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American Women Quarters. Quarters dedicated to women

The United States issues a series of commemorative coins dedicated especially to women. The series of quarters is called American Women Quarters.

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Las monedas de 25 centavos dedicadas a las mujeres

Finally, the United States issues a series of commemorative coins dedicated especially to women. The series of quarters is called American Women Quarters.

To be fair, every woman should have her own coin, but this being impossible, at least we will be able to count collectible coins inspired by relevant women in American history.

In this article I will tell you the most important facts about the series: Who proposed it, when will these coins be released and how many will they be, and who will be represented on the coins? The answers below.

American Women Quarters, a series of coins dedicated to women

American Women Quarters is a series of commemorative coins whose main motivation is to celebrate the impact on U.S. history of outstanding women, who are not always known to most.

The series features the passage of the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020, which was proposed by Barbara Lee and Anthony Gonzalez.

Bárbara Lee y Anthony Gonzalez
Bárbara Lee and Anthony Gonzalez

Initially, it was intended to create 56 commemorative quarters, one for each state in the Union, and dedicated to a specific woman in each territory. However, in the end we will have a smaller number of coins dedicated to women.

In the words of Barbara Lee:

“Since the founding of our nation, women have played a pivotal role in shaping this country; however, these sacrifices and accomplishments have often gone unrecognized by history.”

Barbara Lee

So the American Women Quarters program: “is designed to right this historical wrong. By encouraging and showcasing these incredible women on our currency.” Undoubtedly a well-deserved recognition to many protagonists of U.S. history.

How many coins make up the series of quarters dedicated to women?

We already know the number of commemorative coins that will be minted dedicated to outstanding women in the United States. The series will feature a total of 20 quarters, known as Quarter Dollars.

This year, 5 designs of these coins will be released to the public. Then each year another 5 pieces will be released until the total is completed in 2025. The celebrity women and designs for the 2022 coins are already known. However, it is NOT yet known who may appear on future issues in the coming years.

You may be wondering: When are the American Women coins coming out?

At the moment we do not have an issue date for the coins dedicated to the relevant women. The dates will be published on the official website of the U.S. Mint, with complementary information on mintage, features and prices of the coins.

Which women will be on the commemorative quarters?

As I told you before, at the moment we only know the 5 candidates of 2022 to be represented on the quarter dollar coins dedicated to women.

Coins dedicated to women in 2022

I must say that in the selection process, great care was taken to ensure diversity in several aspects. Among those selected we have women from different periods of American history, social strata, races and occupations. Although, as a common denominator, they are all referents in their respective areas.

Maya Angelou: Civil Rights Activist

The first coin in the series is dedicated to Maya Angelou, becoming the first black woman to be depicted on an American coin. Maya was a writer, poet, singer and activist in the Civil Rights Movement.

Moneda Maya Angelou
Coin Maya Angelou

The commemorative coin depicts a Maya Angelou with her arms outstretched in front of a bird flying as the sun rises. The design, by Emily Damstra, is a reference to Angelou’s poetry, loaded with symbolism of liberation and rebirth.

Sally Ride: America’s first woman in space

Sally is the first woman from the United States to travel into space, and the third in the history of mankind. In addition to being an astronaut, she also played tennis professionally. Sally Ride is the first LGBT person to be depicted on a U.S. commemorative coin.

Moneda Sally Ride
Coin Sally Ride

Sally Ride’s coin design was created by Elana Hagler. We can see Sally standing by the window of the space shuttle, which is inspired by the quote “But when she wasn’t working, she was usually at a window looking out at Earth.”

Wilma Mankiller: activist and first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation

A political activist and community advocate, Wilma was the first woman to achieve the position of Chief of the Cherokee Nation. The Native American theme has been depicted on coins before, however, the selection of Wilma for this coin series brings the theme back to the table.

Moneda Wilma Mankiller
Coin Wilma Mankiller

The design depicts Wilma Mankiller looking into the future in a purposeful manner. She is draped in a traditional shawl that is impacted by the wind. In addition, Mankiller is accompanied by the seven-pointed star of the Cherokee Nation, and the inscriptions “PRINCIPAL CHIEF” and “CHEROKEE NATION.”

Nina Otero-Warren: First Latina to run for Congress

Adelina “Nina” Otero-Warren was an early 20th century politician, suffragist and prominent educator. She is also the first Latina woman to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Moneda Nina Otero-Warren
Coin Nina Otero-Warren

The coin dedicated to Otero-Warren is beautiful. It features Nina accompanied by three individual yucca blossoms, which is the state flower of New Mexico. It also includes the Spanish inscription “Voto para la mujer” (Vote for Women), which encompasses much of the referent’s struggle and legacy.

Anna May Wong: Chinese-American film actress.

Finally, Anna May Wong is the fifth woman to be depicted on this series of commemorative quarters. She was a Chinese-American actress with a long career in the industry and starred in the first Technicolor film in history.

Moneda Ana May Wong
Coin Ana May Wong

The coin dedicated to Ana May has a design that rescues the aesthetics and symbols typical of Hollywood. The designer Emily Damstra presents May Wong surrounded by bright lights that resemble the sign of an advertising marquee, or the typical mirrors of the dressing rooms of star actors. May is the first Asian American to be depicted on an American coin.

Coins dedicated to women in 2023

Last March 30, the 5 relevant women that will be honored in 2023 in the American Woman Quartes series were announced. We do not yet have the preview of the designs, but they will be beautiful if they keep the same line as the 5 coins dedicated to women this year.

The women selected are:

Bessie Coleman

Coleman marked a before and after in American aeronautics as the first African-American woman to obtain an international pilot’s license. Although she died at the age of 34, she was a successful pilot in the 1920s.

Jovita Idar

She has gone down in history as an outstanding fighter for the civil rights of Mexican immigrants in the United States. A journalist by profession, she was also an activist and teacher of Mexican children in Laredo. Among her most notable accomplishments was being president of La Liga Femenil Mexicanista in October 1911.

Edith Kanakaʻole

Born in Hawaii, Edith was a Hawaiian songwriter, singer and dancer who was noted for her work in rescuing and teaching Hawaiian traditions that were in decline. Despite leaving formal education at an early age, she worked in the first Hawaiian language program for public school students at Keaukaha School in Hilo.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The United States has its own series of commemorative coins dedicated to first ladies. Still, Eleanor’s place in this series of outstanding women is well-deserved. Recall that as chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission, where she oversaw the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was just one of her many contributions to civil rights and equality for African Americans.

Maria Tallchief

Art is also represented in this selection of outstanding women in American history for the American Woman Quartes series. In this case, Tallchief achieved the status of America’s prima ballerina. As a Native American dancer, she broke every barrier in her path, eventually being recognized by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, who declared her Woman of the Year in 1953.

Where to buy the 25 ctv commemorative coins for the women’s series?

As soon as the coins are available, they can be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint catalog. You can also purchase these commemorative women’s quarters from numismatic retailers, or directly from Amazon or eBay.

It is always advisable to buy from reliable stores or sites, which offer the necessary guarantees about the PROOF quality of the coins for collection.

Conclusions about American Women Quarters

I hope you liked this article where I review the 2022 quarters dedicated to women. As you know, there will be other coins to come until the 20 pieces of the American Women Quarters series are complete. When this happens I will be adding them in the text until completing all the releases of the numismatic series.

If you think this content may be interesting for other people, share it on Social Networks. The world needs to know about this series of coins dedicated to women. Perhaps, if given enough visibility, other countries will be encouraged to create their own series of commemorative coins of this type.

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