with other solutions, so we would like to bring your attention to import/export data involving Salesforce.

The Importance of Data Management for Startups

The flows of digital information each startup has to deal with resemble the streams of water in nature. Recall the aqueducts from the times of the Roman Empire – those were heavily used as an artificial river that took water from such sources as wells and cisterns and transported it to public baths, fountains, private houses, and farms.

The core principles of data management are the same – coordinate and organize the information flow. While Roman aqueducts implemented complex engineering mechanisms to control water currents, startups have to rely on dedicated tools such as Salesforce data loader to cope with data flow.

In fact, information comes from everywhere – suppliers, business partners, customers, and so on. Keeping everything on paper in copybooks is cool but not efficient – it could take hours to find all the purchase transactions of a client by scanning a notebook. And what if there are hundreds of customers? There’s a risk of working 24/7 without days off with this manual approach to data management. So startups need to rely on data management tools to stay productive, focus on their R&D tasks, and build their secure future within the modern competitive markets.

What Is Salesforce Data Loader

To effectively manage data, startups need to consider the Salesforce data loader designed by Skyvia. It perfectly copes with loading data to Salesforce and exporting data to various destinations. Here are the other key features of this platform that startups can enjoy:

  • Transparent Configuration. Owing to its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to set up data import or export paths in minutes. It’s possible to save configuration settings and edit them or re-run them later.
  • Automatic Execution. Given that Skyvia’s Salesforce data loader is completely cloud-based, it’s possible to execute data import or export operations on schedule without human intervention.
  • Wise Supervising. Thanks to the Monitor tab, it’s easy to follow the process of data integration in real-time and check detailed descriptions of errors if any.

Why Choose Salesforce Data Loader for Automation

There are three principal reasons why companies select Salesforce data loader for their integration operations:

  • Pricing
  • Accuracy
  • Speed

Now let’s go deeper into each of these benefits and explain how they can enrich your business. First of all, the Salesforce data loader is affordable for everyone – starting from a totally free solution to enterprise-level options always at excellent prices.

Compared to the manual import and export of information, the Salesforce data loader reduces the risk of human error because everything is automatically tuned. That’s why this technological bridge greatly simplified data management by granting excellent accuracy of data and speed of operations with it.

Preparing Your Data for Import/Export

Before transferring data, it’s fundamental to make it suitable for analysis. This means cleaning – removing duplicates, eliminating outliers, and performing other similar operations. Without cleansing data from unwanted extra records, businesses won’t be able to go normally. That’s why keeping an eye on its quality ensures future success and wins.

Below find two brief guidelines for data transfer into and from Salesforce for bringing your business to the next level by automating data management.

Short Guide to Automating Data Import

  1. Go to the Import scenario planning.
  2. Select any source of your interest or a .csv file to load information from to Salesforce as a destination app.
  3. Decide which data fields to transfer in the Task Editor and define mapping settings between sources.
  4. Automate the import process by setting its automated execution with the scheduling function.

Data Export

hort Guide to Automating Data Export

  1. Go to the Export scenario planning.
  2. Select Salesforce as the data source. Then decide whether data will go to a .csv file on your local computer or on some file storage service such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, or Azure Data Storage.
  3. Click Add task to set up everything needed for the export operation.
  4. Automate the export process by setting its automated execution with the scheduling function.

Data export


Manual data management is no longer a trend, and it never was, to be honest. Owing to the Salesforce data loader, it’s possible to automate everything related to data management, especially importing from other CRMs or apps and exporting to .csv files.

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