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How to build Organizational Resilience?

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Living in a cruel world, you could be entrapped by many difficulties and hardships. But there is a point of thinking; if so many dubious things are playing with you, there are also several ways to sort things out. There is a certain power that helps you to stand and counter your problems and circumstances. This is the power of resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Organizational resilience is the name of the ability to anticipate, prepare, and respond to sudden and incremental changes in an organization. This is the ability to anticipate a problem or an issue before time. It needs a bit of work and brainstormed in time and, sometimes, well before something bad happens. Coriano Elite Life Coaching and Consulting can help you how to deal with problems and work with resilience. Organizational resilience could be built in a few certain ways.

  • anticipating the problem
  • understanding the situation and tackling it in the right way
  • choosing the right action against the problem
  • learning from previous experiences

 Anticipate the problem

Right decision at the right time saves a lot of energy to wait and not being guilty, ashamed of your actions. As forecasting is the best suitable method for knowing the weather and then heading to the destination, anticipating is important to understand the possible problems and hurdles that could occur in the way of you and your organization. Use your obstacles to see and understand the problem in time, and use organizational resilience to avoid getting hit by the upcoming meteor.

Understanding the situation and tackling it in the right way

Think about the game kids play, known as stone/paper/scissors. The stone breaks the scissors, and the scissors cut the paper, and the paper covers the stone, preventing it from hitting. It shows the right tool for the right problem. It means that every strength is not the solution to every kind of problem. You need to understand the right thing affecting your organization and use the best fit tool to overcome this. It is said that dismantling a master’s house with a master’s tool is mastery. It means using the right tool for the right target.

Choose the right action against the problem

Everything doesn’t require hard treatments or strong punishments. Something is needed to prevent it in time, other to be stopped by force, and sometimes you just need to crush the crack. The same treatment doesn’t work for all kinds of diseases, as the same action can’t solve all problems. You must take certain actions against the problem to remove it or nip it before time. The treatment will be, nevertheless, different for various situations.

Learn from previous experiences

Learning from past experience is the most important thing to understand, not being defeated by the circumstances repeatedly. This is the best way to prevent loss and secure the position for you and your organization. Previous experiences, the crust of your experiments, and the gain of your hard work teach you how to get to the winning line of the race of modern competition.

What is the value of organizational resilience?

Organizational resilience contains two ingredients to get running; business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning. Both help the organization to be hurt by harmful events and painful consequences. You need both these areas to work for your organization as business continuity planning helps to survive through thick and thin. On the other hand, disaster recovery planning looks after the issues created by the circumstances or caused by previous failures.

In other words, organizational resilience has value because it demonstrates and creates the ability to maintain powerful strategies and competitive advantages over time. The achievements that lead the organization to simultaneously excellence and perfection in terms of performance and bringing new innovations into play. It makes an organization show the adaptability of the business objectives and deal with the market at the required pace.

Let’s sum up

Building organizational resilience is not a short and easy process at all, but it is still very much getable. Means of effective leadership, safe and secure work communities, complexity and responsibility, innovation in knowledge management, transparency, and communication can achieve it.

Organizational resilience gives the strength to face hardships quite in a confident way and results in success. Bringing a culture of resilience into your organization will take time, but once it gets in, the changes will be positive and visible without any doubt.

This is how organizational resilience works. If you want to design your future positively with sublime heights of success rate, you need to bring the strategy of organizational resilience to your domain. Are you still thinking that you need this discipline or not? Yes, you need it!

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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1 Comment


    01/06/2023 at 4:08 PM

    Well thought out. Thanks for sharing!

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