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How to Section a Larger Garden for Maximum Enjoyment

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A large garden is a privilege to be cherished. Now more than ever, homes with an abundance of exterior space are the undisputed jewels of the UK property market.

All well and good, but using a larger garden to its full potential is not always easy. Oftentimes, you confine yourself and your activities to one small area of the garden, allowing the rest to go to waste.

This is where a touch of strategic sectioning can make all the difference. A project that can be surprisingly simple, yet completely transformative.

With this in mind, here are just a few ideas for how you could section your outdoor spaces, in order to make the most of your garden:

Create a Relaxation Space

The key to creating a truly relaxing space outdoors lies in eliminating all unnecessary distractions from the equation. This should be a space devoted to nothing but peace and tranquility – a handful of chairs and sun loungers, coupled with nothing but beautiful plants and flowers on all sides. No toys, no electronics, and nothing to get in the way of those blissful ‘Zen’ moments that are all too fleeting these days.

Set up a Separate Play Area

At the opposite end of the spectrum (and ideally the opposite side of the garden), consider setting up a separate play area for the kids. This is where you can house all the bits and pieces that would normally clutter your other relaxation and recreation spaces. A sandpit, a place for them to dig, a climbing frame, a mud kitchen, and maybe even their own vegetable patch. You could even consider setting up fencing and padding flooring to keep them safe, giving you one less thing to worry about while you relax.

An Entertainment Section for Family and Friends

Separate from your relaxation space and your kids’ play area, a space in close proximity to your home could be ideal for an entertainment section. Here, you can install all the catering, dining and general equipment you need for unforgettable evenings under the stars. A built-in barbecue, a pizza oven, a fire pit, a sound system – all complemented with plenty of string lights, candles and so on. By reserving this space exclusively for entertainment, you’ll get more of a kick out of it when you use it.

Consider a Garden Room

The beauty of a garden room lies in its versatility. A bespoke garden room can be used for any purpose imaginable, and can even do double duty as a combined space. Setting up an outdoor office can be particularly rewarding, giving home workers the perfect place to focus on their productivity. A garden room can also be great for setting up a cinema room, an outdoor kitchen, a bar, or even your own private gym. Or again, any combination of the above. Garden rooms combine all the benefits of a traditional extension with the bonus of full separation from the home. All for a total cost exponentially lower than a single-storey extension.

A Wildflower or ‘Meadow’ Area

Conservationists have been encouraging homeowners to set up a wildflower space or ‘meadow’ in their gardens for years. Doing so not only results in a simply stunning spectacle, but also invites local wildlife into your garden. As an added bonus, a wildflower area by its very nature requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. You simply need to sprinkle a bunch of mixed wildflower seeds over the allocated area, and let nature do its thing.

Water Features

Last up, you can take things as far as you like with a water feature section. A small rockery with a gently flowing waterfall can be just the thing to bring a relaxing visual and auditory effect into your garden. As can a fishpond, a fountain, or even a stream running down the centre of your garden in its entirety. Water features can be added to your existing garden zones, or you can create a separate space where water is the central feature. If the mood takes you, why not consider improving your garden and boosting the value of your property with your very own swimming pool?

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