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SASAdoctor : a Virtual Healthcare Consultation App

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The founders are Kenyans living in Canada. One is an Accountant and the other is a practising MD.  They both felt the need to give back to the community and felt making healthcare accessible to everybody would be the best way. Currently, only 12% of Kenyans are insured and Another 8 million are on NHIF. That leaves almost 35 million Kenyans without any sort of insurance.

SASAdoctor aims to give the best quality of healthcare at the best and most affordable price. For as low as Kes 495, one can consult with a medical professional from anywhere at any time using the SASAdoctor App.

Statistics have it that 65% of Kenyans have access to a smartphone and in the next 5 years upto 80% will have access to a smartphone

SASAdoctor is a Virtual Medical Care; an exciting new medical venture which seeks to provide accessible and affordable, high-quality medical care to Kenyans.
SASAdoctor, presently an Android only application, allows patients to visit Kenyan trained and supervised medical doctors and clinical officers on an Android App via live video conferencing. This live face to face medical consultation will result in an assessment, diagnosis and if necessary, a signed prescription, a requisition for investigation, a signed sick note, or a referral to a specialist; all this documentation will be delivered right into the App. Every Kenyan will now be able to carry their entire personal medical record, maintained by a medical professional, in their SASAdoctor App on their device.
Key features of SASAdoctor Virtual Medical Care include:

1. Affordability: Consultation as low as KSH 495 and free for those with insurance.
2. Kenya Wide Coverage: Availability to all Kenyans who have an Android smartphone or tablet.
3. Personal Medical Record: Patients will have a record of their past medical history, medications, investigations, and doctors’ visit notes in their SASAdoctor App on their phone.
4. Good Medicine: SASAdoctor promises to practice good medicine by;

  • Not over prescribing: Our doctors recommend only the necessary medications. There is no incentive for them to overprescribe.
  • Not over-testing: Our doctors order only the necessary tests. There is no incentive for them to over test.
  • Being available on demand: After signing on to our App and registering, you will connect with a doctor within 8 minutes or your next visit will be free.
  • Providing quality assurance: Our Kenyan accredited doctors and Clinical Officers will be rigorously vetted and be continuously trained in the latest quality assurance standards and procedures.

The consultation fee is shared between the business and the medical professionals in the App depending on how many consultations they are involved in per month.

Our current competitors do not offer a holistic approach like us. They either offer web consultation or medicine delivery. We offer both services in one go. We have also partnered with chemists and labs that will offer drugs and lab work at the best price in the market

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