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 After obtaining my G.C.E Advanced Level in 2015, I was willing to continue studies and aspired to be an engineer. I was from a poor home and my parents told me they couldn’t afford me going to an engineering institution since it required me to rent a room in a different town. I told my parents I will be able to take care of myself by tutoring others.

I passed the entrance examination and moved to Douala. For the first year, I was unable to get a single home class to teach. Fortunately, my parents were able to help. The next year, my friend introduced me to a parent who needed a home teacher (tutor).

I was amazed at the joy and happiness the parent expressed in finding a home teacher. That is when I realized that meanwhile many passionate teachers are looking for home classes to teach, parents are also finding difficulties in locating a home teacher. Today, I take the challenge of helping these parents raise successful children.

Your products and services 

Tutor marketplace connecting parents with tutors.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Prepdia was founded with the objective to help parents raise successful children by boosting the academic performance of their children while helping passionate teachers make passive income

After research, I found out a few parents use local tutoring agencies sometimes to get in contact with tutors. These agencies manage to connect these parents with home teachers but don’t go beyond that. I later discovered that some of these agencies cannot guarantee a parent of the qualification of teachers, as parents sometimes are still not satisfied with the academic performance of their children even after hiring a tutor.

Independent tutors on the other hand, passionate about boosting the academic performance of students sometimes get minimized which results to parents not paying them after they have taught or at least not paying them on time. Some tutoring agencies focus on the parents and pay no attention to these tutors and sometimes treat them with no respect.

Prepdia is born to bridge the gap between parents who want to raise a successful child and passionate tutors that are willing to accompany these parents. We go beyond connecting parents with verified and reliable tutors; we accompany parents raise successful children. We give power to our tutors to make the impact they want, to us they are independent tutors and no longer have to worry about been compensated on time anymore.

For parents, Prepdia is a platform that connects you with a verified and reliable home teacher. Unlike local tutoring agencies, we provide a personalized learning experience for every student.

For tutors, Prepdia is a platform the connects you with parents to help their kids improve academically. Unlike other local tutoring agencies, our teachers are our priority and are well-treated and paid on time.

Your business model  

Parents pay us the tutoring fee plus service fee, we keep 20% as commission while paying tutors 80%

A few words about your competitors

Most of our competitors are local tutoring agencies but we outplay them by using the advantage of a digital economy to provide a better solution.

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