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LaserAid : an Italian Startup that works to increase safety on the roads and in every risk environment

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LaserAid® is an Italian Startup that works to increase safety on the roads and in every risk environment. LaserAid® provides the first signalling system based on Laser technology geared towards increasing visibility in case of mobility critical conditions.

The idea was born in 2014, when the future founder and current CEO, Domenico Gallo, witnessed a fatal traffic accident, caused by the fog. After some years of R&D with universities and research institutes, the first patented Anti-Fog Laser Signaling System prototype was born, which will revolutionize the field of complementary devices for road safety. LaserAid® consists of a family of products IoT Ready that makes many “Smart Road” services available.

LaserAid® starts an experimentation phase of the “Anti-Fog Laser Signaling System” in several laboratories and on-road sites. After large stress-tests and positive feedback by the drivers, LaserAid® is proud to present LaserAid® EdgePlus™, a fully automated system that is activated thanks to special sensors and a processing algorithm, and allow seeing always the edges of the roadway, even in conditions of poor visibility, like thick fog, making paths clearly visible and safe.

In fact, we speak of real luminous corridors (2D and 3D) along the carriageway created by Laser lights.

From the LaserAid® EdgePlus™ new and very concrete systems have been created. LaserAid® Actalux™ for Pedestrian Crosswalks, bike lanes, parking, etc. and LaserAid® Wx-Rail™, for Metro/Train platforms and Naval Ports, necessary to clearly highlight critical paths, through a special light band to be installed in the floor.

LaserAid® is a synonym of safety and innovation, for more information, visit


LaserAid offers the first lighting and signaling Laser technology applied to road safety and every risk environment. Innovative and concrete solutions (for roads, industry, Train and Ports, airports, etc.) to avoid accidents in the most critical areas, even in critical conditions. It is among the very few news in these fields. The patents (present and future) cover a strategic asset for LaserAid LTD Srl. LaserAid is a patented technology that exploits Laser technology in an innovative version, applied to signal and illuminate obstacles, hazards and routes. It’s characterized by one or more light beams generated by Laser sources installed on the road existing infrastructures (light poles, traffic lights, new-jersey/guardrail, etc.) or into the asphalt (floor laser-bands). LaserAid is a family of products. They define spatial models, that is 2D or 3D signaling paths visible to hundreds of meters away, even in poor visibility conditions and in every risk environment (industrial and civil). They increase the visibility of pedestrian crossings, crossroads and traffic lights, quay lines of railway and subway stations. We have also developed the first laser solution (currently being tested) to improve visibility in case of dense fog of the navigable canals of the Venice lagoon (see LaserAid is not (intentionally) a vehicle system!

LaserAid adapts products to customer requirements, flexibility and ability to customize models and prepare new projects are its relevant feature. For example, it has already studied different product versions based on overt market needs (B2C and B2B). Being a type of innovation that is currently non-existent, we will enter to market that is already mature to create a completely new segment, corresponding to undisputed market space, creating new demand and the opportunity for growth exponentially, covering an increasingly large market share. With regard to our competitors, our strength is in the fact that at this stage they do not have the opportunity to react aggressively and promptly with similar innovation and this occupies that part of the market demand that we will cover. Being the firsts is essential!

Your business model

The main buyers of LaserAid devices can be:

1) Road construction companies,
2) Manufacturers and distributors of safety devices (Signs, New Jersey, Guard Rail, etc.)
3) National or local road authorities,
4) Private or public companies in charge of road infrastructure management
5) The Municipalities,
6) The Regions,
7) The Ministry of the Interior (Traffic Police),
8) Port, maritime and aeronautical bodies,
9) Companies in the Port sector,
10) Road maintenance companies,
11) Railway companies,
12) The concessionary companies of public lighting,
13) Industrial conglomerates,
14) Parking companies,
15) The construction equipment companies (cranes, forklifts, trucks, ambulances),
16) Even private citizens will take advantage of LaserAid solutions, with a B2C approach.

Our recent Californian experience (USA) has opened us to new opportunities, starting relationships for potential experimentation in Santa Monica for cycle paths and pedestrian crossings. In the USA, pedestrian safety is paramount and investments in this regard are really interesting.

Our current catalogue consists of the following special products:

1) LaserAid EDGE PLUS™ (for low atmospherical visibility). The system consists of 33 devices plus sensors and remote control software;
2) LaserAid TLLS™ (traffic lights);
3) LaserAid ActaLux™ (pedestrian crossings and traffic lights);
4) LaserAid WxRail™ (Train and subway platforms).

Each product is equipped with a control unit, sensors and optional functions. The cost of which depends on the IoT functions and customized services.

Our prices are VAT and installation excluded. Maintenance and installations fees are added to the revenues for the sale (spot or with long-term operating rental contract).
Personalized quotes will be provided in consideration of the volume of the business.

The implemented go-to-market business strategy is based on six main assumptions:

1) B2B with direct marketing;
2) Sale of the service, with a cloud-based platform;
3) Total solution for each type of product, with the customer’s purchase method on a “try & buy” of about 3 months at the end of the new customer can choose the solution, discounting the cost; Or with formula “buy for tests”: purchase of devices for testing purposes, where necessary, for large supplies with conditions that require second protection;
4) B2C with direct and indirect marketing (key distributor partners);

Our competitors are local companies (road signs, active and passive). Our solution, being highly technological and innovative, has no known direct competitors. It is a product that does not have perfect substitutes, however, there are numerous indirect competitors. Among these, we have the producers of classic solutions: traffic light lanterns, passive signs (signs and paints), luminous signs, special light signals (variable message panels, lighting columns, etc.).

The solutions proposed by them for road safety inherent to the problem of poor visibility are stopped by passive technologies. In fact, their actions envisage exclusively evolutions or improvements of obsolete instruments. It is interesting that many of our competitors want to work with us because we are the first to offer this technology.

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