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How To Hack Instagram Accounts Fast (Without the Password)

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In this guide we explain how you can hack into an Instagram account with an app.

Instagram is no longer an app that needs an introduction.

The social media giant has been around for more than a decade now, and has come a long way, with presently more than billions of users. 

Despite Instagram’s long list of features and its overall greatness, it is hard to deny that it’s not always safe.

And, that goes for most apps. 

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Social media platforms, and especially Instagram, are becoming the breeding grounds for stalkers and predators who are always looking for new victims.

Do you want to protect your loved ones from such harm but don’t know how? 

The best thing you can do is hack into their Instagram accounts.

And, while that might sound controversial, sometimes it’s important to keep an eye on your children’s internet activities and make sure that they are not getting into any kind of trouble. 

For that very reason, in this article, we will be showing you how to hack Instagram accounts with the help of spy apps.

Keep on reading to know more. 

How To Hack Instagram Accounts with an App

The internet is full of wonders and can be a great place to explore and find out new things.

That being said, it is also full of dangers and kids do not make the right choices. 

Therefore, as a parent, it’s your duty to make sure that your kids are being safe on the internet.

Moreover, you could want to hack the Instagram account of your spouse or partner because you suspect that they are being unfaithful to you. 

If so, you could use spying apps to find out the truth and put your mind to rest.

No matter the reason, in this section, we will be taking a look at hacking Instagram accounts using the best tools. 

#1. xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

If you are looking for a spying app that will let you hack into an Instagram account instantly without much technical knowledge, xMobi is the right tool for you.

It is easily one of the most efficient apps that will let you spy on your target easily, even if you don’t know coding. 

In order to hack Instagram using xMobi, all you need is the username of the profile you are looking to hack.

Once you enter that into their website, it will fetch all the necessary details of the account and you will be able to know a whole lot. 

Hence, xMobi offers its users an easy and hassle-free way to hack into Instagram.

What makes it even better is the fact that the application runs on stealth mode, meaning that the target person won’t have knowledge of you spying on them.  

Moreover, when you download the xMobi app, you will be able to use it to keep an eye on a wide range of social media apps on the target device such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp for both iOS and Android devices. 

Now when talking about the installation process, it is easily one of the fastest apps.

For Android, you must install the app on the target device while for iPhones, all you need is the iCloud credentials.

With regard to the pricing, you would be happy to know that you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket just to keep an eye on your loved ones.

There are different packages and you can subscribe to the one that fits your budget the most. 

The app is all about maintaining your confidentiality, so you will not have to worry about the safety of your data.

Plus, you can also monitor the calls, SMS, photos, videos and a lot more on the target device. 

Overall, xMobi is undoubtedly a robust app that doesn’t demand its users to be tech-savvy, unlike some other applications.

Therefore, if you don’t have much time on your hands but you still wish to know what someone is upto on Instagram, xMobi is the best tool you can try.  

#2. Spynger

Spynger Instagram Hack

Are you on the hunt for an all-rounder tool that hacks Instagram with ease? Give Spynger a try. 

This powerful app has everything you need to carry on your monitoring activities.

For instance, with Spynger, you can track anything and everything the target person does on their Instagram account. 

But, Instagram isn’t all that you can track.

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Apart from that, you can also monitor activities on most other social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. 

Furthermore, apart from social media platforms, you can also use Spynger to track the text messages, location, and contacts on the target device.

Plus, you can also see the browsing history, pictures, and videos and a lot more. 

With over 35 features, more than 1.5 million customers and service in 180 countries, Spynger is just the perfect solution for when you need everything under one roof. 

There is also a keylogging feature and a screen recorder feature.

Plus, the cherry on top is that the target will not know that you are spying on them.  

Ultimately, Spynger is an all-in-one app that you will not know until you try it.

It makes monitoring so much easier and more efficient. 

#3. uMobix

uMobix Instagram hack Spy App

On the lookout for a monitoring app that offers you unrestricted access to an Instagram account? Try out uMobix and you are bound to be impressed. 

Hacking into Instagram doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

With an app like uMobix, everything will be organized for you in place under the detailed dashboard. 

Unlike some other apps, you won’t have to worry about restricted access.

This means that you will have full access to their Instagram, including their feed, DMs, notifications and more. 

Plus, the good news is that you don’t need any technical knowledge either.

All you have to do is manage to install the app on the target device and you are good to go. 

The target will have absolutely zero clue that you are spying on them, which means you can monitor all their activities without worrying about getting caught. 

Even installing the app is super easy.

All you have to do is pick a package as per your budget, after which you will receive an email, where you will be guided through the installation process. 

After that, you can carry on all your monitoring activities.

Not only will you be able to spy on their Instagram but, pretty much most other apps on the device such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. 

And, to make it even better, you can even keep an eye on things like the contacts, text messages, GPS location, call history and so on.

Once again, uMobix has very few restrictions and makes sure that its customers are well-satisfied with their range of features. 

Furthermore, the prices are also reasonable.

Depending on what kind of a device you have, Android or iPhone, the prices differ, but ultimately they are affordable. 

Although uMobix is relatively new to the market, the app has established a dedicated customer base in this short amount of time.

And, why wouldn’t it? 

With its wide range of innovative features and affordable rates, uMobix should be one of your go to tools for monitoring devices.

So, give it a try and explore all the great functionalities the app has to offer. 

#4. Glassagram

Glassagram Instagram Hack

Looking for an app that has futuristic technology to help you with all your spying needs?

Then, Glassagram is right up your alley.  

As the name of the app suggests, it helps you to keep an eye on your children and makes sure that you’re constantly updated about all their activities. 

The Glassagram website is a testament to the fact of just how futuristic the tool is.

Once you install the app and use it, you will be blown away by the interface and the swift design of everything.  

The app lets you monitor every aspect of the Instagram app.

You can spy on the feed, DMs, and a lot more. 

But, the great part is that you can spy on more than just Instagram.

You can even keep an eye on the texts, chats, pictures, as well as other social media platforms on the target device such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail Emails etc. 

That’s not the limit, however.

You can also view their content and videos along with the location of the target device, meaning that you will be informed of the whereabouts of the target. 

In addition, the app has a regular update feature as well which is called Magic Words alerts.

Using this feature, you will be able to know the words or phrases the target person is entering into their keyboard and every time they enter such a thing, you will be notified of it. 

Much like the other apps, Glassagram runs in invisible mode as well, letting you perform your monitoring without tipping off the target.  

Just carry on with your monitoring and don’t have to worry about the safety of your data since the app is completely safe. 

Considering just how powerful the features are, the prices are also somewhat affordable.

You get to choose from several packages. 

Lastly, there is a screen recorder feature that is inbuilt into the app.

With screen recording, you can document everything taking place on the target device, allowing you to use them later.  

All in all, Glassagram is not only robust but has every feature that a parent needs in a spying app in order to keep their kids safe. 

Don’t shy away from giving it a try! 

#5. EyeZy

EyeZy Instagram Hack

Lastly, the app on our list is eyeZy, which is a completely dedicated Instagram hacking app that will let you keep an eye on your loved ones and your competitors. 

If you are a worried parent who is constantly worried about what their children might be doing online, eyeZy can help you put your mind to ease.

The great thing about this app is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge whatsoever. 

The app is not only reliable but it also has been around for quite some time now and has garnered a lot of industry experience.

Consequently, it keeps on improving itself and rolls out new updates frequently to keep the customers happy. 

When it comes to Instagram, eyeZy can track everything from pictures and clips to DMs and  stories, reactions, as well as comments.

Therefore, if Instagram is the only app you are interested in hacking on the target’s phone, eyeZy is absolutely the right app for you. 

It is affordable and offers you just what you need; nothing more and nothing less.

Furthermore, the app works in anonymous mode and the Instagram account owner won’t know that you are tracking their activities. 

There is a keylogging feature available inside the tool as well.

And, while the app might seem limiting considering it doesn’t offer more than Instagram to hack, it is still quite powerful and has reasonable pricing. 

All things considered, eyeZy is worth trying if you are eager to hack into someone’s Instagram account.

Its straightforward features will not disappoint you. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms ever.

And, it is becoming bigger every day. 

As more people join the app, it becomes more prone to danger.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your kids and other loved ones shielded from all such dangers. 

Moreover, you might also want to know if your spouse or partner is being faithful towards you or not since it has become increasingly easy to cheat in this internet age. 

And, that is where spying apps come in.

However, the market is filled with all such apps, making it difficult to choose the one that is right for you. 

That is why, in this article, we showed you how to hack Instagram accounts using the best spying apps on the market.

Overall, Spynger is our top pick, thanks to its easy and quick features that makes hacking a breeze.

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