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Managing Omni Channel Communication with a Single Solution: PUla App

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Managing Omni Channel Communication with a Single Solution

The creative liberty to express things has taken center stage in the corporate world. The preference for specific communication channels, given people, consider them an artistic tool. The content isn’t secondary but shares the spot with the medium you use to communicate. The task to manage as many communication apps as the teams involved makes it a challenge. Do you agree it hits the productivity level?

The time spent chasing each piece of information takes the charm of sharing it. Entrepreneurs expect an Omni Channel Communication within an app to focus on content, not means. The success is in teamwork, project management tools and strategy. At no point, managers expect to lose the focus due to pockets of information scattered around.

Information is a Genie Inside the Bottle, Apps the Number of Wishes It Grants

As an entrepreneur, your challenge is to make data management fun again. The information is at your disposal. Accessing data from different sources and replying to each one of them is a clerical task. Somewhere, the connection gets lost. The joy of collecting relevant data and picking points is the least to expect.

An entrepreneur chasing the start-up dream or taking it to the top uses time as an asset. What if they’ve to spend half of their time talking and sharing data with stakeholders. You may get the information across but lose the conversation breakers. The price we put on information turns into a cost for not having a proper channel. Do you find an app missing to blast a single piece of content to different networks at the click of a button?

As people join you on the product journey, conversations stack up as files one upon another. Managing profiles on different networks becomes another task on the to-do list. You miss several conversations because your familiarity with the channel caused a hindrance.

All-In-One Dashboard to Communicate with Investors and Teammates

Direct communication with teams, investors keeps the passion burning. A single dashboard is essential to keep everybody focused, committed to the cause. As a dream-catcher, you don’t have to worry about prioritized communication channels. You start the conversation, and the system sends it to their favorite networks.

The noticeable feature is the thought-train that takes off from a dedicated station. It’s an ideal place to jot down the ideas, stir the memory, and walk down the memory lane.

The fuel for the thought-train comes from the past discussion with people. The more time you spend on a single app enhances the chances of finding a breakthrough when things go slow.

And at no point, you need to stay aloof to build a personal sanctuary. One aspect of developing a habitat is you allow the people or thought patterns with a similar wavelength.

The upside is you could capitalize on the vibe, give the thought a body. In the same breath, you could share the content with others. The time it takes to switch between apps could lose precious energy, focus. Why would you want to switch back and forth between apps? Often, people reserve the thought with themselves. They park it somewhere only to realize it weeks after the moment is long gone.

A unified system is crucial to building a habit of fostering creativity, innovation. It begins at an individual level and takes on the shape of corporate culture with time. Teams start practicing it at their level. Soon, everybody starts participating and makes it a part of the routine. Finding the right app or system is integral to productivity. Innovation and product development falls at a later stage. Investing in business excellence tools turns teamwork project management into a collective effort.

Never Compromise on Style Quotient

Entrepreneurs have a style. Business leaders prefer building work habits keeping the interests of the teams. At some point, people transform the work culture by picking a style quotient.

How does style quotient become a part of the brand culture? How does it help improve performance? With individuals spending time on apps, they bring the hustle to the workplaces too. What if the single dashboard-enabled communication turns into a chat-like conversation?

The style quotient is about comfort, convenience. There’s no harm in communicating how people love to interact. It’s about emotions. It’s about capturing the essence of the message. You would have their attention by talking in a way they like the most.

How to make your project management stand out? The difference comes down to how you connect with people. Sooner or later, they would focus on emotional intelligence. They would measure the success by checking how people got connected with the product.

The conversational-style pitch delivery or discussions among colleagues breaks down the barriers. It may come across as a new feature or demand of the time, but it’s a part of human behavior. The conversational style of communication makes way past the titles and mental barriers. Individuals fare better when they’re talking and expressing themselves. They focus on the nature of participation.

Style Quotient

The product life cycle passes through several stages. At each phase, evolution happens.

How do entrepreneurs ensure reverse growth doesn’t take place? They don’t. They know one thing. They’ve already cleared the hurdles through clear, experiential communication standards.

The communication that took place between stakeholders paved the way for success. Business tools streamline information. Too little or too much information could knock people off their senses. The secret is to help individuals maintain a neutral perspective. You don’t want to influence their thinking pattern that impairs their judgment skills.

The investment in the latest communication tools strengthens the foundations of the organization. You don’t want to lose momentum because the information was scattered. Or people were using different channels. The rise of technology is to bring people closer, connect them over information. Let diversity fortify our workplaces, get the best out of the resources with the latest technology – PUla App


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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