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Master Complex Deliveries with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping!



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Handling complex deliveries manually, without any WooCommerce integration with plugins that take care of shipping rates or service availability, is impossible. Upgrade your customer’s experience and save money at the same time with the right set of tools. Check out these tricks to level up your sales with just a few steps.

WooCommerce integration with shipping plugins — scenarios that will save your day

It takes you just a few minutes to set up the basics of WooCommerce plugins, and you can start customizing shipping rates based on your needs. It can help you with WooCommerce USPS shipping integration, changing rates or switching to live ones, and much more!

If you are selling art, you will offer both smaller and bigger pieces in your shop. But size doesn’t always translate to price. Smaller pieces can be much more valuable than bigger ones. A necklace made of silver will be more expensive / more valuable than a sculpture, while being much smaller. Both of them might have additional costs but for different reasons.

A fragile sculpture will need more padding in the package, and its weight will influence the shipping cost. At the same time, the necklace has more value, so you will probably want to buy additional insurance for it. Managing shipping costs of all the different packages might be a headache.

If you are running a business that offers various products of different shapes and sizes, made from different materials and of vastly different value, you can create scenarios that will take it all into consideration when calculating shipping costs for your customers. Flexible Shipping PRO for WooCommerce from Octolize is what you need.

It will help you take all of that data and create scenarios that will automatically calculate shipping based on product characteristics (its weight and size), quantity in the cart and add additional costs if the product exceeds defined price.

With scenarios based on conditional logic, your customers will see only the shipping methods that they can choose based on their location, date, and time of the order. You can also set individual tax settings to make sure that all the formalities are met.

WooCommerce integration with these tools gives you the power to automate your work. You can maximize sales and, most importantly, seal any leaks of revenue due to underpricing shipping and additional costs that your customers are not aware of.

Top WooCommerce shipping integration plugin to start with

It might sound scary at first, but don’t worry! The learning curve of the plugin is easy to follow, and the tools are intuitive. If you are a beginner or don’t have enough time at the moment to go deeper into the settings, there is another way.

Octolize prepared a table wizard that includes a step-by-step set up process of the most important features of the plugin and guides you through all the options required to run. If you feel ready for manual, more advanced customization of your shipping process, you can always see the detailed documentation provided by the developers in a comprehensive form, that will be your guide in all plugin-related topics.

The plugin is all wrapped in a nice, user-friendly interface with in-built onboarding that will guide you on your journey and serve hints and tips to maximize your efficiency. If you ever feel like something’s not working as it should, the dedicated debug mode is here to help and support will happily help you sort out any issues you have with Octolize plugins.

Optimize, sell, grow your business!

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