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How To Send Money To Someone Without a Bank Account

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The most common way to make a money transfer online is by sending funds to a person’s bank account. Many people use this option daily, so bank transfers have become a part of their lives. But the last searches show that more than 7 million American households don’t have bank accounts. So, the following question appears: how to send money to someone without a bank account? Shania Brenson, the co-founder of 15M Finance gives answers for all the questions about ways to transfer money without bank accounts. Keep reading with us!

Online Money Transfer Service

One of the often-used options to send money without a bank account is money transfer services. In such services, you can choose how to send funds: in person, online, or through a mobile app.

Money transfer services allow you to deliver and send cash, so both the sender and recipient don’t need a bank account.

Note that all money transfer services have different transfer fees. They depend on a specific service provider, the amount of sending cash, exchange rates, and the selected payment method.

Money transfer services offer different payment options. For example, you can use credit or debit cards and funded accounts. To make sending funds more favorable, compare money transfer services to choose the most suitable one.

Western Union

West Union is the most known money transfer service. It allows you to send money to someone without a bank account in a short time. The transaction limit with Western Union is up to 50,000 USD. This payment option doesn’t require a bank account from customers and offers relatively low fees. However, your charges depend on a selected payment method and the recipient’s location.

Sending money through Western Union is available both on the website and in the mobile app. In the USA, there are more than 40,000 Western Union locations. In the world, the number is about 500,000, so cash pickup will not be a problem. You need to write the recipient’s name and address to send money to them.


Venmo is another excellent way to transfer money to people without bank accounts. You can send up to $5,000 per transaction from the Venmo mobile application after registering on the platform.

You can use credit or debit cards to transfer money through the service. In addition, it is possible to get funds onto a physical Venmo card. Sending money from such a card, the linked bank account and debit cards are generally free. But note that payments by a credit or non-linked debit card cause a 3% fee.


To send cash via PayPal, you’ll have to link your bank account to it. Whenever you’re signed into your PayPal account, search for the “Send Cash” or “Send & Request” button. Click on it. It resembles your enchanted cash entryway. The person will likewise get the cash on their PayPal account and can move it through other applications. This strategy allows you to send $10,000 USD per exchange and $60,000 USD each week.

Money Orders

Money orders are one of the safest and cheapest option both for a domestic and international transfer without a bank account. Unlike many other methods, money orders allow you to make transfers without sharing your bank account information. It is an excellent alternative for everyone who cares about their privacy. Money orders generally cost $1 to $2 and you always know that only an intended recipient will receive funds. These factors make this option attractive to many people.

You can purchase money orders at the post office, grocery stores, gas stations, or other financial institutions. These alternatives depend on the distance between the sender and recipient and the speed of the post office, so they take more time than other cash transfer options.


Cryptocurrencies are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to send money abroad. You can easily send your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies online. Crypto services generally work 24/7, and most transactions occur immediately.

In addition, crypto transfers are controlled by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and you can get more information from the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations.

Mobile Wallet Transfer

Another way to quickly transfer money without a bank account is via mobile wallets. They work similarly to money transfer services and allow you to perform an instant transfer. Mobile wallets allow you to get all payment information on your smartphone, which makes sending money quicker.

An important element is that a person sending money and a recipient should have the same mobile wallet provider to avoid fees. However, if you make international transfers, be ready to pay foreign exchange fees.

Among various mobile wallets, two are the most popular: Apply Pay and Google Pay.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows you to send money to someone without a bank account easily. The mobile wallet enables you to have credit or debit cards on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Furthermore, it securely protects all your card information, so you can use it to pay online or in stores.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a great way to transfer funds without a bank account. To use this mobile wallet, you need to create a free account. With the account, you can send money using a recipient’s phone number or email address. A wallet offers a Google Pay debit card to make transactions and withdraw cash from the system. In addition, you can link a debit or credit card, PayPal, or a bank account from any financial institution as a source of income.

Both receiving and sending money via Google Pay is free.

Credit Card

A credit card is another tool for sending money to someone without a bank account. Such money transfers are very convenient and quick, but they are generally expensive. You could try Capital One Platinum Credit Card, Mission Lane Visa, or Milestone Mastercard. Borrowers need to pay additional fees using this transfer option. However, you should know that not all credit issuers can make credit cards without a bank account.

Prepaid Debit Cards

If a linked debit card is not an option for you, consider getting a prepaid debit card. It has all the same functions as a traditional one, but you don’t need a bank account to use it. In addition, prepaid debit cards help you avoid overdraft fees. If you don’t have enough money, your transaction will be rejected. Through a mobile application, prepaid card users can establish direct deposits and manage their finances.

There are many options to buy prepaid debit cards. You can find them in gas stations and convenience stores or buy online, by phone, or from several credit unions and banks. Setting up a prepaid debit card is also available in retail locations or on the website.

How To Choose the Best Method To Transfer Money Without a Bank Account?

You can easily send money to someone even if a person doesn’t have a bank account. So, consider the following factors to choose the best transfer method.


All people want their money transfers to be safe. So, take into account the protection of your transactions while making a domestic or international money transfer.


Your cost for sending money depends on a selected transfer method. Thus, some options will be cheaper than others. For example, credit cards generally have the highest fees compared to other options. At the same time, mobile wallets don’t charge their users. Consider the fees of each transfer method to choose the most suitable one.


Choosing a payment option depends on your and the recipient’s locations. This factor is especially significant if you send money abroad because some payment methods are not available in specific countries. Different charges also vary depending on the transfer’s destination. For example, international money transfers are generally more expensive than domestic ones.


Transfer method choice depends on the purpose of the transfer and your and the recipient’s living places. In some cases, it is better to send money online. For example, when the recipient lives far away and needs funds to pay online. Sometimes, cash orders are the best decision.

Shania Brenson – the CEO of 15M Finance

Shania Brenson, the co-founder of 15M Finance, has a large experience in the financial industry. She got a master’s degree and a Certificate in Accounting & Finance from Texas State University. Before creating her own company, Shania Brenson worked as a financial advisor of the American National Bank of Texas and the Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union.

Shania Brenson’s goal is to help all customers cover their unexpected expenses. She created a service that makes getting loans easier by connecting people with reliable direct lenders. The 15M Finance CEO deeply understands the decision-making process and can find the best solution for the client’s personal finances.


How To Send Someone Money the Best Way?

A way to send funds depends on many factors, such as your and the recipient’s location, transfer speed and costs, and which method is convenient for you. Consider these factors and choose the best option for sending money.

How Can Someone Send Me Money If I Don’t Have a Bank Account?

There are many options to send money to people without bank accounts. You can use money orders, transfer services, mobile wallets, credit and prepaid debit cards, and other alternatives.

How to Receive Money Without a Bank Account?

If you don’t have a bank account, you can receive funds through various money transfer services, such as Paypal, Western Union, Venmo, or others. In addition, you can use credit or prepaid debit cards, mobile wallets, or cryptocurrencies.


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