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The Huge Rise Of Outsourcing – Should Your Business Get Involved?

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Huge Rise Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has seen an ebb and flow, from a process that removed customer service to developing countries to the expertise-driven business of today. Ibis World research concludes that over 250,000 businesses now offer corporate outsourcing, a huge growth of over 50,000 since 2016.

The key for businesses is establishing when to outsource, and undertaking the process in a smart and measured fashion, with the key goal being growth.

Introducing expertise

The most value you can gain from outsourcing is when you create new expertise. As The Balance simply outlines, outsourcing expands your business talent pool. You may have a top-quality central team but it’s unlikely that they can be experts at everything. By contrast, bringing in experts from third parties can complement your team. Also, you never know – contractors might end up being new hires in the future.

Reducing time constraints

According to Forbes, the streamlining of many businesses’ day-to-day processes that the pandemic brought exposed an important problem at the core of many enterprises – wasted time. Admin, organisational, logistical, and so on – there are so many tasks that take up important productivity hours and prevent you and your employees from doing what they do best – innovating. Outsourcing, whether to an expert IT package from a third party or to a company that can automate your processes, will allow you far greater agency for putting in time where it matters.

Putting talent where it’s needed

One of the key facets of the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan is unearthing hidden gems. By their estimations, huge swathes of the US workforce could have skills that they aren’t able to put to good use. It’s the same in many businesses – how many people have hidden (or visible) talents that they simply can’t use because of the nature of the job and the time constraints involved? Taking away those time constraints, and bringing in expertise from outside of the business, will enable you to give time back to those people and make sure that they have the best possible chance to further their career and bring innovation to your business.

For many businesses, these will be ever present benefits. Software does a lot of the work already, but by looking to outside help, you can take it to the next level. Time is money, and that’s true in the modern digital world.


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