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Michael Gastauer: Germany’s Borderless Banking Builder



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In the realm of finance, stories of success (and failure) are plenty, but only a few manage to capture the imagination of millions.

One such extraordinary figure is Michael Gastauer, a visionary entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on the global financial landscape. From his hardworking beginnings to emerging as one of Germany’s — and the world’s — most successful finance and technology leaders, Gastauer’s journey is one for the books.

Entering the (finance) arena

Since his childhood, Michael Gastauer has long held an interest in finance and how monetary systems work. He eventually first entered the finance industry as a young and ambitious professional at a Munich-based venture capital fund, where he honed his acumen for identifying promising investment opportunities.

Here, he gained an extensive amount of experience and expertise, which eventually fueled his desire to redefine the finance industry, particularly for the benefit of the market in need of better banking solutions.

First-time founder

At a tender age of 24, Gastauer took a leap of faith and established his own Swiss Asset Management firm.

This ambitious endeavor paid off handsomely, as the firm rapidly acquired over CHF 1 billion in assets under management (AUM) within a remarkably short span of three years.

The exponential growth and unwavering profitability of the Swiss Asset Management firm caught the attention of a Swiss Investment firm, ultimately leading to its successful acquisition for CHF 16 million.

Always the pioneer

Not one to rest on his laurels, Gastauer set his sights on the burgeoning eCommerce industry and founded one of Europe’s first online payment systems.

With a mission to facilitate seamless global card acceptance and payment processing solutions, Gastauer’s brainchild gained substantial traction, soon reaching a valuation of a staggering €480 million.

In 2008, Gastauer closed this chapter successfully once again, as his innovative venture was successfully sold, further cementing his reputation as a visionary disruptor.

Black Banx is born

Ever the forward-thinker, Gastauer astutely recognized the growing need for consumers to transact across borders and currencies.

This realization led to the launch of Black Banx in 2015, with a resolute mission to unlock a borderless financial system accessible to all.

Black Banx aims to make a world where money flows freely a reality by connecting people and businesses worldwide with unparalleled ease through smartphones and online platforms.

Revolutionizing crypto trading

In 2018, Black Banx unveiled its fully-fledged 24/7 cryptocurrency trading services, spearheading a new era in the realm of digital assets.

Embracing the power and potential of blockchain technology, Black Banx paved the way for seamless cryptocurrency transactions by offering Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as primary cryptocurrencies.

This bold move not only diversified the company’s offerings but also solidified its position as a go-to in the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance.

Empowering Global Transactions

One of the cornerstones of Black Banx’s success lies in the commitment to simplifying cross-border transactions.

By offering private and business accounts in 28 fiat currencies and 2 cryptocurrencies, Black Banx has eradicated the complexities associated with international financial dealings.

Through its innovative platform, customers can now enjoy the same level of ease and convenience when transacting globally as they do locally, revolutionizing the way we conduct business on a global scale.

Rapid growth and global impact

Black Banx’s exponential growth trajectory has been quick if not extraordinary.

In just a little under four years, Gastauer led the company to earning a staggering valuation of US$9.8 billion, firmly establishing its position as one of the fastest-growing enterprises in recent times.

Operating in a staggering 180 countries, Black Banx’s international network encompasses markets accounting for approximately 90% of global GDP, trade, and capital flows.

This expansive reach has earned the patronage of over 20 million retail clients and 1.5 million business customers as of 2022, a testament to the trust and confidence placed in Black Banx’s unrivaled financial solutions.

A unique financial ecosystem

What sets Black Banx apart from its competitors is its innovative approach to bridging the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency.

By integrating a fully-fledged banking platform with the features of a crypto exchange, Black Banx offers its clients unparalleled autonomy.

This enables customers to leverage their crypto balances to directly pay third parties, providing a level of flexibility and convenience that was previously unimaginable.

Michael Gastauer’s indomitable spirit and unwavering vision have propelled him to the pinnacle of success, making him one of Germany’s most industrial leaders.

Through his ventures, he has not only revolutionized the financial landscape but also empowered millions of individuals and businesses around the world.

Black Banx’s commitment to borderless transactions, seamless crypto trading, and unparalleled customer service has set new standards in the industry, earning Gastauer the admiration and respect of his peers.


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