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Pokemon Go Fest 2023: How to Play Pokemon Go Fest Without Ticket and Walking

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Calling all aspiring Pokemon trainers! Get ready to unleash your inner Pokemon master at the electrifying Pokemon Go Fest 2023 in August!

While tickets and walking are the traditional ways to play, we’ve got some delightful surprises for everyone! If you’re a trainer without a Pokemon Go Fest 2023 ticket, you can still embark on a wild AR adventure through special research tasks, epic event-themed raids, thrilling global challenges, and, of course, third-party apps like !

But first, let’s look at the Pokemon Go Fest event details.

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Details Revealed

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Fest 2023:

Pokemon Go Fest Location and Events

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 will be held in three different cities: London, New York City and Osaka.

And the exciting part is that each location will host several thrilling events with special Pokemon, including Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Sigilyph, making their debut appearances! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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Let’s have a look at the details for each Pokemon Go Fest 2023 location and event:


  • London, England: Brockwell Park on August 4 – 6, 2023.
  • Osaka, Japan: Expo ’70 Commemorative Park on August 4 – 6, 2023.
  • New York City, USA: Randall’s Island Park on August 18 – 20, 2023.


  • Global Fest

This free event will take place on August 26 & 27 and will be open to all players worldwide.

  • Special Research

Complete a special research line to encounter Shaymin.

  • Field Research

Complete field research tasks, with rewards including special items and encounters with rare Pokemon.

  • Raids

Battle and catch a variety of raid bosses, including Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Diancie and Mega Rayquaza. Plus, you learn the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Dragon Ascent charged attack!

  • Shiny Pokemon

Encounter different Shiny Pokemon based on location:

  • London: Shiny East Sea Shellos, Shiny Goomy, Shiny West Sea Shellos, Shiny Oranguru, and Shiny Joltik.
  • Osaka: Shiny Unown
  • New York: Shiny Golett and Shiny Skrelp

Pokemon Go Fest Global

Pokemon Go Fest Global is a two-day digital event that will take place on August 26 & 27, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time. The event is free to participate in, and players worldwide can join the fun!

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Just like in London, Osaka, and NYC, the global event also has special research, field research, and raid quests.

This global event will be followed by the Pokemon Go Fest Finale on August 27. The finale marks the wrap-up of the 5-event Pokemon Go Fest 2023, where trainers worldwide will battle rare and Shiny Pokemon and earn exciting Pokemon Go Fest 2023 rewards!

What Does the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Ticket Give You?

If you want to get the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 ticket, you can purchase it from the official Pokemon Go Fest 2023 website.

Here’s what you get by purchasing the ticket:

  • Access to Special Research quests
  • Access to Global Challenge arena
  • Increased Shiny spawn rates
  • Habitat-themed collection challenges
  • Up to six special trades
  • Special 7km egg hatches
  • Free Raid passes

However, if all the tickets are sold out, or you can’t get one for some reason, you can still attend the events without one!

How to Play Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Without Ticket and Walking?

A die-hard Pokemon Go fanatic would do anything to get to the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 events in London, Osaka, and New York City and catch rare, Shiny, and legendary Pokemon.

Therefore, if you want to play Pokemon Go Fest 2023 without walking or a ticket, you can change your location with .

Features of UltFone Location Changer

  • Auto Walk with Joystick: Teleport to the best locations using the joystick feature.
  • Single-spot Movement and Multi-spot Movement: Catch rare candy and hatch eggs more quickly.
  • No Getting Banned and Detected: Ensure an undetectable experience so that you can play with peace of mind.
  • No Jailbreak and No Root: Works without requiring any jailbreak or rooting.
  • Cooldown Timer: Keep track of your cooldown periods between teleports.
  • Customized Route & Speed: Import/Export GPX files to customize your route and speed to catch Pokemon.

Follow the Below steps to Catch Shiny Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go Fest 2023:

Step 1. Run on your computer. Be sure the “GPS Change” icon is selected on the left tab and hit Enter.


Step 2. Now, connect your iOS device to the computer and hit Next to get going.

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Step 3. The program will show the world map on the screen. Enter any location or move your mouse manually to get any location you wish.


Step 4. The program will hardly take a few seconds to move your iPhone’s location to that spot. Now, run the Pokemon Go app and try to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go Fest 2023.

FAQs About Pokemon Go Fest 2023

1. Is Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Sold Out?

The Pokemon Go Fest 2023 tickets for London, Osaka, and New York City have sold out. However, tickets for the Global event are still available.

2. How to Get Shiny Pokemon Go in Fest 2023?

To get a Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon Fest 2023:

  • Attend the Global Event
  • Use a Pokemon Go Fest discount code
  • Use Incense
  • Visit Pokestops

3. What is the bonus for Pokemon Go Fest 2023?

The bonuses for Pokemon Go Fest 2023 include:

  • Increased Shiny spawn rates
  • Habitat-themed collection challenges
  • Free raid passes
  • Six special trades
  • Special 7km egg hatches
  • Special Incense encounters

Final Words

Is Pokémon Go Fest 2023 ticket worth it? Yes, it is, as you get plenty of bonuses and access to special quests and raid events.

However, no need to feel heartbroken if you don’t have a ticket! With , you can still attend events from the comfort of your home by simply changing your location!

So, let’s join forces from around the globe and make this year’s fest a virtual blast! Get ready to catch ’em all in the most epic Pokemon extravaganza ever!


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