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How to Boost E-campaign with Regular Email Deliverability Check

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email deliverability check

You have probably heard that marketers are passionate about emails. Being on the top of e-marketing, an emailing campaign remains one of the most effective ways for expanding outreach. But during it, you may face some difficulties in building trusting and long customer-seller relationships. To prevent yourself from huge mistakes and troubles, you should test email delivery to analyze your engagement rate and sender`s status, discover spam mistakes in the email template, and control all indicators and rates to improve communication with prospects. It influences not only the connection with your outreach but the whole email campaign.

In this article, we will explore all methods of strengthening relationships between a company and an audience. In the marketing vocabulary, it is called lead nurturing emails. Adopting these emails to a marketing campaign is very important and you will find out the reasons for it.

We will discuss:

  • How to select the most powerful lead nurturing emails approach with an email deliverability check;
  • How marketers determine the term ‘lead nurturing’ and its connection by testing of email delivery;
  • How to create a successful nurturing email template and define its results with testing email deliverability;
  • Advantages provided by automated instruments;
  • Enhancing email marketing campaign with testing email deliverability;
  • Conclusions.

How to select the most powerful lead nurturing emails approach with email deliverability check

Developing an e-campaign means discovering all channels and ways of communication with your target audience. One of them is creating a lead nurturing email which is the following phase after lead generation. So, what does it mean? It means direct and quality-assured communication with your prospects that can be realized in 4 different methods.

The first one is the individual or direct communication that occurs when you communicate with every client face-to-face, via email, or on social media privately. Usually, this type of lead-developing relationship takes a lot of time when a company has a great number of leads. This method will be effective and profit-making for companies that have fluent and effective salespeople and low/medium client turnover.

The second method is passive visiting of the brand pages on social media. It is defined also as a retargeted way of communication with the audience that is now the most profitable and effective method: when a potential client visits brand advertisements and at the same time it is built the company/client trust. Here we focus on how a client becomes closer to a brand without buying products.

The third way of engaging with prospects is through your content on social media, emailing, articles, and blogs. Statistics state that Internet users are more connected with the company not only to their products, but also to the company’s ideas, reviews, thoughts, and posts on social media. As a result, you will not build trust and strong relationships with your prospects who consequently will develop your brand by sharing and engaging with you. That is why you should strengthen this part of nurturing your leads.

The fourth method is lead developing through the prism of emailing. This type is considered one of the most personalized and effective because all needed information is delivered directly to the inboxes of prospects.

Effective email nurturing can be achieved when you test your campaign on the containment of spam in the content, launch regularly cleaning of sending lists, and test your email deliverability systematically. All these essential things and consequently good results can be easily achieved by implementing email delivery tools such as Folderly email spam checker.

Folderly`s email spamming testing instrument will be a hand of help turning your email campaign into a flourishing system machine that brings to your company boosting engagement rate and high email deliverability. Folderly`s tool is a product of B2B lead generation company Belkins.

How marketers determine the term ‘lead nurturing’ and its connection with testing of email delivery

The beauty of lead cultivation, or in other words nurturing, is usually explained as a personalized systematic engagement emailing with your clients. For the b2b world, this step is absolutely important as it builds a strong bridge in the company-client relationships including every step made through the sales funnel.

The most successful results of this method show when a company regularly updates emails due to the personal need of the customer, caring about their purchases, proposing a free trial as a bonus, or subscribing to the pro version of a product/service.

Besides, you don’t forget about the clients who bought your product a long time ago. Caring about them and updating your services and suggestions for them is also crucial. They are not only your warm client but also they are those who increase the CLV of your company (Customer Lifetime Value). This indicator should be controlled and increased since it shows how your brand awareness grows and how good a connection with your audience is.

For emailing lead nurturing there is one of the most essential aspects influencing the success of email campaigns. It is the systematic testing of email deliverability. The higher your email deliverability will be, the better the satisfactory level of engagement with prospects you will have. So, in order to have good email deliverability, it is not enough to write systematic emails to your clients. This process requires lots of effort which can be done manually, of course, and with the use of installed software. We suggest you use email testing software provided by Folderly. Being a leader in the e-market, its experts know how to get rid of the spam issues thoroughly, how to increase your sender`s status by following all rules and requirements of email service providers, and how to test email delivery to reveal and get rid of delivery problems, etc.

Let’s have a look at how to create a well-structured, appealing, and effective lead nurturing email template. What should we take into account?

How to create a successful nurturing email template and define its results by testing email deliverability

Email nurturing campaign brings to the company a journey in which high-quality leads are developed for clients. It process involves the following steps influencing the effectiveness of an email campaign:

  • Evaluate the lead quality. This step should be considered in order to understand at which stage of the sales funnels your client currently is.
  • Share ideas, tips, pieces of advice, and opinions of professionals. It shows that you not only focus on selling your service or product, but you are interested in engaging with your audience through values. By the way, it increases your brand awareness and reputation as a result your company gets more clients and sales.
  • Regular email personalization. Your prospects will be more engaged with you when your company takes into account their customs` pains, uses their names in the subject line, controls their activity and purchase history, and proposes personal bonuses and appealing suggestions. Don’t forget to take into account holidays and discounts to them. Using this information you will not only be able to understand your audience better, but also you will be able to gather detailed data on client behavior. Consequently, using this information you can make every email campaign better and better.
  • Length of the email message. The statistics say that the effective lead nurturing email should consist of up to 129 words. This length should be followed to save your clients time and show your respect to them.
  • Regular emailing. Developing your audience to clients to the sales of funnels means reaching them consistently with relevant and interesting emails. Keeping them interested and engaged with you increases the chances of boosting email deliverability and sales itself.
  • Decide your tone of voice and keep it. Being engaged with your audience in a written form means that you have to have your own tone of voice which is depicted in pictures, addressing, and the general atmosphere of communication. Lead nurturing email should not be too official or too colloquial. It should be your own neutral tone of voice with your own appeal to clients’ peculiarities.
  • Controlling indicators. For perfect email deliverability, it is crucial to monitor engagement rate, open rate, bounce rate, and other metrics influencing email marketing campaigns. The more information you get from monitoring rates, the better the next email campaign you will launch.

Running lead nurturing emailing means creating an effective template and taking into account all mentioned tips which should be regularly updated, changed, and personalized as it influences not only the email deliverability rate but the whole email campaign.

Advantages provided by automated instruments

Earlier we have figured out what lead nurturing email is and how it should be created. Now have a look at the main instrument that prevents these emails from getting spammed.

Nowadays there is no better thing to keep your emails from ending up in a junk folder than automated and built-in tools provided by digital technologies in the email marketing world. No marketer can imagine their effective work without these tools.

There are plenty of advantages that you may bring into your company. First of all, it allows you to expand your leads and to have high-quality control over your prospects by monitoring their behavior, results, and pains. Secondly, such an automated instrument as an Al-powered tool gives you an opportunity to add personal edits in a one-click to every single email. Finally, using additional instruments guarantees you to monitor the success of email campaigns and how well your outreach is segmented, targeted, and engaged within your company’s goals.

Enhancing email marketing campaign with testing email deliverability

If you want to check how your email campaign is, you have to have a look at the rate of email deliverability. The more issues with delivery, the content of lead nurturing template, indicators, and rates you will have, the worsen email deliverability will be. What influences email deliverability?

Well, quite a lot. You might be a great professional in writing successful emails or running a business, but if in your email there is some spam content or your domain has been marked as suspicious one, your email campaign will fail. That is why the crucial thing is to test email deliverability with the use of reliable and effective tools, such as the Folderly email testing tool. When you test email delivery regularly, you will get a deep knowledge about bounce rates, your domain reputation, opening/click rates, the level of spam containment, your status provided by email services, delivery issues, and many other essential indicators. To control and monitor is possible but with the use of the software, you will not only be able to save your time and efforts but also gives you personal recommendations on what you’d better improve in your company to get much higher results.

Being new in the b2b email world means that you have to prepare your domain for huge emailing. Start from 5 to 10 messages per day and then step-by-step try to increase this number. Otherwise, you will be marked or even blocked by Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo as a suspicious and not credible sender who breaks the rules of sending. Besides, don’t forget to warm up your domain with the use of a Folderly warm-up tool that allows you to prepare your email address for gigantic emailing in just 2 weeks, instead of 6-8 usual ones.


Lead nurturing is a great way of not only to have high-quality engagement with your outreach but also to accomplish your email marketing goals. If a company integrates lead nurturing campaigns into the company marketing as an essential method of interaction with the audience, it will be a really huge boost for the company. To make it better and qualitative, you should launch an email marketing campaign with the use of automated software instruments for testing each emailing campaign, such as the Folderly email testing tool. Would you like to have a great boost for your email marketing campaign and improve email delivery rates? Sign up and get a free trial for up to 7 days!


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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