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Key Downsizing Rules to Follow When Moving a House

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Key Downsizing Rules to Follow When Moving a House

Irrespective of the number of times you have moved, it is crucial to downsize before you plan another relocation project. Downsizing your inventory offers you a great chance to keep what you want and toss away or better donate or sell items that are of no use. The best company around you must first suggest you to run an inventory of your house and identify things that you haven’t used in a while and will not use in the future.

Downsizing is not limited to moving, but there are several times when we aim to minimize the size of our house, such as after retirement or when moving in with your parents or partner. Most of the time, as you go through your inventory, you find out that there are a range of things that you have been holding on to for a long time.

Indeed downsizing your home can be a very complicated and frustrating job. The longer you have lived in a house, the more items you would have accumulated. It may take some time and effort, but once you are done with your household, you will find out just how much of stuff is there to move. To help you make this endeavor easier, we have made this easy to follow guide with the key rules of downsizing.

Rule No 1: Go room by room

An average household has over 30000+ items, and sorting them might look a gigantic task, experts suggest that instead of going through the entire inventory at once and breaking your back, it is recommended to start on per room basis. The room by room approach helps you manage the work levels and maintain the stress levels.

When you break the process into smaller parts, the task becomes easier to do. However, you need to make sure that you start the process well in time and go through every detail of the room.

Rule No 2: Make four categories for the items

If you believe in keep and toss methodology, you need to change your mindset. When downsizing a house, it takes more than just keep and toss, but there are more categories to explore. The credible movers state that it is best to make four categories when sorting items: Keep, Throw or recycle, Donate, and Sell.

As you go through the inventory, make sure you keep the items in the right slot only. This will help you in making easy piles of items and process them accordingly. Donating the items can be helpful as you will donate for a cause, similarly, selling unused items will help you make more money which you can utilize in paying your moving costs.

Rule No 3: Say Goodbye to duplicates

We all have a lot of items in twin numbers at our home. From having two toasters to several pair of glasses, same colored t-shirts and same style boots and more, you need to check if you really want these similar looking and functioning items? Most of the time we just keep piling these items wondering if we will need them sometime in the future. Instead of sitting on extras, sell them or donate them for a good cause.

Rule No 4: Find a room for everything

Before you move into a new house, make a floor plan in your mind. Now, audit your inventory and check if there is enough room for everything at your new home. If you have any doubt about how and where you will place an item, you must carry it with yourself to the new home. If you are moving to a smaller house, you will sure have limited space for storing your items in such a case, it is recommended that you move only the selected number of items that you really need.

Rule No 5: Get emotionally detached

There are a lot of items that are close to our heart. There is some sentimental value associated with these items which makes selling, throwing or recycling these items tougher for us. If you have such items in your possession and are considering downsizing, it is best to trust a reliable person to help you dealing with the dilemma. You can take their help in sorting such items and move them to a respected place as per the requirement.

Rule No 6: If you don’t use it, you don’t need it

A simple rule of downsizing is that the items that you do not use are of no need to you. If you have a treadmill at your home which you haven’t used in the last three years, you are more likely to not use it in the future. This means that the items you are not using today will be of no use to you even in the future. Taking such items along with you when moving a house is not suggested.

Downsizing is very helpful in making moving task simpler and also saving a lot of money in moving costs. The larger is the size of moving inventory, the more money you will need to pay to the movers. Start working on your downsizing project today and make sure you move with only useful items in your moving inventory.


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