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How To Make Money with eBay To Amazon Flips Using

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Online arbitrage, the process of buying products from one online marketplace to sell on another at a higher price, has become a popular method for generating income. Among the numerous platforms available, eBay stands out as excellent source for profitable product flipping.

However, finding heavily discounted items suitable for resale can be time-consuming and challenging.

That’s where comes in.

What is is an innovative eBay to Amazon flips software tool that helps you find underpriced products on eBay that can be resold at a profit on Amazon or other marketplaces like Walmart. It scans eBay 24/7 for heavily discounted items, matches them with Amazon listings, calculates potential profit margins, and offers valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

The process is simple: buy low on eBay using Flipl’s suggestions and sell high on Amazon/Walmart.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find Low Priced eBay Items: Flipl constantly scans eBay listings for heavily discounted items, compares them with Amazon prices and calculates potential profits.
  2. Purchase Product on eBay: After reviewing the listing details and verifying the seller’s reputation, purchase your chosen item.
  3. Inspect Item and Sell It on Amazon: Once your item arrives, verify its condition before listing it on Amazon for resale.

What is eBay to Amazon Arbitrage?

Arbitrage, in simple terms, involves buying low on one platform and selling high on another. In this case, it’s about purchasing underpriced items on eBay and reselling them at a higher price on Amazon or other marketplaces.

Getting Started With Flipl

To start making money with, follow these steps:

Setting Up Your Filters

After logging into your Flipl account, navigate to the main dashboard to set up filters that will help you find fast-moving products that sell within days to weeks. For beginners, we recommend setting ROI (Return On Investment) at 30%, Profit at $30 and Max Sales Rank at 150000.

Vetting Products On eBay

Once you’ve set up your filters and found potential flips, it’s crucial to vet these products thoroughly before purchasing them for resale. Here are some essential things to consider:

  • Product Matching: Ensure the product listed on eBay matches the description given in its corresponding Amazon listing by checking serial numbers, model numbers, color specifications etc.
  • Product Condition & Seller Feedback: Always choose brand new products from sellers with good feedback scores.
  • Verify Prices: Confirm if the current price listed by Flipl is accurate as prices may drop faster than detected by the software.
  • Avoid Private Label Products & Brand Owners Selling Directly On Amazon: These scenarios often lead to stiff competition or IP issues which could affect profitability.

Analyzing Price & Estimating Sales With Keepa Charts

Keepa charts offer a visual representation of a product’s price history and sales rank on Amazon over time – vital information when estimating potential sales velocity of an item.

Understanding how to read these charts is crucial; look out for fluctuations in pink lines representing sales rank – frequent dips indicate regular sales which bode well for quick flips.

Purchasing The Product On eBay

If all checks out well after rigorous vetting of the product using our checklist provided above alongside Keepa chart analysis indicating promising returns – proceed with purchasing this product via eBay.

Bonus Tips For Success With Flipl

Here are additional tips to optimize your use of Flipl:

  • Check if there are multiple quantities available: If there are multiple listings available at similar prices consider buying more than one item.
  • Regularly check back every 1-2 hours: Frequently checking back ensures you spot any profitable products as soon as they appear.

Overcoming Doubts & Fears

Investing money into buying products might seem daunting but remember that every business comes with risks but also rewards when done right! By using tools like and following above guidelines you would be able to minimize risks while maximizing profits!

In conclusion: Yes! You absolutely can make money by flipping products from Ebay to Amazon! All it takes is some research time investment upfront along with usage of right tools like which makes whole process lot easier & efficient!


What is Online Arbitrage?

Online arbitrage is an innovative and profitable business model that involves buying products online from one marketplace at a lower price and then reselling them on another marketplace for a higher price. This process allows sellers to exploit pricing disparities between different online platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Understanding Online Arbitrage

The concept of arbitrage has been around for centuries in traditional markets like stocks and commodities. However, with the rise of e-commerce platforms, it has evolved into what we now call online arbitrage.

In essence, online arbitrage is a form of retail arbitrage where instead of sourcing products from physical stores or wholesalers, you find your inventory from online retailers. The goal is to identify underpriced items listed on one platform (like eBay) that can be sold for more on another platform (like Amazon).

The profit comes from the difference in prices between these two marketplaces after taking into account all costs including shipping fees and marketplace commission fees.

How Does Online Arbitrage Work?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the online arbitrage process works:

  1. Product Research: The first step involves finding products that are priced lower on one platform compared to another. This requires extensive research and analysis to ensure that the product will sell well on the second platform.
  2. Purchasing Products: Once you’ve identified potential products for resale, you go ahead and purchase them from the first platform (the source). Be sure to factor in all associated costs including shipping and taxes.
  3. Listing Products: After receiving the product(s), you list them on the second platform (the target) at a higher price than what you originally paid.
  4. Selling & Shipping: When someone purchases your item(s) on the target platform, you ship them directly to the customer.
  5. Profit Realization: The profit comes from selling price minus purchase price after accounting for all expenses involved in this transaction such as shipping fees and marketplace commission fees.

Why Choose eBay to Amazon Flips and Online Arbitrage?

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs choose online arbitrage over other forms of e-commerce:

  • It’s relatively easy to start with minimal upfront investment.
  • It doesn’t require any special skills or expertise.
  • There’s plenty of software tools available that can help automate much of the process.
  • You can operate your business from anywhere as long as you have internet access.
  • It’s scalable; once you’ve mastered how it works with one product category or marketplace, you can expand into others.

However, like any other business model, success in online arbitrage requires careful planning, diligent research and consistent effort. It’s not just about finding cheap products but understanding market demand dynamics and pricing trends across different platforms.

In conclusion, if done correctly, online arbitrage can be a lucrative way to make money online by leveraging price discrepancies across different e-commerce platforms.

What are some tools I can use for online arbitrage?

There are several tools available to streamline your online arbitrage process. is a popular software tool designed specifically for eBay to Amazon flipping. Other tools include Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Keepa which provide data on product rankings, price history, and competition.

Can I do online arbitrage internationally?

Yes, you can do online arbitrage internationally as long as the platforms you’re using support international shipping. However, it’s important to consider additional costs like customs duties and international shipping fees when calculating your potential profits.

Is online arbitrage legal?

Yes, online arbitrage is completely legal. However, it’s crucial to stay updated with the selling policies of the platforms you’re using and ensure that you have the necessary permissions or licenses to sell certain products if required.

How much money can I make from online arbitrage?

The amount of money you can make from online arbitrage depends on various factors such as the products you choose, how well they sell on different platforms, and how much profit margin they offer after accounting for all costs involved in buying and selling them.

Are there risks involved in online arbitrage?

Like any business venture, there are risks involved in online arbitrage too. These may include changes in platform policies affecting sellers’ rights or profitability; sudden price drops leaving you with inventory that’s hard to sell at a profit; dealing with returns or complaints from customers; or running into intellectual property issues if selling branded goods without proper authorization.


With practice using, identifying opportunities becomes easier leading to increased earnings over time – perfecting ‘flipping’ artistry! Remember always reach out via customer support if any questions arise along way!

Happy flipping!


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