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How to Save Money for a Student Startup?

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Saving money to fund your dream is a commendable act. For most students, it cannot be easy to save because you don’t have enough in the first place.

But, saving is the best option to help you fulfill your dream of starting a business as a student. Most students have an idea of a startup but find it difficult to raise the necessary capital to make it happen.

Therefore, it is essential to learn how to save. The article will discuss ways to help you save money as a student to help you get your startup up and running.

Financial Management

Most people believe that applying theories to practice is the best step to take with your finances. You don’t have to be a business and economics major in school to learn simple financial management – budgeting.

You can start by picking up a pen and paper to write down your expenditure for the previous months. Then, evaluate your income, and you will get a clear picture of your monthly financial status. Also, you will see areas where you can work to enable you to save. It is an excellent way to work against a budget deficit.

Use Your Student Status

Although many students don’t realize it, being a student is a legal status. It allows you to get lots of discounts and preferences to help you maintain a better budget. If you study in college or any of the institutions that offer student discounts, you can benefit from it. It is important to remember your status and ask for any special student offer whenever you can do so. For example, your local book store can discount you the next time you come to purchase books.

Use Online Free Services

In the modern world, technology is crucial for running a conventional lifestyle. In addition, students must use technology for many projects, work, and other school activities. However, you can save a lot by looking for the free version of popular software platforms you use for your activities.

For example, most people use Microsoft Office, but paying for it can widen your budget deficit. You can make a smart decision by using the free online version called Office 365 that has identical features such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Work On Your Cooking Skills

There is no shame in enjoying a healthy meal all the time. But, it is shameful to spend a significant part of your income to buy meals you can prepare yourself. You will save more if you can learn to cook simple meals by yourself.

If you love chocolate cake? Then, pay a visit to the local supermarket and purchase a jar of chocolate, biscuits, and syrup. Afterward, try to prepare the cake yourself. Typically, you may not be right the first time, but you will be able to make perfect cakes with practice.

Then you can make it for your friends and earn some money on the side. Learning to cook will help you save and earn money as a student.

Think Before Engaging In Sports Activity

Most universities offer students a modern gym with various sports activities; there is a catch – access comes at a high cost in the form of monthly membership fees. Therefore, you will end up paying more for engaging in your favorite sport than your rent.

It would be better to temporarily take up a new activity that doesn’t require a special place or equipment. For example, you can visit a gym or participate in sports such as basketball, soccer, jogging. Also, you can engage in exercise such as yoga that you can do at home.

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Reconsider Your Shopping

Almost everyone wants to wear the latest clothes and look trendy. For this reason, many students shop a lot and save little. Therefore, they always need money. If you want to break free from this problem, it is best to watch out for sales and exclusive deals that often happen, especially during the transition from one season to the next.

You should create a list of wanted items and patiently wait for the best time to purchase them. Periods of the year such as Easter, Christmas, or national holidays can offer you suitable items for less money. Also, online events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday will allow you to purchase essential items at a cheap cost.

Search For Free Stuff

Most businesses understand the economic hardship students experience. For that reason, you can see many products given out for free around your school. It is best to partake in this free stuff if you want to save money. In some cases, you may engage in fun games or get an opportunity to win exciting prizes or gift cards. Then, you can use the gift cards or vouchers to buy items you need but can’t afford.

Share Cost

If you are living alone in your student apartment, it is time to get a roommate. Then, share the cost of things you both enjoy, like cable TV, the Internet, and other valuable services.

The shared cost means you will pay less for these services than you would have if you paid for them yourself. To get the best out of the arrangement, consider talking to your roommate. It is the best option to figure out the best ideas on how to share the cost of living in the apartment together and spend less to enable you to save more for your startup.

Automate Savings

Most students get a job when they gain admission to the University. If you have a job, it is best to set up a savings account and make your savings automatic. You can start with a weekly contribution from checking to savings.

Alternatively, you can change your direct deposit, so a part of your check goes directly to your savings account. It makes saving easier and helps you overcome the temptation to overspend when you receive your paycheck. It would help you maintain consistency with your savings and make you a better person in the long run.

Buy Or Rent Used Textbooks And Sell Them Later

The cost of textbooks surges higher every semester. Therefore, they can be expensive for you to purchase often. You should buy the ones you can afford and sell them after the semester.

Alternatively, you can get used textbooks from online stores like Amazon and use them for the semester. This step will help improve your budget significantly in the long run.


Saving is an important aspect of life that is worth learning. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It would help if you had the discipline to see it through. But, it is the best way to have the extra money in your pocket and help you get that startup up and running. The steps discussed here will help you start and sustain your savings.

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