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The benefits and risks of investing in cryptocurrency

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Investing or trading cryptocurrency is another window of opportunity many investors would like to try. Cryptocurrency prices swing up and down like stocks. Although you may likely win big, they are risky. Before investing in cryptocurrency, study the benefits and risks involved. In this piece, you will discover the pros and cons and use them to enhance your cryptocurrency investment decisions.

The Introduction to cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be traded and used for buying goods and services. Governments do not issue cryptocurrencies. They are decentralized. Also, the apex bank of a country or government does not supervise them. The most widely used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, launched in 2009. The development of cryptocurrency has been rapid and is now used globally.

Today, some businesses like blocklender offer crypto loans to crypto investors. Therefore, whether you invest in a crypto company or buy the coins through an exchange, do your due diligence and buy wisely.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies Investing

A prime advantage is that parties transfer currency between themselves without an intermediary—a bank. The transfer between parties is safe because of the use of public keys and private keys. The processors get rewards called proof of work. Transfers are fast with minimal costs.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile instruments whose prices go up and down. An investor may enjoy massive wins due to these swings. However, that volatility could cause extensive losses too.

Cryptocurrencies are new investment instruments and people are still studying how cryptocurrency investing works. Therefore, their potential to yield good returns is unknown. However, that learning stage provides savvy investors, the opportunity to buy cheap and sell at a profit.

Another advantage is that it is virtual and easy to hold and transfer the currency globally, and a country’s economy does not influence its price in the market. It is unlike the dollar and pound, whose worth depends on the issuing countries.

Cryptocurrency investment is bought and sold worldwide. Investors trade cryptocurrencies in secure encrypted decentralized exchanges. Again, the fiat currency is subject to inflation because the government can print any quantity of money it likes. Cryptocurrencies have a fixed number in circulation, and scarcity helps them to retain their worth.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies Investing

The high and low movement of their prices could cause investors to lose their investment. Second, the lack of a central authority to supervise its production could cause loopholes for criminals to infiltrate the system.

Crypto is not easily exchangeable like fiat currency. The fact that they are not quickly convertible is risky for an investor. Unlike the stock market, where investors can enter and exit a stock, you may not find buyers for some cryptocurrencies. Investors may be trapped in a coin longer than necessary and lose more money than they thought.

Likewise, due to the wide swings of the market price of coins up and down, it is not easy to correctly forecast future gains. There is no central control by any government or central bank. So, if a Crypto exchange becomes insolvent, you could lose your investment. That lack of a guarantee for your investment is a risk to your capital.

Criminals prowl the market for naive investors who they promise vast returns to invest in nonexistent coins. Make a thorough investigation, and identify active and profitable cryptocurrencies to invest your money in.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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