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Huntool, the ATS for headhunters

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Pierre-Olivier and Nicolas were headhunters in fast growing startups and were searching for an ats simple and easy-to-use, dedicated to headhunting and especially online sourcing, but none were existing at the time! So they decided to create one.

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Your products and services

Huntool helps headhunters (“cabinet de recrutement”) to easily keep trace of all their candidates. Fully integrated with social networks and main job-boards, Huntool has been made especially for executive search.

Your success factors 

  • time to create a candidate profile : 3 seconds
  • all the info on a candidate are displayed directly on social networks and job-boards you use (your ATS comes where you work: no more tab switching)
  • your candidate pipeline in the glimp of an eye with a clean and easy to use dashboard

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Huntool is dedicated to a specific job: headhunting. We have removed all the features old ATS have to stay simple for your core business.

Your business model 

We have a subscription model: 45€/month/user, no commitment.

A few words about your competitors

You had two choices : buy an ATS expensive and heavy or get an easy-to-use web tool like Trello, but those were not made for recruitment. Now you have Huntool !

Your website 

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