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Medical Coil Winding Enhancing the Growth of Micro Coil Devices in 21st Century

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Devices are very crucial when it comes to the medical industry. The growth of miniaturized devices have increased since the non-invasive surgeries are high in demand. The current trend of the medical coil winding has improved the size of the devices and made them more reliable. This reliability is often the cause for the higher demand globally. Micro coils, thinner than the size of the human hair, are used in this manufacturing. This results in the numerous challenges which are overcome with technological advancement.

Let us discuss about some of the major challenges faced during the micro coil manufacturing process.

Top 4 Challenges faced during the micro coil manufacturing process 

Micro coil manufacturing has the following major challenges:

  1. Oxide formation during welding: The exposure to heat to the metals resulted in the formation of the metal oxides. This tampered with the chemical property of the material, thus tampering its quality.
  2. Change in the internal property of the material: Often, the micro coils are made of metals like aluminium and titanium. Exposure to heat increased the energy of the atoms, thus increasing their activation levels. This brought about major changes in the physical properties of the ultra thin wire.
  3. Lack of reliability of the traditional process: The traditional process of joining the ultra thin wires was not reliable. Durability was in question, which is the reason an alternative was the need for the hour.
  4. Failure to be integrated into the medical devices: The medical devices need a lot of purity – since they are to be implanted within the human body. The traditional methods failed to provide for the pure forms of integration, thus making the transition into the medical domain very difficult.

Thermo Compression Bonding – An improvement in medical coil winding technology

Thermo Compression bonding is the application of high temperature and pressure in the micro coils to ensure ease of integration between both the coils. This has proven to be highly reliable with improved durability. Understanding that the coils are very small in dimension, it is always a challenge to amlagamate both of them.

In this process, both the coils have to be of the same material or thickness – for them to be integrated together. This is the only requirement which makes it quite easy for the coils to be integrated with each other. The medical applications are umpteen for miniaturized devices. Starting from the data tracking using the pacemaker & brain simulations and extending upto stent positioning – the micro devices are quite prominent. It is for this reason that there is a lot of push given to the this technology. Non-invasive medical process is quite curcial in the future times & medical coil winding has a strong role to play in it.

Medical Coil Winding Is the Future of Micro Devices

Medical coil winding is irreplaceable when it comes to micro devices. Hence, the future should be ready to adapt this new form of technology. Micro coil devices provide robust technology supported by excellent durability – making non-invasive surgery successful in 21st century.


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