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[Latest!] Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS – iOS & Android Supported, Joystick Included

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Monster Hunter is a hugely popular action role-playing game where players hunt down giant monsters in epic battles. The game relies heavily on location-based mechanics, but a new hack called Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS has emerged that allows players to spoof their GPS location on both iOS and Android devices.

This hack essentially lets players “teleport” to any region in the game world without actually traveling there. But does fake GPS work? Yes, it does.

The Monster Hunter community on Reddit has been buzzing about this new hack, with many players praising its convenience as this hack looks poised to change how Monster Hunter is played on mobile.

Part 1: Is it Safe to Use Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS?

Using location spoofing hacks like Monster Hunter now fake location comes with some risks that users should consider carefully before implementing them.

The key to safely using location spoofing is choosing a high-quality spoofer app. Not all spoofer apps are created equal – some are riddled with ads and malware that can harm your device. Do research to find a spoofer that is well-reviewed by other Monster Hunter players and does not require root access or other major modifications to your device.

Part 2: How to Use Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS? [No Jailbreak, No Root]

Method 1: Use UltFone Location Changer [Recommend]

UltFone Location Changer is a highly recommended GPS spoofing tool for Monster Hunter Now players looking to utilize fake GPS. It has several key features that make it an ideal Monster Hunter Now spoofer:

  • Monster Hunter Now GPS Joystick – UltFone has an integrated joystick that lets you smoothly move your in-game player around the Monster Hunter map just like a real GPS.
  • Safe: Built-in anti-detection technology, it avoids getting banned or triggering red warnings in Monster Hunter Now.
  • Easy to Use: Teleport your GPS signal to any desired coordinates in Monster Hunter Now with just one click.
  • No Jailbreak or Root Needed – No system modifications are required.
  • Multi-Device Control – Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS iOS(iPhone and iPad), Android, PC devices supported.

With its focus on safety, simplicity, and support for Monster Hunter Now, UltFone Location Changer stands out as a top choice for Fake GPS monster hunter needs when playing Monster Hunter. The free trial lets you test it out easily, too.

To get started spoofing your location in Monster Hunter Now, use UltFone Location Changer:

  • Download fake GPS Monster Hunter Now UltFone Location Changer. Launch UltFone on your computer and ensure you are in the “GPS Change” mode.

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  • Connect your iPhone or Android device running Monster Hunter Now to your computer via USB.


  • Once connected, you will see a map of the world. Use the search bar to enter a specific location or manually move the map cursor to any desired GPS coordinates.

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With your new spoofed coordinates set, tap the “Start to Modify” button. UltFone will override your real-world GPS and make Monster Hunter Now think you are at the new location.

Method 2: Use Fake GPS Location App

Another way to spoof your location in Monster Hunter Now is by using a fake GPS location app installed directly on your iOS or Android device. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download and install a highly-rated hola fake GPS location app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Some popular options are Fake GPS Location by Lexa and Fake GPS Go.
  2. Open the fake GPS app and search for your desired Monster Hunter Now location or coordinates. Tap to set it.


  1. Enable the mock locations function in your device settings to allow the fake GPS app to override your real location.
  2. Launch Monster Hunter Now, and your GPS will now be spoofed. Walking around in-game will emulate movement from the fake coordinates with this MH now fake GPS.


  • Built-in joysticks for smooth in-game movement
  • Apps are inexpensive to download


  • Higher risk of being detected and banned

Method 3: Use GPS Emulator

The third option for spoofing your location is using a GPS emulator app on Android, such as GPS Emulator. It is also the best fake GPS app. Here is how it works:

  1. Install GPS Emulator from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Open the app and use the map viewfinder and search bar to look up your desired Monster Hunter Now coordinates or location.

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  1. Tap the pin button to set the fake coordinates. Make sure mock locations are enabled in your device settings.
  2. Launch Monster Hunter Now, and your location will now be spoofed to the pinned coordinates in GPS Emulator.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Quickly pin fake locations


  • No joystick for movement controls

Part 3:FAQs about Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS

1. Are there risks when using Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS?

Yes, there are risks involved with Fake GPS location spoofer in Monster Hunter Now. Using unsafe spoofing methods or apps increases the chance of being detected and banned.

2. How to use Monster Hunter Now Joystick iOS or Android?

To add joystick controls for movement in Monster Hunter Now, use a spoofer like UltFone Location Changer which has integrated, customizable joysticks.

3. How to use Fake GPS in Monster Hunter Now without getting banned?

Follow best practices like using subtle location changes, moving at realistic speeds, avoiding teleporting long distances repeatedly, and using a high-quality spoofer with anti-ban technology like UltFone.

Bottom Line

Monster Hunter Now players can enjoy the benefits of GPS spoofing through tools like UltFone Location Changer, but need to be smart in how they implement fake locations to avoid account bans or other issues. When used judiciously, fake GPS can enhance the Monster Hunter experience.


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