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How to increase your brand awareness using promotional items



ameliorer la notoriete de son entreprise avec-des gadgets promotionnels

Making yourself known is very important for a company regardless of its size and industry. It is therefore impossible to neglect advertising in all its forms. In recent years, a goodie, or advertising object, has experienced a great resurgence of interest. It is therefore very interesting to think of promotional items to make your company known in style.

The goodie, a safe bet

The advertising object is part of the advertising strategy of companies for a long time. It is a very popular accessory – 89% of people find it loving and over 75% of people who have received it keep it.

The impact of goodie is particularly important. While people have a hard time remembering whether or not they saw an advertisement on TV, they invariably remember receiving an item. It is therefore a vital element for a complete and effective advertising strategy.

The advertising object has other advantages. It will thus present a reduced cost. Simply see the website to observe attractive prices. It is an ideal solution for very small businesses like estate agency, plumbing service, laptop repair, gardening service etc that do not have large amounts of funds to invest in their advertisements.

A goodie is also an object that will be seen by many people. If you donated, for example, an umbrella, it will feature your business name as soon as it is used and advertise the company for free.

Imagine an advertising campaign with a well-chosen goodie

There is a very wide choice of promotional items and it can be useful to select this one so that it highlights the values of your company. Several objects are classified among the best choices: tote bags, pens, external batteries, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps and more.

It is essential to select the object well in order to deliver a precise message. Is your startup in the IT field? No doubt, you will have to offer a goodie related to this, such as a USB key or a Bluetooth speaker.

Is your company in design? A t-shirt will be the best. You can also gift a toiletry bag if you work in the beauty industry. Never forget that the object must be attractive for it to be useful. It will thus be used and will do its promotional work.

It is also necessary that the selected objects match your target customers’ needs or tastes. There is no need to offer a speaker to a young population who will find no interest in it! If you are addressing a more eco-friendly audience, you can bet on CSR goodies, such as wooden cubes containing plant seeds or biodegradable pens.

The advertising object will strengthen the visual identity of your company. So don’t hesitate to list all the values that you want to highlight and that define your concept. You will more easily find the perfect object(s) to advertise without complicating your life and wasting time.

The goodie is an option to create very useful and particularly economical advertising campaigns. It is therefore an optimal choice to create awareness without spending too much and to offer your customers, employees or future customers and partners, support that will underscore your interest in them.


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