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RenegadeAV8R : a Radio Show Promoting Aviation and Airshow Performances

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David Costa, The RenegadeAV8R has loved aviation his whole life. He always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but life took some turns and he spent many years in the medical device industry.  He never let his passion for flying military jet aircraft fade away.  David looked to his skills in sales and marketing and combined this to create a business where he can live his dream, and bring his expertise to businesses looking for high energy promotion.  What makes this idea even better is that he gets to inspire people to do great things in their lives in the process!

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Your products and services 

Airshow Performances

World Record Jet Activities

Video and Podcasts

We use all of this to provide the businesses with a positive, inspiring platform to build their brand, establish relationships and generate leads.

Your success factors 

We have built a comprehensive structure to provide multiple venues, multiple touchpoints, and comprehensive brand awareness to our sponsors and partners far above what others in this industry provide.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The personality, David Costa, THE RenegadeAV8R. It is designed to be something more than just a jet, just a podcast, just a sticker on the side of the aircraft.  David has a “renegade” attitude but promotes positive values with a touch of humor.  By combining all the elements with an understanding that although we provide entertainment, our partners and sponsors need to see an ROI in their investment, we create a real business around what most in the industry do only part-time with part-time results for the sponsors.

We fly a Polish, TS-11 “ISKRA” Jet.  This jet is not well-known in the USA, but it is the pride of Polish aircraft enthusiasts and is ideal for what we are doing.  It has a 50-year military history.  We own and operate three of these aircraft.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money by entering into partnerships and advertising agreements.

A few words about your competitors

We are not in competition.  The fellow performers that we are lucky to work with and the airshow venues and events we attend are great people.  We don’t look over our shoulders for the competition.  We look to be of value to our partners and sponsors.  That means drive new business.

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