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How to Find the Best NFL Live Streams

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The NFL is finally back in action, and you’ll probably be on the hunt for some of the best NFL live streams once the season gets underway. Finding a stream is always difficult, especially if you’re not inside the United States! Paying for expensive streaming services like ESPN is not always great.


But, what if you could stream the NFL for free this season? That’s right, there are some free streams that you can tune into for the upcoming NFL season. But, if you visit the site you might encounter some geo-blocking restrictions depending on where you are accessing the website from.


Nevertheless, there is a way that you can bypass these frustrating digital walls and gain access to some of the best NFL streams no matter where you are in the world. Better yet, you can even find some free NFL live streams! Want to find out more? Keep reading to get the full lowdown below.

Why It’s Difficult to Find Good NFL Live Streams

Unless you’re subscribed to a giant media company’s live streaming service, NFL live streams are incredibly hard to come by. If they’re not poor quality then they’re just not available in your region. Believe it or not, there are some good NFL live streams out there, as long as you look in the right places.


But, when you visit these streaming sites you might encounter some geographical blocking. That’s because this content is often locked to a very specific region due to the strict broadcasting rights that the streaming sites and broadcasting companies need to adhere to. If you’re trying to access streaming sites from outside of the US, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be blocked when trying to load up your stream.

But the question is, how do websites know where you’re accessing them from? Websites use your IP address — a unique string of numbers that is used to identify your device on the internet. One of the primary jobs of an IP address is to determine your physical location and give that information over to the website so that they can send you ads based on your location.


Ever seen ads for your local grocery store or a nearby second-hand car sales lot? That’s right, they use your IP address to find out where you’re located and then send you ads based on that information.


If your IP address shows that you’re not within an approved region, then you’ll be blocked from accessing the stream. All you’ll see is an error message stating: “this content is not available in your region”.

Why You Need to Use a VPN

So, if you can change your IP address, you can change your device’s “virtual location” right? It might sound like a challenge that requires a ton of technical knowledge and expertise, but, thanks to one handy cybersecurity tool, you can change your device’s IP address at the click of a button.


The tool you need is a virtual private network, which is also known as a VPN for short. The main purpose of a VPN is to encrypt your internet connection which will prevent anyone else from seeing what you are doing on your device while browsing the internet. VPNs are so powerful that it’s not even possible for the government or your internet service provider to track your internet traffic!


But, what we want to hear more about is the second feature that a VPN has to offer — the ability to change your IP address. VPNs allow you to connect to one of several secure global servers in other cities or countries around the world. In doing so, your real IP address will be hidden from websites, and your device will instead be accessing the website through the server’s IP address.


This will trick websites into thinking that you are accessing them from elsewhere. For example, if you’re in South Africa, you can connect to a VPN server in the United States. This will allow you to access the internet as if your device was physically located in the US, and you’ll have free reign over some of the best NFL live streams, including the free ones!

How to Choose a VPN

Before you install a VPN on your device though, there are some important rules that you need to follow. Not all VPNs have been created equally, so you shouldn’t just go with the one that has the coolest name or the bright colors.


The most important guideline is that you should always choose a premium VPN. On the surface, it might seem like free VPNs will save you some cash, but there’s no way that you’ll be able to stream NFL games! Free VPNs come with several drawbacks including slower connection speeds, more ads, less security, daily data limits, and fewer global servers to choose from.


Make sure to do your research with each VPN before you install them on your device. Each VPN has strengths and weaknesses. For live streaming, you want to make sure that you’ll get a strong and stable connection, as well as a multitude of global servers to choose from.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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