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The benefits of screen printing on glass bottles

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screen printing on glass bottles

There is a good chance that at one point or another you may have walked down the aisle and observed some impressive packages that look to have no product labels. No doubt, these packages look professional and sleek without sacrificing on interest and branding. They usually stand out on the shelves because their packaging and label blend seamlessly.

This is the reason why you may desire to have the same for your products. You may want to know that there are usually two ways you can achieve this, with clear bottle labels and screen direct print. Nowadays, many businesses are opting screen printing on glass bottles because of its various benefits. This post discusses the benefits of screen printing on glass bottles.

You can stand out from the competitors

When you decide to design packaging, remember that there are a couple of things that you need to consider before achieving certain goals. These goals include communicating your message effectively and quickly, attracting the buyers, establishing a desire to get the product, and selling the product. Ideally, packaging needs to have enough impact so that it can stand out from your competitors.

One of the best ways you can stand out from packaging with shrink wrap and paper labels is for you to print on glass bottles. The glass bottle refers to the canvas and the design boundaries related to traditional labels are not that of a problem. Today, businesses need to utilize any color you want and even decide to apply effects, such as precious metals that glow in the dark. This can give brands a great chance to be creative and produce unique packaging that can impress and persuade your customers to buy.

Recently, consumers are becoming conscious of the negative effects that their purchases are making on the environment. Therefore, many consumers are now actively changing their buying habits to show their environmentally-friendly values.

Glass bottles packaging that doesn’t have single-use labeling can stand out to many eco-friendly conscious buyers. There is applied ceramic labeling printed glass packaging that is an eco-friendly option and fits well with recycling, reuse, and reduction. So glass bottle packaging can be reused and recycled several times, reducing its environmental impact.

Many businesses like craft breweries and milk delivery services tend to reuse their glass bottles and jugs as a part of their business model. For instance, when they deliver milk to their customers, the milkman usually picks up all the empty milk glass bottles. These glass bottles are taken back and sterilized utilizing glass bottle washing equipment. Lastly, the glass bottles are refilled, delivered, and the cycle continues.

Customers perceive screen printed glass products as of higher-quality

With all the choices now available for you on the market, it’s more crucial than ever to have packaging that stands out on the shelves. This serves as a good first impression and can properly reflect your product and brand image. Many consumers like to perceive products that are in high-quality packaging to be of superior standard and it can also instil brand trust.

There are several studies that relate to the effect of consumer product packaging quality on product perceptions. These studies suggest that packaging quality usually plays a huge role when it comes to building brand trust that leads to consumer behavior. This can cause repeat purchase and willingness to spend more money on a product.

Recent studies have also determined that there is a rising consumer affluence to indicate that consumers are ready to pay more money for appearance, dependability, convenience, and prestige of good packages. In other words, many consumers want high-quality packaging products.

There are many higher-end customers out there who find some packaging more appealing. Therefore, products with unique printing and finishing can make the packaging part of your brand. Simply put, there is something about more durable and heavier packaging material that shows quality. Screen printing on glass bottles and vases provides this.

Screen printing gives you the chance to expose your products to the market with an already huge benefit, packaging. Glass happens to be the perfect vessel for showing value and it also has multiple benefits compared to plastic or paper products. Many consumers are now aware of the various benefits that glass packaging brings and find value in spending more money for the products that are in a glass bottle.

Screen-printed glass bottles are reusable and durable

When your design is screen printed on the glass bottle or vase, it can last for many years and endure multiple washes. If you use caustic sanitizers, you can rest assured that your decorated glass bottles have gone through a thorough process and their design will remain intact.

This allows your customers and business to reuse the glass bottles regularly. This is also the best way to keep a budget-friendly and eco-friendly business model or even get word-of-mouth marketing without spending tons of money into the marketing budget.

These are no longer the days of using single-use plastic bottles because more people are now opting for reusable water bottles to carry their liquids. Further, plastic and shrink-wrapped labels are creating serious problems with recycling as many of them are not entirely compatible with plastic recycling systems.

Once your product starts selling, many customers can begin noticing the reusability of it. This allows the customers to utilize it for various other methods. As you can see, this gives you the chance to promote the eco-friendly of your business to the market that is difficult to reach like the millennials.

When the time comes to have your glass bottles cleaned, you can find many glass bottle washing equipment on the market. There are some that can hold hundreds of glass bottles per use, allowing your company to continue with its regular use faster than ever.

A good glass bottle washing equipment needs to be designed properly. Its goal should be to reduce the cost as well as the footprint of electricity, water, and detergent use. Therefore, if you intend to use screen printed glass bottles, it makes sense to purchase the perfect bottle washing machine.


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