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What is no-code automated mobile testing?

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no code automated mobile testing

Automated mobile testing is the new buzzword in the software industry these days. Many of you are working on developing your mobile applications with iOS or Android platforms. For each application, you need to test it for multiple device configurations, screen sizes, and orientations.

It increases your development time significantly, and that’s where Mobile Testing Tools come into play.

You can write automated functional tests using no-code tools and execute them in parallel on multiple devices without any hassle.

What is no-code automated mobile testing?

No-code automated mobile app testing is an automated testing platform that allows non-technical users to access and execute tests without programming skills. It leverages a visual approach to test automation that anyone can understand, regardless of their technical or application development background.

Why should I automate my app’s testing?

Automated testing is a great way to ensure that your app works as it should on different platforms and various devices. It’s also an excellent way to make sure you can maintain the same quality level for new releases, time after time.

With automated tests, you no longer need to manually check whether your app behaves correctly across all devices and different versions of Android OS. You’ll be able to achieve faster build times and faster test execution times because automated tests run faster than manual tests do.

Moreover, automated testing can easily catch any regression issues early in the development process and boost your productivity.

How do you get started with no-code automated mobile testing?

No-Code Automated mobile testing is a great way to scale up quality assurance. It can take the load off your human testers, freeing them to focus on more complex tests. Automated testing also saves time-no more waiting for manual test cases to be written and executed, or constant re-running of the same test over and over again because something was broken earlier in the build process. You can now perform end-to-end tests with ease, quickly see what’s broken, fix it immediately, and get back to building new features.

What are the benefits of no-code automated mobile testing?

There are multiple testing frameworks, but what matters is the test automation framework that empowers testers to deliver high-quality apps. Here’s why no code automated mobile testing is important and how it can help you improve your testing efforts.

  1. It is an excellent way for QA teams to ensure that their apps are high quality before releasing them.
  2. The benefit of mobile apps is that they can be used on the go, at any time, and from anywhere. This means that your users can interact with your app 24/7, and you need to ensure that it performs as intended at all times. If you want to go live on app stores quickly and without having to wait for your QA team, then no code automated testing is a good place to start.
  3. Automated testing tools help developers test their apps on thousands of devices without the need for manual tests, which allows them to discover critical bugs, crashes, or performance issues early in the development cycle.
  4. No-code testing platforms are a new approach to mobile testing. They make it possible for development teams to test their apps on a wider range of devices and in less time.

Why should I automate my app’s testing?

Automated testing is a great way to ensure that your app works as it should on different platforms and various devices. It’s also an excellent way to make sure you can maintain the same quality level for new releases, time after time. QA Services at VentureDive have a strong hold on automated testing using various top-notch tools and updated tech stacks for their clients and in-house projects.


Automated mobile app testing is a fast-growing trend in the software development industry. According to recent market analysis, 75% of all enterprises now have an automated mobile app testing framework in place. The advantages that automated tests give over traditional manual testing methods can be attributed to this growth.

A no-code automated mobile testing suite allows you to maximize your QA budget and increases your ability to deliver new features faster. It also reduces the product’s defect/ error rate by as much as 90%, making it easier for you to ship high-quality products and applications across different devices and platforms.


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