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Roof Maxx Reviews How to Succeed as a Roofer with Roof Rejuvenation

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Roof Maxx is a unique business opportunity that has revolutionized the roofing industry. The company’s CEO, Mike Feazel, explains that Roof Maxx’s simplicity is what sets it apart from other home service businesses. Instead of replacing an entire roof, Roof Maxx only requires a simple spray-on application that takes less than two hours to complete. The product does all the work, so it doesn’t require a high skill level. This means that even those without contractor or construction experience can become successful Roof Maxx dealers.

Roof Maxx’s Unique Business Model

What makes Roof Maxx even more unique is the company’s business model. Roof Maxx only makes money when a dealer buys products from them. This incentivizes both parties to work together as a team, as Roof Maxx is only successful if their dealers are successful. While Roof Maxx has all the tools, departments, and support of a successful franchise, there are no royalties or monthly advertising fees. This makes Roof Maxx a more fair business model, and both dealers and Roof Maxx benefit from the partnership.

Becoming a Roof Maxx dealer is a straightforward process. Once a dealer is onboarded, they become certified, and then the dealer support team takes over. There are regional events, online training, and a Facebook group for all certified dealers. This creates a strong support network and promotes unity among Roof Maxx dealers. The company’s goal is to build the brand together, and this team aspect is a crucial part of building the Roof Maxx brand.

Roof Maxx Reviews From Real Dealers

Roof Maxx’s distinctive business model has attracted a diverse range of entrepreneurs as dealers, including those without any prior experience in roofing or construction. Kenny Robinson’s success story exemplifies the potential of the Roof Maxx model. As a police officer, Kenny was eager to replace his wife’s income so she could leave her job. With a baby on the way and four other children to support, time was of the essence. In just two weeks, Kenny and his wife were able to replace her income by building their Roof Maxx business together. Now, as partners, they have found a new source of income that has been life-changing for their family. While building any business demands a lot of energy and focus, the potential of the Roof Maxx opportunity has allowed Kenny and his wife to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Kenny Robinson shared his experience as a dealer with Roof Maxx: “There was a day, it was a Sunday, we sprayed four houses, we did four jobs, and in that one day I brought in more money than I usually bring in in a three to four month period as a police officer. It’s crazy for me to watch things grow and develop, and there’s no telling how big this thing is going to get. The direction we’re headed, it’s exciting, I can’t wait.”

Brad Mills is another success story with Roof Maxx. In 2019, around 50% of his profit was money generated from Roof Maxx sales, which totaled $500,000. With 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, Roof Maxx allowed Brad to have one of his most profitable years in business.

These Roof Maxx reviews showcase the accessibility and potential for success within the Roof Maxx dealer program. The company’s focus on providing a comprehensive support network, combined with a simple and effective product, enables entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to start and grow their successful businesses.

Roof Maxx: Changing the Roofing Industry

Roof Maxx is a company that’s changing the roofing industry. In the United States, approximately 18,000 roofs are replaced every day. 85% of all steep slope properties in the US have asphalt shingles, making it a massive market. If just 1% of roofs were treated in the US, it would create a $2.58 billion industry. Roof Maxx can treat a roof as many as three times, doubling the life of a roof. This means that the potential market for Roof Maxx is significant, and the company is poised for growth in the coming years.

Today’s roofing products weigh one-third less than they did when Mike Feazel and his brother Todd started in the roofing industry over 30 years ago. Roof Maxx is a product that’s designed to restore the flexibility of shingles that have dried out over time. The technology is straightforward and uses a soy-based treatment that penetrates the shingle to restore its flexibility. The petrochemical oil within the asphalt that keeps it flexible and waterproof when it’s manufactured dries out over time. This is what causes shingles to become brittle, break, and blow off. Roof Maxx addresses this problem by restoring the shingle’s flexibility, making it last longer and avoiding costly replacements.

Roof Maxx is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities in history, going from zero to over 250 dealerships in over 700 locations in just 12 months. Becoming a Roof Maxx dealer requires no roofing experience, and the majority of the job is just spraying the roof with Roof Maxx. The company’s ideal partner is highly motivated, excited, and passionate about what they do. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a fast-growing industry without needing extensive experience or a large investment.

Roof Maxx is A Unique Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Roof Maxx is a game-changer in the roofing industry, offering a unique business opportunity that provides a simple yet effective solution to extend the life of roofs. The company’s distinctive business model, combined with comprehensive support for its dealers, has attracted a diverse range of entrepreneurs who have found success with Roof Maxx. With its potential market size and innovative technology, Roof Maxx is poised for growth in the coming years. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is passionate and motivated to be part of a fast-growing industry without requiring extensive experience or a significant investment.


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