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How to Choose the Right Software for Home Service Management?

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home service management software

Home service management questions vary considerably depending on your position and situation, such as “I want to optimize my HVAC, plumbing, property maintenance, locksmith, appliance repair, or junk removal operations as a company owner” or “I want to strengthen my process flow as a corporate home service management department. ” Here we will explain the functions of basic home services software and how to decide on it depending on its purpose.

What is home service management software?

Home service management software is a system that centrally manages information related to the services you provide, your customers, contractors, and more, such as facilities, locations, and contractor assets, to optimize management operations.

Among them, cloud-based systems reduce initial setup costs, allow you to share information anywhere, and can be easily started by simply entering property and tenant information according to the system. There are advantages, such as that it is also attractive in that it is always updated to the latest version, and new features are added automatically.

Furthermore, home service management software can be mainly categorized into the following two types.

For home service companies that are mainly engaged in the management of solutions and personnel: full of features that help to optimize service management operations and increase contract acquisition

Not limited to companies, but also for companies or individuals who want to receive in-house services for their facilities: a complete set of features to effectively manage and utilize assets and strengthen strategies

There are two purposes for using home service management software

Home services management software can be roughly divided into two types of use. Let’s take a look at the benefits and effects of implementing each type.

Types for managing home services

Target users

Companies and managers engaged in the business of providing home services.

Main operations that require efficiency:

  • Paperwork when performing services
  • Managing deposits and withdrawals, such as transfers
  • General management of home services (approval procedures, communication with partners, preparation of income and expense reports, etc.)
  • Initiatives to improve contract acquisition (posting/updating on major portals, etc.)
  • Prevention of individualization of knowledge and problems related to home services management

Benefits of implementation

Based on the data registered in the system, it is possible to search and view contact information, such as customer information and home service provider information, and automatically generate accounting books, contract documents, and invoices, preventing errors and saving labor. This has become a reality. Orcatec has this kind of home service management software to the fullest extent. By streamlining your processes, you can focus on high-value operations, such as recruiting new employees and formulating measures to improve customer satisfaction.

Type of corporate strategy

Target users

Corporate governance departments and managers who need strategic planning to make the most of their home services.

Core operations that require efficiency:

  • Improving the profitability and management of home services for individuals
  • Initiatives to improve customer satisfaction
  • Equipment and contract management

Benefits of implementation

Equipment information can be transformed into data and managed centrally, allowing you to understand the status of all customer facilities receiving services in real-time. Because you can solve problems and formulate strategies based on objective assessments using data, it’s easy to make quick decisions about consolidating or closing branches or to get a bird’s eye view of the complex management of stores that differ in business type, size, and location.

Main functions of home service management software

Next, let’s take a look at the main functions and capabilities of each type of software.

The main functions of the management software for the first type:

  • Contract management: You can centrally manage client (contractor and guarantor) information and service contract terms, linking them to location information and personal data of clients and contractors.
  • Billing management: Manage recurring and one-time payments for services rendered and renewal/cancellation fees. There are also services where the system can automatically notify you of the terms of registration.
  • Deposit management: You can check the receipt of payment, confirm the payment process, and manage the status of the response. Automation is also possible with the help of services related to online banking.
  • Income and expense management: You can accurately manage income and expenses, such as security deposits, key money, guarantee fees for guarantee companies, and management fees. There is also a service that allows for general/individual end-to-end management, as well as automatic aggregation of income and expense items based on recorded data, which can be summarized in graphs and tables for reporting.
  • Contact management: You can manage all communications with clients and contractors regarding equipment, crisis management, etc. There is also a service that allows you to easily generate reports on remittance income and monthly reports for clients.

The main functions of software for the second type of corporate strategy are:

  • Manage information about contractor assets and equipment: You can centrally manage detailed data, such as information about facility locations, as well as the history of repairs and your home services. It is possible to aggregate asset information. You can buy software for home services to view pricing settings and make repair decisions based on a long-term cost balance.
  • Manage customer requests: You can centrally manage contract information, budget execution, billing amount, contract request approval workflow, and more. Since service contract information such as customer name and contract duration can be registered and managed for each property, custom home service management can also be performed. Directly understanding the needs of your customers without involving a management company is also useful for formulating precise measures that will improve the occupancy rate of your facilities and the development of your home services.

Even if services such as maintenance, security, and cleaning are provided differently for each client, you can expect this to reduce the complexity of operations.


The main advantage of home care services software is that it can increase efficiency by centrally managing data and moving every task online. Orcatec specialty can comprehensively cover the housekeeping agreement from hiring, contract, billing, renewal, and cancellation.

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