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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes!

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If your favorite MP4 video suddenly goes mute, it can really grind your gears. MP4 is a popular video format loved for its quality. But like any format, it’s not immune to issues. One such common problem is “MP4 no sound” which renders videos unwatchable. However, don’t sweat it as we’ve reasons behind this issue and discussed six easy ways to fix it according to those causes. We’ll also offer some helpful tips to prevent an issue like ‘MP4 video sound not working’  from happening again. So, let’s unmute your MP4s!

Common Reasons Behind MP4 No Sound

You might think your MP4 video has no sound because of a hardware issue. But often a software glitch or other additional causes can lead to an ‘MP4 no audio’ problem. There are many reasons behind this error with most common ones as follows:
  1. MP4 files may not play audio due to missing or faulty audio codecs.
  1. Malware, storage drive corruption, incorrect conversions, or improper shutdowns can cause corruption in MP4 files which in turn can lead to sound issues.
  2. Improper media player installation or updates may also corrupt MP4 to be corrupted, resulting in no sound.
  3. Some media players may not support MP4 files.
  4. Check if sound is muted either in media player or system settings.
  5. Outdated or incorrect audio drivers can also lead to ‘no sound on MP4’ files issue.

6 Methods: How to Fix MP4 No Sound Problem on Windows?

Now you know what causes ‘MP4 no sound’ problem on Windows 10/11, here are six methods to fix this issue accordingly:

Fix 1: Try a Different Media Player

Your default media player might not support MP4 files, thus leading to an ‘MP4 video sound not working’ issue. Try another media player like VLC. It is compatible with various video and audio formats and can even fix minor corruption problems. Choose MP4 without audio, right-click on it, choose “Open with” and then pick VLC media player.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 30

Fix 2: Repair Corrupted MP4 File

Another reason why you might be facing no sound on MP4 is because of file corruption. In such a case, a video and audio repair tool like 4DDiG File Repair can help fix minor to severe corruption automatically. Not only that, but it can also repair no audio or video or audio sync issues in just three clicks. Have a look at this tool’s many fabulous features:
  • Easy-to-use interface with simple steps.
  • Fixes video problems fast with high success rates.
  • Solves playback issues like no sound, stuttering, can’t play videos, sync problems, etc.
  • Supports lots of video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, and more.
  • Works with different storage devices: Windows, SD cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc.
  • Batch repair multiple audio and video formats at once.
Here are steps to fix ‘MP4 without audio’ with this tool: Step 1: Open repair tool on your computer, and choose “Fix Video Errors.” Hit “Start.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 31
Step 2: Click “Add Video(s)” to select corrupted MP4 file(s) from your computer. Press “Open” to add them for repair.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 32
Step 3: Click “Start Repair” and wait for repair tool to fix corrupted MP4 file(s). Next, click “View Results” to preview results.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 33
Step 4: If satisfied with repair job, press “Export Selected” to save each video individually or select multiple and click “Export” to export them together. Play repaired video to check whether MP4 video has no sound or audio is back.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 34

Fix 3: Convert MP4 to Another Format

You might be getting an “MP4 no audio” error because of an incompatible video file format. So, simply convert MP4 video to a supported format with help of VLC media player. Here’s what to do: Step 1: Open VLC media player, head to “Media,” then click “Convert/Save.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 35
Step 2: Press “Add” and choose MP4 file you want to convert. Click “Open” to add it and tap “Convert/Save.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 36
Step 3: Click wrench icon and choose AVI as output format. Hit “Save.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 37
Step 4: Pick folder where you want to save converted MP4 file, give it a name, and add .avi at end. Hit “Save,” then “Start.” Fix 4: Check Volume Settings Sometimes, an issue like ‘MP4 video has no sound’ can happen due to a problem with system or volume settings. Follow are some settings you can check to fix this issue:
  • Check your volume settings and turn them up if sound is off.
  • Make sure you haven’t muted sound. If it’s muted, unmute it from taskbar before playing video.
  • Ensure your sound equalizer is balanced.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 38
After checking all settings, play your MP4 video to see if ‘MP4 no sound’ issue is resolved.

Fix 5: Install or Update the Necessary Audio Codecs

Codecs are extremely important for decoding audio and video data. If your audio codecs are missing, that could be a cause of ‘MP4 without audio’ issue. Try installing or updating a codec pack like K-Lite. It has all codecs you need to play your videos and music. Here’s how to download and install K-Lite codec pack: Step 1: Visit Download K-Lite Codec Pack to download K-Lite Codec Pack installer. The pack comes in many versions but the basic version is enough to cover all common audio and video codecs. Step 2: Choose “Normal” installation mode and press “Next.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 39
Step 3: Then, keep default “Installation Preferences” and press “Next.” (You can change your preferred default video player).
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 40
Step 4: Following that, keep default “Additional Tasks and Options” settings and press “Next.” (You can check box to create video player shortcut on Desktop). Step 5: Then keep pressing “Next” until you reach installation page. (You can change settings according to your preferences). Step 6: Press “Install” to install K-Lite codec pack and hit “Finish” when installation is completed. Next, test your Windows Media or VLC player to confirm whether ‘MP4 video sound not working’ issue is gone.

Fix 6: Update or Reinstall Audio Drivers

The most common reason behind ‘MP4 no sound’ problem could be an outdated audio driver. So, make sure to update it by following instructions below: Step 1: Type “Device Manager” in “Windows search bar” and open it. Step 2: Expand “Sound, video and game controllers” option, right-click on audio device you want to update, and choose “Update driver.”
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 41
Step 3: Select “Search automatically for drivers.” If Windows can’t find anything, download audio driver from manufacturer’s site.
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MP4 Video Has No Sound? Fixed It In Minutes! 42
Step 4: Go back to “Update Driver,” pick “Browse my computer for drivers” and select folder with driver files. Then follow prompts to install driver.

Part 3: How to Avoid MP4 No Sound Problem in the Future?

We talked about how to fix ‘no sound on MP4’ files earlier, but to avoid it happening again, you should take some preventive steps. Here’s what you must do:
  • Install good antivirus software to shield your videos from corruption caused by viruses or malware.
  • Keep backups of your MP4 files for safety.
  • Use a media player that supports lots of codecs, like VLC.
  • Use trustworthy compressors or converters.
  • Make sure your device has latest audio codecs.
  • Download MP4 videos from trustworthy sources to avoid corrupted files.

MP4 Video Has No Sound FAQs

Q1: Why is VLC converting to MP4 but no sound?

One reason why you might be getting an MP4 without audio after converting with VLC is that audio stream might not be enabled in codec settings. Videos have both video and audio streams in their container, allowing you to separate audio from video or mute it without affecting video itself.

Q2: Is MP4 video or audio?

An MP4 is a video file format. It can hold video and sound information without taking up too much space.

Q3: How to play MP4 without codec?

You can play MP4 without a codec by converting it to another format like WMV, MOV, AVI,  etc. To convert, use an online tool like CloudConvert to do the job.

Final Words

The above post covers causes of ‘MP4 no sound’ problem on Windows 10/11 and offers six easy fixes. While listed solutions work well, consider using 4DDiG File Repair for comprehensive video and audio repair. This powerful software fixes various playback issues, severely corrupted footage, audio and video sync issues, and more in just a few clicks.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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