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How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number (2023)

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How to track someone location with phone number

Want to find out a phone’s location and don’t know how?

In this new age, it can be imperative to know someone’s location, and one way you can find it is by using certain apps.

These apps only require the phone number and give a location instantly.

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For example, if you lost your phone or someone stole it from you, you can track a lost phone yourself instead of seeking help from officials who won’t even try.

If you want to keep track of your loved ones and you are sure they carry their phones with them, you can utilize some apps to know their whereabouts. Once you find where they are, you can research their location with an address lookup to make sure they’re safe or where they should be.

This guide will cover some of the best phone tracking applications.

How to Track Someone Location With a Phone Number

These are the best apps to track someones location simply, with a phone number.

Using Phone Number Tracker Apps to track location

1. Phonsee


Success Rate: 99.5%

Tracking a person’s location using a phone number has never been more seamless and efficient than with Phonsee.

The mobile tracker allows users to track the movements of their loved ones and increase their overall sense of safety.

Phonsee ability to share one’s GPS location is one of its most notable features.

This enables the tracked individual to voluntarily share their real-time location with selected contacts, providing additional peace of mind to concerned family or friends.

Phonsee data backup feature is an additional asset, as it ensures that location history and settings are safely stored if you want to track a cell phone location for free.

Consequently, users can rest assured that their valuable monitoring data is secure.

The offline tracking abilities improve Phonsee reliability.

The app monitors and captures the tracked person’s location even if their device temporarily loses internet connectivity.

  • Customizable Reports: The user can customize reports or alerts so that they know what the tracked phone is doing.
  • Battery Alert: The phone locator notifies the user if the tracked phone’s battery is low.
  • Multiple Ways of Alerting: The user can receive notifications on the app, e-mail, SMS, etc.
  • You can also hack an Instagram account using this app.
  • An intuitive platform that gives you location in just a few seconds.
  • Secure data encryption.
  • Affordable Prices
  • Heavy battery consumption.
  • Occasional reliability issues such as failed network connection.

Phonsee is the most affordable option that is viable on the market. Here are their choices:

  • Primary Explorer: $25 – This plan offers real-time location tracking and access to sharing location with friends or family members for added safety and convenience.
  • Advanced Voyager: $30 – Besides the Primary Explorer features, this plan includes customizable reports that provide detailed insights into location history and tracking data.
  • Pro Navigator: $40 – The Pro Navigator plan encompasses all the features of the Advanced Voyager and adds the benefit of automatic data backup, ensuring that no location information is ever lost.

2. xMobi

xMobi CellPhone HACKING

Success Rate: 94%

The developers at xMobi created an excellent phone tracker for tracking someone’s location using a phone number, offering a range of powerful features that make it stand out as a reliable and efficient tracking tool.

One of the standout features of xMobi is its custom alerts functionality.

Users can set up personalized alerts for specific events, such as when the tracked person enters, leaves a designated location, or exceeds a speed limit.

xMobi also excels in multi-platform support, making it accessible across various devices and operating systems.

Whether users want to track someone’s location from their smartphones, tablets, or computers, xMobi ensures a seamless and consistent tracking experience.

Battery optimization is another strength of xMobi.

The application employs advanced techniques to optimize battery usage, ensuring it operates efficiently without excessively draining the tracked person’s device battery.

> Track someones phone location with their phone number now <<

  • Geofencing: The app allows users to make restricted areas for which they would receive a notification if they’ve been breached.
  • Silent Mode: xMobi allows the user to track the phone without the followed person realizing it.
  • Multi-Language Support: The app boasts many options regarding language.
  • Very little battery consumption.
  • Available on all platforms.
  • Quick location updates.
  • Requirement for continuous Internet connection.
  • Inaccurate location data when the tracked phone is underground.

xMobi’s designed its pricing options to cater to different user needs, with varying levels of features to accommodate personal preferences and requirements.

  • Ordinary Package: $34.99 – This plan includes real-time location tracking and an interactive tracking map.
  • Medium Package: $44.99 – Besides the Ordinary Package, the Medium Package provides customized notifications for specific locations or events.
  • Expert Package: $49.99 – The Expert Package includes all of the Medium Package’s features and provides speedier real-time tracking results.

3. uMobix


Success Rate: 92%

Due to its remarkable features and user-friendly interface, uMobix is the most effective application for determining a phone user’s location.

With uMobix, users can swiftly and precisely track the location of their loved ones or friends, making it an indispensable safety and security tool.

uMobix’s quick access to real-time cell phone location data is one of its most notable features.

Upon entering the phone number, users can quickly retrieve the person’s current location, ensuring that they remain informed and connected.

In addition to accurate location monitoring, the application provides precise coordinates on an interactive map.

This precision ensures that users can confidently pinpoint a person’s exact location, making it ideal for monitoring family members or employees.

uMobix allows you to perform a reverse phone lookup without worrying about safety concerns due to its safe location services and without the need for physical access.

  • Real-Time Location Info: Accurate GPS information that receives live updates.
  • High Level of Information: The app provides location info with speed, direction, and a line of previous locations.
  • Great Interactive Map: Map with lots of additional information, such as the names of businesses and their purpose.
  • Well-developed and secure system for viewing location.
  • Unique features for every purpose.
  • Professional and easy-to-reach customer support.
  • Deccan Herald praised uMobix as the top innovative child protection startup in 2023.
  • Overreliance on surveillance can foster mistrust in relationships.
  • Continuous tracking might cause fatigue and addiction.

uMobix offers flexible pricing options for its tracking service to cater to various user needs. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $30 monthly includes real-time location tracking, location history, and essential customer support.
  • Standard Plan: $40 per month – Besides the Basic Plan features, the Standard Plan offers geofencing alerts and multi-platform support.
  • Pro Plan: $50 per month – The Pro Plan comes with all the features of the Standard Plan and adds custom alerts, battery optimization, and offline tracking.

Using Google Maps

Using Google Maps to track someone’s location based on their phone number can be helpful in certain situations, especially if the person has voluntarily shared their location publicly on their profile.

Google Maps, a widely used mapping service, allows users to share their real-time location through its location-sharing feature.

To track someone’s location using Google Maps, you would need access to their Google account or any other platform they have linked to Google Maps for a cell phone location tracker.

If the person has enabled location sharing, you can view their location on the map.

Additionally, Google Maps may also show their recent location history if they have permitted it.

This feature can be handy when meeting someone or ensuring their safety during a journey.

Cell Tower Triangulation

This method is challenging and requires expertise in the field.

Cell tower triangulation calculates the location of a mobile device based on the signals it receives from adjacent cell towers.

Each mobile device connects with the cellular network via the nearest cell tower, which can be helpful for cell phone tracking.

Triangulation algorithms can estimate the device’s location with varying degrees of precision by measuring the signal intensity and time required for signals to travel between the mobile device and multiple cell towers.

Why Should You Use Phone Tracking Applications?

Today’s period can be scary. In cities and places where crime is high, we must use a paid or free phone tracker app to know the location of people we care about.

Even for businesses, it can be beneficial for an owner or manager to track the location of his employees.

Phone tracking applications are a great way to keep track of people and their activities.

Here are some reasons why you should use these applications.

Time Management

Utilizing location tracking apps can be valuable for efficient time management.

These applications provide real-time insights into the location and activities of individuals or devices, enabling more efficient time management.

By monitoring the location of field-based employees, businesses can optimize routes and schedules, thereby decreasing travel time and boosting productivity.

This monitoring allows them to allocate resources more effectively and complete duties expeditiously.

In addition, GPS phone tracker by number apps with geo-fencing capabilities can generate automated reminders or alerts when entering or departing specific locations, allowing for more efficient time allocation and completion of time-sensitive tasks.

Finding a Lost Phone

With the assistance of tracking applications, it is easier to recover a lost or stolen device.

These applications enable users to remotely track and locate lost or stolen devices, thereby increasing the likelihood of their recovery.

When a device is lost or stolen, the GPS tracking technology of the phone number tracking app can locate the device’s current location on a map.

Many reverse phone lookup applications provide additional features like remote locking and data deletion.

This feature means that users can safeguard sensitive data even if they can’t physically retrieve the device.

Using these phone locater apps is a great way to track a lost phone or track phone number.

Parental Control

In today’s digital age, parental monitoring through a phone tracking app has become increasingly essential.

A phone tracker app enables parents to monitor their children’s activities, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Using phone tracking applications, parents can track their children’s locations in real time, enabling them to know where their children are at all times.

This feature is particularly beneficial for parents of adolescents who may be more independent and spend time away from home.

How to Track Someone’s Location by Using a Tracking App

In today’s age, with the modern types of cybersecurity, some people might think it’s tough to track phone location.

They might’ve been right if not for phone tracking apps.

The following guide will teach you how to track phone number location free.

1. Research and Choose an Application

Before embarking on mobile tracking, research a safe and feature-rich phone tracker app that meets your requirements.

Not all tracking apps are created equal, so ensure you opt for a reliable one that offers comprehensive functionalities.

2. Download the Application Safely

Use reputable app stores like Google Play or Apple Store to download the chosen tracking app.

3. Create an Account

Most tracking apps require users to sign up for a subscription service.

Create a secure account with the app before accessing its tracking services.

4. Choose a Subscription Plan

Once you set up your account, select a subscription plan or pay for the desired tracking service.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

5. Input the Phone Number

Enter the device’s phone number you want to track into the app.

The apps don’t require personal information.

The tracking process will commence once you provide the necessary details.

6. Receive the Information

You will receive the requested information after the app confirms your purchase or subscription.

You can now view the phone’s location and other relevant data.

The app will present the data in a user-friendly format, allowing you to explore the phone’s activity as if it were public.

Feel free to use the information as per your needs.

How to Know Which Tracking App to Download?

You must choose right when downloading a phone number tracking app.

There are many options, most of which aren’t great.

You can use our list and then do your research before deciding.

Here are some aspects to look out for:

Free Trial

A free trial version is an advantageous feature when selecting a tracking application.

It permits users to investigate the app’s features, test its dependability, and evaluate its user-friendliness at no cost.

Users can compare various apps before committing to a subscription and make an informed decision using multiple trial versions.

It increases trust in the app’s capabilities and ensures users find the best tracking solution for their requirements.

Cost of The Service

Cost is a critical factor to consider when choosing a tracking app.

It’s essential to strike a balance between the app’s features and its pricing.

While a higher price may indicate more advanced functionalities, it may not always meet your needs. Conversely, opting for a cheaper app may compromise essential features or security.

Evaluating the app’s cost, capabilities, user reviews, and customer support is crucial.


User interface (UI) is crucial for a location tracking app as it directly impacts user experience and ease of use.

A well-designed and intuitive UI ensures users can navigate the app effortlessly and access its features seamlessly.

An organized and visually appealing interface enhances user satisfaction and encourages continued usage.

A user-friendly interface is even more critical for a tracking app involving real-time data and location updates.

Comparing Different Apps

Comparing options is an essential step when selecting a tracking app.

It involves thoroughly evaluating various apps available in the market to find the best fit for your specific needs.

You can assess each app’s features, functionality, pricing, user reviews, and customer support by comparing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Information Can I Obtain Through Phone Number Tracking?

When using phone number monitoring services, obtaining data regarding the target phones is possible.

Depending on the app or service you employ, the specifics may differ, but typically you can access real-time location updates, historical location data, and geofencing alerts.

Can Phone Number Tracking Be Used for Business or Personal Purposes?

Phone number monitoring is a technology that enables the geographical location of a device to be determined using its phone number.

Typical applications include locating a lost or stolen phone, monitoring the location of family members for safety purposes, and keeping track of employees in the workplace.

Are There Any Free Phone Number Tracing Options, or Is It a Paid Service?

Phone number monitoring services typically offer paid and unpaid versions to accommodate user requirements.

Between the two versions, the availability of features and functionalities may vary.

You may discover basic tracking features in the free version, such as real-time location updates and limited historical data.

Some advanced features, such as geofencing alerts or extended historical monitoring, may be exclusive to the paid version.

Paid versions typically offer more robust features, giving users greater control and convenience when tracking phone numbers.


In this modern age, location tracking of phones is more needed.

Whether you’re a business owner or a concerned parent, you need to use tracking apps to have better control.

Using a location tracker can make the person feel more secure by knowing that someone knows their location in the case of an emergency.

While choosing a location tracker, you must consider a few things to make the right choice.

These apps can significantly benefit every user.

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