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Proxies for social networks: what are they for and which ones to choose

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Today, you will learn about how to properly promote yourself on social networks with minimal investment and which tools you should use for this. We are talking about mobile proxies and if you should buy residential proxies?, providing several thousand IP addresses that can be used immediately after purchase. Get a new address every minute or on request in your personal account.

This is the configuration offered by the service. And responsive technical support will help with the connection in a short time and will tell you how to properly configure the server.

Why proxies are needed in social networks

We didn’t start talking about IP addresses for nothing, because our alternative promotion is based on multi-accounting – creating multiple accounts. Since social networks do not allow you to freely create new profiles, we will resort to cunning, that is, using proxies in our work. The main function of the intermediary server is to replace the IP address and geolocation, which, in turn, allows you to create 5-10-15 or more accounts independent of each other.

Surely, our reader has a question “Why use proxies if I can order advertising in popular communities?” To put all the dots above i, let’s compare promotion through advertising and our method.

Our method will require a large number of accounts. The method may be trivial, but it is time-tested. With its help, you will bring subscribers, get a target audience, and most importantly – save. It’s about using working profiles to talk about a product or service in the comments and create mass mailings in private messages to other users.

At first glance, it may seem that this does not promise prospects, but if you remember how many users use the same VKontakte, which is 73 million people, everything will immediately fall into place. Sending messages will cost almost nothing. The only costs are mobile proxies and suitable software. In return, you can send millions of messages.

On the other side of the scales is traditional advertising. For a beginner blogger or community, the cost of advertising starts on average from $100 (8,000 rubles) for one integration. What are the guarantees of quick promotion if no one watches advertising – they flip over or just close it. That is, for an unjustifiably high cost, we get a product that may not bring any result at all.

And you will need dozens of such bloggers for promotion. Therefore, multi-accounting is ideal for those who have a reduced budget for promotion.

Mass activity is a good support in promoting a resource. But VKontakte, Instagram and Tik-Tok will find such a form of activity suspicious and a ban cannot be avoided. Therefore, for your own safety, use proxies with which you will become invisible on the network. Carry out mass mailings, invites, leave comments, and do other activities that attract attention. Stay one step ahead and don’t waste your budget on inefficient advertising!

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