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How to Use Pokemon Go GPX Routes

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Embarking on adventures in the virtual world of Pokémon Go has never been easier with the utilization of GPX routes. These routes, defined by GPS coordinates, allow players to move along predetermined paths to catch Pokémon, battle in gyms, and gather items from PokéStops. Various third-party applications facilitate the import of these routes, enhancing the gaming experience. This article explores how to use Pokémon Go GPX routes with iGPSGo, iPogo, and PGSharp, and where to find these elusive routes.

Part 1: How to Use Pokemon Go GPX Routes with iToolPaw iGPSGo

iToolPaw iGPSGo is a notable application that enables Pokémon Go enthusiasts to implement GPX routes effortlessly.

Upon downloading and installing iGPSGo on your device, launch the application and connect your device to your computer. Select the ‘Multi-Spot Movement’ option, then click on ‘Import GPX’ to upload your desired GPX route file. The interface will display the route, which you can start by clicking ‘Start’. As you virtually traverse the defined path, your Pokémon Go avatar will follow suit, enabling you to interact with the game’s elements seamlessly.

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Part 2: How to Import Pokemon Go GPX Routes with iPogo

iPogo is another user-friendly platform for importing GPX routes into Pokémon Go.

To input GPX into iPoGo, follow these steps:

1. Extract the Folder from the ZIP File:

  • Make sure you have already extracted the folder from the ZIP file. If not, refer to Part #3 of the guide for instructions.

2. Open File Manager App:

  • Open your file manager app, such as “My Files” or “Files”, and navigate to your “iPogo_GPX_Routes_05-20-2023” folder.

3. Select a GPX Route:

  • Find and press on the GPX route you want to use. You will be given an option to “open with” an app. Choose your internet browser or HTML Viewer (must allow access) based on your personal preference.

4. Select and Copy Text:

  • Press and hold down on the text to select it, then press “select all” or the three dots to see this option. After selecting all text, press “copy”.

5. Open iPoGo Settings:

  • In iPoGo, press the “gear” icon to access your settings.

6. Access GPX Route Settings:

  • Press on “GPX Route”.

7. Add a New Route:

  • Press “Add”.

8. Paste GPX Information:

  • Press inside the box, then press and hold down inside of it to “paste” the GPX information you copied earlier.

9. Save the Route:

  • Press “SAVE”, enter the name of the route, and press “OK”.

10. Start the Route:

  • Now you can press on your route to start it.

Please note that using third-party apps and spoofing your location in Pokémon GO is against the game’s terms of service and can result in penalties, including account suspension or banning. Use these features at your own risk.

Once uploaded, your avatar will move along the specified route, allowing you to engage with Pokémon, gyms, and PokéStops along the way, enriching your gaming adventure.

Part 3: How to Import Pokemon Go GPX Routes with PGSharp

PGSharp stands out with its straightforward process for importing GPX routes.

1. Go to the Maps:

Open the PGSharp app and access the map feature.

2. Access GPX Feature:

Press on “GPX” and allow access to photos, media, and files when promp3.Select a GPX File:

3. Select a GPX File:

Navigate to the “GPX_Routes_05-20-2023” folder and select a .GPX file that you want to use.

4. Favorite the Route:

Press the white star icon to add the route to your favorites.

5. Choose Direction:

Press on “A to B” or “B to A” depending on which direction you want to take on the route.

6. Start the Route:

Press the play button (white triangle) to start the route.

7. Acknowledge Teleport Popup:

If a teleport popup appears, press “I know” to acknowledge it. This popup usually appears only once.

8. Close the Map:

Press the “X” button in the top-right corner to close the map.

9. Adjust Speed:

Make sure your speed is set to 9.3 km/h.

10. Pause the Route:

To pause your GPX route, open the map and press the pause symbol (two white rectangles).

11. Stop the Route:

If you want to stop your route, open the map and press the “X” symbol.

The simplicity and efficiency of PGSharp make it a favored choice among gamers looking to explore new horizons in Pokémon Go.


Part 4: Where Can I Get The GPX Pokemon Routes

Finding GPX routes for Pokémon Go is a breeze with resources like and various posts on Reddit. These platforms host a range of GPX files, catering to different locations and preferences. Whether you’re looking to explore a bustling city or a tranquil park, you’re likely to find a GPX route that suits your taste. Moreover, the Pokémon Go community on Reddit often shares and discusses GPX routes, making it a hub for discovering new gaming pathways.


The integration of GPX routes in Pokémon Go through applications like iGPSGo, iPogo, and PGSharp, opens a new dimension of exploration and interaction within the game. With resources like ARSpoofing and Reddit, obtaining these routes is straightforward. Embrace the journey, and let the world of Pokémon Go become an even larger playground for your adventures.


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