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How to Donate Toys at Christmas

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It’s the holiday season, and what better way to get yourself in the holiday mood than by giving back?

As children grow, they develop new interests and skills, and old favorites fade away like yesterday’s news.

If your children aren’t interested in their old toys and you are thinking about adding new toys to your child’s collection, some of their old ones may need to be replaced.

But, unless the discarded toys are filthy or broken, don’t throw them away: plenty of youngsters would love to adopt them.

So, where can you donate your toys this holiday season? We’ve featured a few suggestions to get you started. Keep reading:

Buy nothing groups

If you can’t identify a local organization that would take donations of gently used toys, it doesn’t mean your child’s old items are doomed to landfill.

Try posting the stuff on your local Buy Nothing group to avoid the middleman. Don’t live near one? List the toys on Craigslist or Freecycle. As with any other charity, ensure the toys are disinfected before donating them.

Children hospitals

Many hospitals and medical practices will welcome donated toys for their young patients to play with or to keep children engaged while they wait in the waiting area.

Remember that most hospitals have rigorous sanitation regulations and may refuse to accept used toys.

Contact them to find out if they will collect yours.

Daycare centers

If you’ve ever gone to a daycare center, you know that they might need toys.

Although not all of them take donations, it’s always worth a try. If you have a lot of gently used toys that need a new home, contact a center in your region to see if they will accept them.

You also should check if they accept gently used toys or only want new ones. Remember that most daycares will only take easy-to-clean toys, so give this priority. Board books and plastic toys are excellent examples to go with.

Charities and toy drives

Several charities accept toy and stuffed animal gifts during this time of year. Do some study before donating to find out where your donation or given item will go and what influence you will have.

This is simpler to accomplish with smaller charities that may provide feedback on donations or with gift-giving charities where your item is given to a specific child or family.

While it may be more challenging to follow your donation to an enormous foundation, take the time to investigate where your money is going and make sure you feel good about spending it this way.

The other thing to consider is the transparency of the charity organization. If you are wondering how you can go about it, don’t worry. Several tools, such as Charity Navigator, provide insight into a charity’s leadership, culture, and finances to ensure its mission statement and impact are in sync.

To ensure you make the appropriate philanthropic choice, consider how honest charities are about their donations, impact, and even how they treat your personal information.

Of course, you should donate to a reputable charity course such as NRS Cares.

The National Retail Solutions (NRS), the provider of a premier point-of-sale (POS) platform for independent businesses, has proudly announced the 28th Annual Toy Drive to benefit the Paterson, NJ YMCA.

This year, NRS Cares Launches Amazon Wish List for its 28th Annual Toy Drive, allowing members of the public to get into the holiday spirit by picking and sending items straight to the designated site. This strategy increases involvement and enhances the festive season’s pleasant experience.

NRS invites everyone interested to spread the festive cheer to join them in their efforts. The general public is asked to choose a gift from their Amazon Wish List and have it delivered straight to the YMCA in Paterson, NJ.

Every contribution helps to brighten a child’s Christmas, and you should be part of it.

Children’s homes and centers

Children and families in shelters at any time of year could benefit from some cheer. Most situations that lead to children being in these locations are terrible and life-changing, so having a stuffed animal to hold can make all the difference.

Contact the charity you want to assist to learn about any requirements they may have and how to get the toys to them. Your local children’s or social services office may also be able to refer you to foster children and other youngsters in need who would enjoy gently worn toys.

Police and fire departments

When kids end up with police or firefighters, it’s usually not a cheerful or easy situation. With the craziness of the circumstances that led them there, having a toy or stuffy to keep them quiet and concentrated may not seem like much, but it will bring them comfort.

Even if these agencies do not directly accept donations for their organizations, they frequently serve as consolidated drop-off locations for local toy drives.

You should contact your local police and fire services to see if they accept the toys or host holiday toy drives.

Religious organizations

Faith-based organizations are another centralized drop-off point for toy donations that you can use. Some even organize their own toy drives and contribution drives for members, ensuring every youngster receives a little.

Not to mention that many of these spaces take donations for use by members. While people gather at church, the toys keep their children entertained.

Parting shot

As you can see, you can donate your toys in many places. Of course, you can donate your old toys, but ensure they are well disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases.

The best toys to donate are the new ones as you are sure they haven’t been used before. Before you contribute, contact the facility you want to donate to and confirm the type of toy they are interested in.

As a rule of thumb, donate a toy that the organization needs. The last thing you want is to present a toy no one uses; hence, it fails to fulfill the intended purpose. You don’t want this, do you?


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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