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Synthetic Urine For Sale:  Get The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

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Facing a drug test can be really daunting, especially if you think there’s a chance you could fail it. If it’s important, it could change your life to pass that drug test. It’s not fair that many people, for occasional use that doesn’t affect key areas like employment, insurance, children, and of course freedom of choice and privacy, get penalized.

You can protect yourself by choosing the best synthetic urine to submit, rather than your own. I’m going to tell you right now, through three synthetic urine reviews, what the best products are, and why they are the best chance of passing a drug test.

Here’s a snapshot of the highest-quality fake urine product we will be reviewing:

  1. Quick Luck is a premium brand on the market. This is a premium product and it’s the best way to pass a drug test, because of its complexity in formula and the heating method it uses.
  2. Sub Solution has been the number one best-selling brand for 10 years. Highly complex, with a brilliant way of keeping the sample within the correct temperature range, it has only been outclassed now by its big brother, Quick Luck. Both product was made by Clear Choice they offer the highest quality synthetic urine for sale.
  3. Test Clear urine is the best of the mid-range products. It offers a great balance between the complexity of the formula, the reliability of the heatpad, and the price you pay.

This Is How To Benchmark The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

A lot of synthetic urine reviews are just scattergun products for you. They don’t really know what they are talking about and have never actually been through a urine drug test.

I’ve done it twice, and used Sub Solution to pass both times. I would have used Quick Luck if it had been available at the time.

I write widely about drug test avoidance products; when it comes to fake urine, these are the criteria I use to determine which are the best:

  • Must have a complex formula
  • Has to have at least a basic composition validity checks look for
  • Must come with temperature maintenance methods that are reliable
  • Has to at least pass the three levels of normal scrutiny
  • Cannot contain biocide preservatives (these can be detected by validity checks)
  • Has to be balanced for specific gravity
  • Must be within the correct pH range

The three levels of scrutiny a sample would normally face are the initial temperature check, then a validity dipstick test, and finally an immunoassay test (urinalysis using panel drug test kit). Therefore, if a fake sample cannot do that, then it simply cannot be relied on to pass a drug test.

Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviewed

Now you can see what a top-quality synthetic urine product has to contain, let’s talk you through a detailed synthetic urine review for each of the best three.

  1. Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine – Best Synthetic Urine For Sale in 2023

If you’re simply looking for the best quality synthetic urine for sale, and money is no object, then Quick Luck is the product you should be looking closely at.

Highly complex, with the most realistic attention to detail for the look, smell, and even frothing like human urine, alongside multiple ways to submit it within the correct temperature range, Quick Luck is fake urine royalty.


Quick Luck has the most complex range of chemicals in it to mimic human urine. A total of 14, covering all the usual ones looked for during validity tests. But it contains 11 more than the three usually looked at (creatinine, urea, and uric acid), meaning it will pass almost any level of initial analysis.


This is high-quality fake pee for passing a drug test, that has the widest range of chemicals in it that are found in real human urine. Plus, it looks and smells like human urine. It even froths like it because it contains albumin (which is the chemical that makes our real urine froth). Overall, you will not find the complexity of ingredients even close to this in almost any other product.

Value for money

Quick Luck costs $100 for 3 fluid ounces of premixed urine. That’s expensive, but you’re getting the most complex synthetic urine available. Plus, it comes with a pair of slim and high-quality heatpads that you can use (optionally) to pump steady heat into the sample. Alongside that, you get the incredible and game-changing “heat activator powder”, which renders a heatpad irrelevant and takes all the chance out of submitting your sample within the correct temperature range.

Chances of passing a drug test

You stand the best chance of passing a drug test using Quick Luck for two very simple reasons. First, it’s highly complex. Second, it contains heat activator powder. When you arrive, tap in about one third, shake it until it dissolves, and watch the temperature rise. Add a little more if necessary. It gives you complete control over the temperature of the sample and removes the need to use heatpads, hot water, or microwaves.

Quick Luck Pros:

  • Best synthetic urine you can buy
  • Contains an incredible 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Does not contain biocide preservatives (detected by validity checks)
  • Balanced for both pH and specific gravity range
  • Has multiple ways of keeping the sample warm (heatpads and heat activator powder)

Quick Luck Cons:

  • The $100 price is the most expensive of any fake urine kit
  • Only available from a specialist online retailer
  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution

Sub Solution and Quick Luck are both made by Clear Choice. Clear Choice has been producing high-quality fake pee and detox drink products the 30 years. So there is real pedigree in the company name.

Quick Luck is basically an upgraded Sub Solution. The only real difference is that Quick Luck is premixed and slightly more complex. If you are not facing short-notice drug testing, then the two minutes it takes to mix the powder with filtered water to hydrate it is nothing though, and you can save yourself $15 by doing that.

Overall, both will pass the scrutiny of temperature checks, validity testing, and urinalysis (immunoassay using panel drug testing).


Sub Solution contains 11 chemicals found in urine. Slightly less complex and Quick Luck, but for all practical intents and purposes it will pass the same level of scrutiny. Plus, you get the heat activator powder with it which makes submitting it within the correct temperature range easy.


All the basic chemicals required to pass validity testing are in Sub Solution. Urea, uric acid, creatinine. On top of those it contains eight other chemicals that could be looked for under unusual circumstances. Therefore, it stands a fantastic chance of passing even unusual levels of analysis. Plus, it looks, froths, and smells like urine as well.

Value for money

Sub Solution costs $85. In practical terms, it’s $15 less than Quick Luck because it’s slightly less complex and because it’s a powder. You’ll need to mix Sub Solution powder with filtered water to hydrate it into synthetic urine. So it’s not suitable for passing short notice drug testing, but with preparation, it will pretty much do everything Quick Luck can, but for slightly less money spent.

Chances of passing a drug test

Sub Solution has passed tens of thousands of drug tests with ease. It’s calibrated and constructed to pass all levels of scrutiny. On top of that, the heat activator powder gives you such close control over the sample temperature until the point you submit it, that it minimizes your chances of getting caught out by submitting a cool sample.

Quick Luck Pros:

  • A highly complex formula containing 11 chemicals found in urine
  • Looks, froths, and smells like human urine
  • Balanced for specific gravity and pH range
  • Will pass standard levels of analysis
  • Heat activator powder is far superior to using a heatpad
  • Doesn’t contain biocide preservatives
  • 20-year track record of fooling drug testing companies

Quick Luck Cons:

  • Powder must be hydrated using filtered water
  • Only available from Clear Choice

3.    Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

The Test Clear powdered urine kit gets a surprising lack of coverage. It’s not well marketed but is very high in quality for the price you pay. Test Clear is another highly reputable company that has produced top level urine, detox pills, and detox drinks for more than two decades.

Far better than the budget brands, but not as complex as Sub Solution, it nicely sits in the mid-range for both price and complexity. It’s good enough to pass all normal levels will scrutiny, but without the extra belt and braces security that Sub Solution and Quick Luck offer.


You’re getting high quality fake urine here. The Test Clear powdered urine is nearly as complex as Sub Solution while costing significantly less. Like Sub Solution, it’s also a powder that needs hydrating with filtered water.

On the downside, you don’t get the heat activator powder that gives you granular control over the sample temperature right up until a few minutes before you submit it, you’ll have to rely on its heatpad. It’s a significant limitation, which is why it’s $30 cheaper.


Test Clear fake urine is surprisingly complex, considering its price compared to Sub Solution. It contains seven chemicals found in urine, including urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity and looks the real deal as well.

Value for money

For me, the Test Clear fake urine kit is actually surprisingly good value for money. However, it’s not as complex as Sub Solution or Quick Luck, and it doesn’t froth and smell like urine either. Plus, you are still relying on a heat pad rather than getting access to the incredible heat activator powder that the two other best synthetic urine products give you.

Chances of passing a drug test

Overall, Test Clear urine gives you a great chance of passing standard drug testing. It looks like the real thing, contains enough ingredients to pass all the standard checks, and the heatpad is good quality. But, it’s not as complex as the more expensive options I’ve already mentioned, and it doesn’t use heat activator powder, so it has a slightly higher chance of the temperature of the sample being a problem.

On top of that, you’ll need access to hot water or a microwave to initially heat the sample to get it within the correct temperature range.

Test Clear Urine Pros:

  • Good quality fake urine for the money
  • Complex enough to pass standard drug test scrutiny
  • Looks like urine when hydrated
  • Heatpad is good quality

Test Clear Urine Cons:

  • Not as complex as Sub Solution or Quick Luck
  • Doesn’t froth or smell like urine
  • Has to be hydrated with filtered water
  • Doesn’t use heat activator powder

Where To Buy The Best Fake Pee For Drug Test Success

I don’t suggest you look beyond these three products. They are definitely the best available, and far better than any of the budget products out there in terms of quality, and the heating method is supplied.

Quick Luck can only legitimately be bought from the Clear Choice online store. It costs $100, which is expensive. However, you are getting the premium fake urine product that also gives you access to the incredible heat activator powder. If your drug test is important though, then $100 is not a lot of money.

Sub Solution is a great all-rounder that costs $85 and is available from the Clear Choice online store. It’s cheap than Quick Luck, but you will have to hydrate it with filtered water. Other than that, it stands just as much chance of passing the same level of a drug test as Quick Luck.

Flying under the radar, this little-known fake urine is actually a great midrange product. Costing just $50, it gives you access to high-quality powdered urine products. On the downside, you do have to hydrate it with filtered water, and it uses a heatpad which raises your chance of failure in comparison to heat activator powder. It’s only available legitimately from the official Test Clear website.

Synthetic Urine FAQ

How long does synthetic urine last?

Synthetic urine has a shelf life of at least one year. However, once it’s opened and air gets to it then you have 24 hours at most, even if it’s refrigerated. Because it contains urea and uric acid, it will start to cloud and get a “stringy” look to it after 24 hours at room temperature. Once you’ve opened a sample to the air, then synthetic urine only last a few hours, and is best submitted within five hours of opening.

How to make synthetic urine?

It is possible to make synthetic urine, there are recipes out there. But you will need a lot of specialist ingredients, which you can’t buy in small quantities. Plus you will need sterile mixing equipment. So it’s not cheap to do, and if you don’t get it exactly right then the lab will spot it is fake. It’s far easier to just by high-quality premade synthetic urine online.

How long is synthetic urine good for?

Synthetic urine lasts about one year if it’s not opened. Once it’s open to the air, it will only last for 24 hours even if refrigerated. Because it contains urea and uric acid, several hours of being exposed to the air at room temperature will start to cloud the appearance of the urine. Once open, a fake sample is best heated up and then submitted within five hours or so.

How to hide synthetic urine for a drug test?

The easiest way to hide synthetic urine to pass a drug test is to wear two pairs of underwear. Tuck it securely between the two pairs, so that it’s close to your skin but not on it. This will keep it secure and warm. Make sure you wear baggy jogging bottoms so that no bulge can be seen, which would be especially strange if you are female.

How to keep synthetic urine at the right temperature?

There are two ways to keep fake urine at the right temperature. Firstly, most brands come with a heatpad. This is air activated, and should emit a steady heat within the correct temperature range (around 95°F) to keep it within the right temperature to be a legal sample (between 90°F and 100°F).

However, heatpads can fail, and it’s always advisable to keep a flask of hot water with you. Alternatively, Sub Solution and Quick Luck use heat activator powder, which generates heat when you put it into the liquid, it’s a far more controllable and reliable way of keeping the sample within the right temperature range.

Can A Drug Test Tell If It’s Not Your Pee?


Yes, a drug test can tell it’s not your urine. But that will mean it’s detected certain traits about it.


Submitted outside the correct temperature range, containing things that it shouldn’t, or not containing what it should. Basically, everything looked for during the initial validity testing on the sample.


The simple way around this is to submit high-quality fake urine that has been designed to mimic human urine in all aspects that are looked for in standard drug tests.


Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Real And Synthetic Urine?


Yes labs can tell the difference if they spot it. If they don’t spot it, they won’t detect you. It really is that simple.


Minimize the chances of detection using high-quality fake urine, and ensure that you submit it within the correct temperature range.


The best fake urine will also smell, look, and even froth like the real thing (Sub Solution and Quick Luck are the top brands). This means even close visual scrutiny, backed up by the “sniff test”, won’t detect your sample.


Does LabCorp Drug Test For Gender?


It is not legal in the USA to test for gender during drug testing. A drug testing lab cannot look for anything else other than the composition of urine generally, and check for the presence of drugs.


Is There A Difference Between Male And Female Urine Samples?


There is absolutely no difference between male and female urine samples for the purposes of submitting a sample. Nothing legally can be checked for to determine differences in the sample beyond looking for the basic composition of urine, and whether drug metabolites are present.


Can A 5 Panel Drug Test Detect Fake Urine?


Forget the number of panels on the drug test, that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how many substances are looked for, what matters is the scrutiny the sample undergoes.


It has to pass validity checks, a urinalysis (panel drug test), and the potential visual scrutiny of the people handling it.

So yes, of course, fake urine can be detected. But it can be detected for any level of drug test. Even a basic five panel pre-employment test, all the way through to the expensive 12 panel specialist test

What Is A DOT Physical Drug Test?


A Department of Transport physical drug test is a high quality urinalysis test. Depending on the level of job, it will be a five panel test, or even a 12 panel test for certain roles.


The DOT insists on using certain labs that the certain standards (LabCorp and Concentra are the main ones).


DOT tests are all eCup tests. It’s a smart cup that shows temperature, does instant validity tests through reactive panels on the cup, and then it’s put into a machine where it does the urinalysis digitally as well.


If you pass, the machine automatically notifies the person who commissioned the test by text and email and then even automatically destroys the sample.


Does Probation Send Urine To Labs?


Whether probation send urine to labs will depend on the situation round your probation.


However, yes, in certain circumstances, there is probation drug testing. If your sample fails the initial validity check, temperature test, or panel test done immediately after you submit it, then it will be sent for a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry lab analysis.



Can I Trust Synthetic Urine?


You can certainly trust synthetic urine as long as you pick high-quality fake urine that doesn’t contain biocide preservative (detectable), and you submit it within the correct temperature range.


The brands recommended are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. They are the most complex, with a long track record of passing all levels of drug test, include DOT drug tests that face the automated eCup analysis system.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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