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Peeps Reviews – Does CarbonKlean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Work as Advertised?

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Peeps is a cleaning tool that helps users get a perfect clean on their glasses in just a few seconds. The device is each to use on plastic and glass lenses, and the adjustable tool allows users to clean any kind of lens.

What is Peeps?

Anyone who wears glasses regularly knows the frustration of the constant dust that collects on the lens. Some optometrists offer surfaces that are less likely to get smudged or collect dust, but even the best lenses can’t prevent the inevitable. After all, there’s a reason that so many shops will include a lens-cleaning cloth with a case in an effort to make cleaning glasses easy. The performance of cleaning clothes pales in comparison to Peeps.

Peeps provides users with a unique way to perfectly clean glasses every time it is used. This device is so effective that it is even used by optometrists worldwide to keep every pair perfectly clear. These are consistently reliable, and they won’t ever scratch the lenses. While it is important to use the brush to clear away any larger particles, the pads on the Peeps tool have nothing in their surface that will harm the user’s lenses.

To date, over 7 million cleaners have already been sold. The brand has received multiple 5-Star reviews for the patented design, and the official website is offering a promotion right now to ensure that users can get the cleaners they need. Plus, this cleaner comes with the recommendation from optometrists who have personally witnessed how difficult glasses can be to clean. When any consumer buys glasses that feature multiple coatings on their lenses, the risk of scratching and irreparably damaging the glasses is substantially high.

Still, the value of clarity whenever someone wears their glasses is incomparable to the amount of money that consumers save. Far too many people have to go to their optometrist within months of their glasses being ready because of an accidental scratch that their cleaning cloth caused in one way or another. Since users don’t have this risk of damage, the simple act of making a purchase and cleaning the lenses becomes a money-saving experience as well.

How Does Peeps Work?

Most consumers are already familiar with the many sprays and cloths that are currently available to them, but they have two big risks – smearing and damage. The sprays might give the illusion of cleanliness, but they create wetness on smudges that could cause even more cloudiness than before. Plus, cleaning clothes were rarely as smooth as they claim, leading to scratching the lens in a way that insurance doesn’t ordinarily cover. That’s why the creators of Peeps aimed to solve both of these issues.

The first component is the scratch-resistant brush. This brush has fairly soft bristles, and it helps users to get rid of larger particles of abrasive materials, dust, and anything else that could pose a threat to the quality of the glasses. This step is absolutely essential, but no other set includes a brush that can be used for this purpose. Inherently, other brands basically set themselves up for failure because they believe that using a cleaning cloth is the first and last step to consider.

Next, users get to the intricate cleaning offered with the soft carbon microfiber pads. The carbon pads effortlessly clean the lens, taking away any of the natural sebum or fingerprints that inevitably end up on the surface. The reason that carbon microfiber pads are so effective is because this technology is far more advanced than it appears. In fact, the same material is even used by the US Military and NASA to keep their surfaces clean. The design is compact, and it is contained within its own case to ensure that nothing touches the carbon pads that could then be displaced onto the lens surface. Plus, this self-containment is highly durable, which means that users can just bring it along in their pocket or purse.

The most unique feature of Peeps is its ability to self-clean. Every time the user retracts the cleaning pads with the case, they instantly recharge, using a carbon compound. Recharging allows the carbon to remain active so the user can subsequently clean their glasses next time just as effectively. The careful storage essentially makes it possible to clean glasses as if it is the first time the tool is used for each cleaning session. In fact, this recharge also makes it possible to clean lenses up to 500 times before they need to replace Peeps.

Throughout this process, users will not need to use any liquid cleaner that could become messy or leave bigger streaks behind than the glasses already had. By using just these two components, users can get a completely streak-free, smudge-free lens every single time they clean them. The cleaner is safe and effective on any type of eyeglass lens, even if it is made from plastic or has a special coating.

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Purchasing Peeps

The only way that consumers can purchase the Peeps lens cleaner is by going through the official website. These cleaners aren’t offered anywhere else, but users have their choice of multiple packages. The packages include:

  • 1 Peeps cleaner for $19.99
  • 3 Peeps cleaners for $39.98 (or $13.33 each)
  • 5 Peeps cleaners for $59.97 (or $11.99 each)
  • 10 Peeps cleaners for $99.95 (or $10.00 each)

Though users will get free shipping when they order at least three cleaners in one package, they will have to cover the cost if they only want to test out the effectiveness of one. This cost is calculated at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peeps

How does Peeps clean glasses?

There are two steps to cleaning with Peeps. The first step requires the user to brush away anything that might be on the lens, like dust. If these particles are left on the lens during the second step, they could cause scratches and other damage. During the second step, users will retract the brush and use the cleaning tongs to wipe away any smudges from the lens, rubbing back and forth until the lenses are clean.

What is molecule technology and what does it have to do with Peeps?

The technology – molecular carbon based technology – helps the pads to clean down to the smallest possible particles. After each use, these pads purify and recharge themselves, which only requires the use of the included recharging station or case.

Is Peeps a safe way to clean every lens?

Yes. This cleaning device uses some of the most advanced and effective technology to keep the surface of any lens or screen clean. Many governmental and private entities have already used this type of technology, which is easily a testament to how effective it can be. In fact, the technology is the only method approved to clean the camera and other screens of the International Space Station.

Can Peeps be used on lenses with A/R coatings?

Based on the testing performed by the creators, Peeps is much more effective and safer than the use of wet wipes, microfiber cloths, and other tools that previously were used to clean A/R coatings. Peeps also didn’t cause any damage, which is not always true of the alternative.

Is Peeps safe to use on other surfaces apart from lenses?

Unfortunately, no. This product was made to be incredibly helpful to anyone who wants to clean their lenses, whether they are made of glass or plastic. No other surface should be cleaned with Peeps.

How long will a single Peeps device last?

As long as the user follows the instructions for use, Peeps should last at least 500 times before needing to be replaced.

What do optometrists think of Peeps?

Unsurprisingly, over 100,000 of the top optometrists in the world see this device as a game changer, ensuring that their glasses are perfectly cleaned every time to protect the quality of the lens, its coatings, and more.

How does a money-back guarantee work?

With every purchase from Peeps, consumers are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If they aren’t happy with the performance, they have up to 30 days to get a refund.

How long will purchases outside of the United States take to arrive?

Within the United States, it is easy to receive this product within about 5 business days. However, getting it delivered internationally can take 7-12 business days.

To reach the customer service team, send a message to


Peeps provides a unique tool that gives reliable results every time. There is nothing on these pads that could cause abrasions or other scratches on the surface, ensuring that users can keep their glasses smudge-free all the time. The device comes with a two-step regimen, which is all contained within its own case. The carbon pads automatically recharge themselves, and users won’t have to do anything to upkeep performance (other than replacing it with new carbon pads after 500 uses.

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