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Marketing Hacks for Startupers to Gain Numerous Instagram Live Views

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Marketing Hacks for Startupers to Gain Numerous Instagram Live Views

Insta live tends to be an effective format that helps to stabilize and enhance your connection with potential customers and investors. Many startupers use social media platforms as a place to collect appreciation and reputation points from their audience, and if you buy option for live views on Instagram, you’ll try an interesting method to improve rating position manually.

But anyone, however sure they can be of their purchases, has to create a decent strategy for organic growth as well because otherwise, nothing will work no matter how much money you will pay. You can improve your IG live views by using the advice provided in this article. How do you buy Youtube views? And how do you buy Instagram live views?

We’ll answer this question in this blog post, and we’ll also show you what is the best app to buy Instagram followers.

Keep on reading to learn more!


What’s Instagram Live?

This unique option on Insta provides you the opportunity to create content in a real-time mode so that you can communicate with your audience on another level and gain many views for IG Live. The stream icon appears in the Stories line in the app before all the story section each time you begin a broadcast.

Some people doubt the value of Instagram live streaming in brand promotion strategy, but since it is another chance to connect with the audience, startupers should not neglect it.


Go To Events

Industry events where you and your team participate are a great way to make your followers become a part of your journey. And this is basically a definitive type of content to collect Insta live views. Being present at exhibitions and conventions is engaging and helps provide more genuine content to your viewers.

Use your invitations as opportunities to impress the audience, build a connection with them, and expose your products in a real-time mode. You can also encourage your IG followers to visit such events with you! It’s an excellent idea for a giveaway or content, especially if the upcoming event is highly expected and appreciated among professionals and enthusiasts.


Regularly Host Q&A Sessions

Instagram Live is about revealing your brand’s true story, and giving your viewers the freedom to ask anything they want is a superb idea. Letting users get answers to any question builds up their trust in your product. And making regular meetings will bring you many Insta views for live streaming, enhance your performance on IG, and grow your rating too.

Remember that the number of viewers means less than their activity during the broadcast. Your performance should have active viewers who write comments and engage with the content because that’s what Instagram algorithms are targeted on.


Talk About Your Brand

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Of course, your main goal is to attract people and sell your product. So it would help if you incorporated your startup brand’s name into your social media actions. But on Insta, to collect more live views, in particular, you have the chance to speak about it less formally and expose different sides of your work.

Promotion on social platforms is storytelling, so when you go live on IG, you should use this opportunity to share more information about your projects and team with your followers and present it in a more accessible and easy-to-understand form.


Promote Your Broadcasts

To get more Instagram live views, you must motivate people to tune in with it on time. Use all the specter of options that Insta offers you! Begin promoting your live show at least a week before it is scheduled. Your best friend here is the countdown sticker that you can use in Stories mode, and it will be a decent reminder for interested people.

And to motivate users, share some hints on what your broadcast is about, leaving the intrigue, though. To increase the number of live views for Instagram from your fans on other platforms, you can make specific posts and cross-promote your upcoming event.

Another method to drive a view rate higher for a startup is to ask its page’s followers what they would like to hear from you. Let them share their ideas and use them in your IG live session to get more views and win their love and trust. People will appreciate your brand much more if they see that you are sincere and keep your promises, and their motivation to buy products or invest in your progress will increase.


Analyze Everything

To understand what is truly interesting to your target audience, you must investigate their behavior on the platform. Luckily Instagram gives businesses enough features to use for analyzing startup’s growth. Use insights that the app provides you and define vital statistics that characterize your live streaming performance.

You will learn how to improve your work and make more of your broadcast next time through analysis. Be attentive to what people tell you. Asking them about your performance is a great idea too. Look through the feedback that you received and adjust your strategy accordingly to gain more Insta live views.

Provide Value

To encourage more people to watch your stream, it would be best if you provided them with something worthwhile to pay attention to. Share valuable insights and inspiration, tips, and hacks from your industry that your IG viewers would probably not get anywhere else.

You can film your workshops or expose the production process as proof of your item quality and brand values. It will help you maximize views for live streams and increase sales. The whole idea of live streaming for startups’ brands is about communication and connecting with your audience.

Still, without any offerings, people would simply lose interest, so you have to balance their materialistic desires and your wish to expose the brand. Discounts and prizes are a great method to collect many Instagram live views too, but you must develop a thorough plan of giving them to avoid any kind of drama and speculation.

Go For Dialogue

It is vital to provide a decent level of communication and listen carefully to any feedback you get. Be attentive to the comment section and reply operatively. Listening to your followers is the most efficient way to improve your performance and maximize live views on Insta, as you will show that you appreciate what your audience tells you.

User behavior is always a key factor because it’s the only thing impacting Instagram’s ratings. It would therefore be best if you chose themes for your streams that could also provoke further discussion. However, you should avoid getting too spicy and triggering something painful for society unless you are directly involved in the situation as a brand or as a person.


Live streaming on social media, particularly Instagram, is an effective method to include in your startup promotion strategy. Providing direct and informal communication, IG live serves as a channel for improving relations with your customers and investors.

Through your broadcasts, you can expose more personal charm and introduce your Instagram viewers to some industry secrets, making them an essential part of your brand’s life. Experiment and bring your ideas to life, sharing them in real-time mode with your audience!

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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