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SoftLoft’s innovative solutions have given a new impetus to Mothercare’s development

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Since 1972, mothers who were expecting a baby have been using Mothercare products. They were satisfied with a variety of things and trinkets for the further care of their babies. Mothercare realized how rightly they had chosen the e-commerce business. But the company’s view was limited to the horizon. The brand realized that there were also mothers beyond the horizon who needed their care products, but they couldn’t get there. Faced with the challenge of expanding its reach to new areas, Mothercare, a well-known brand dedicated to the well-being of mothers and babies, turned to SoftLoft for innovative solutions. These were clear strategies and decisive actions. Dozens and even hundreds of good solutions were implemented. It seemed that SoftLoft not only opened the way but created a mainline for business. Moreover, the company was immediately prepared for previously unfamiliar territories.

SoftLoft’s Involvement: A Powerful Start for Mothercare

Our productive cooperation with Mothercare included not only optimizing the existing service but also expanding our capabilities in the Middle East. However, in this process, we faced numerous challenges.

We set out to overcome cross-cultural barriers to attract a new audience, provide access to an intuitive interface in another region, integrate payment and delivery systems, and establish highly efficient communication between different nodes over long distances.

Peak jumps with SoftLoft Solutions

Speaking about the success of the campaign for Mothercare, among SoftLoft’s achievements, we can note that we went above and beyond the requirements and expectations. We had to conduct a detailed data analysis at every step, develop and improve strategies, create atypical algorithms, and partially rebuild the system at the intermediate level. The company realized all its plans on the other side of the world.

Thanks to the coverage of new spaces, the site’s audience grew by 50%, the number of regular and active users increased by 35%, and there were 25% more reviews with 5 stars out of 5. Every step brought positive results, and every percentage point brought new profits.

The platform has undergone several upgrades and is now fully ready to handle a 300% peak load without any loss of quality.

Innovative solutions have been introduced into workflows and operations, resulting in a 40% increase in efficiency and a 30% reduction in production costs.

At first glance, it seems that we have only increased the workspace, right? But the situation looks different. It’s like replacing the processor in an outdated computer with a new one. One part is cheaper than the whole computer, and we get more performance.

It’s not worth mentioning such things as reliability, security, and stable operation at all. These aspects are always at the center of attention and never out of sight.

Yes, we have done a lot of work that you won’t notice, but you will feel the result! As the company is now experiencing a new wave of success!

What did SoftLoft have to struggle with?

SoftLoft's innovative ecommerce solutions

SoftLoft does not have anyone else’s problems. If you come to us, we can build the foundation of your business, find ways to grow rapidly, fix errors, and accelerate your operations.

Mothercare has already experienced these changes in the following areas:

1) Instant tracking of product quantities in different locations

The system had to receive up-to-date figures and show customers the actual values to avoid unpleasant situations. Integration of OMS into the main system allowed everyone to see the real quantity, regardless of location or time zone.

2) Stable connection of all company centers

For a company of this size, it is important to control every area of activity. Enterprise Service Bus gave us the opportunity to create a real network web, where each signal goes to all locations at once.

3) Connecting multiple systems into a common chain

There are always positive aspects and drawbacks to existing systems. We were able to combine several of them into a single whole without showing any disadvantages.

4) Scalability and management of large traffic volumes

There are times when the network is loaded to the brim. In such situations, it is important to keep control. It is the Magento Commerce Cloud in combination with proprietary improvements, that allowed us to keep control of peak situations.

These are just the key points. In fact, there were more solutions and improvements.

Let us share the secret of what SoftLoft used:

Magento Commerce Cloud and PHP (Symfony, Zend Framework, and Magento Framework) helped us solve critical issues. We also used it to create a secure space and maintain scalability. We also used some tools like RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, ESB, etc. As mentioned earlier, this did not always provide a direct solution, so we modified and created our own to accomplish the tasks.

SoftLoft does not find a way for your success, we create your own

The description of this experience demonstrates that we cope with difficult issues and, at the same time, create something that your competitors do not have.

Don’t wait for a lucky chance, let us create it for you. Solve all the tasks in a complex. Trust us, and you will definitely see the same results. Do not stop at the level of world giants, go even higher with SoftLoft.

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