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The Best PTZ Camera System Features

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When it comes to security cameras, many features matter. How good the images are, how easy they are to update, and their security are all factors that should be considered. At the end of the day, you want your camera system to protect your property. You might be wondering: how does a PTZ camera work? There are a number of different PTZ camera security system options available and each differs in its own unique ways. This guide will explain the mechanisms of the different PTZ camera features along with recommendations on which type is right for you.

USB systems

USB systems are the standard for security cameras. Many older models of PTZ cameras still use these connections, meaning that any computer can easily connect to them to view and record. USB systems are the best choice for almost all needs, as they are simple to install and use. They are also the least expensive option. 

The major downside is that they are limited in what they can record. You can’t do anything with a USB system like you can with an IP phone system or an HDMI extension system such as adding new cameras.

HDMI extension system

HDMI cables serve one main purpose: to connect cameras and devices to an HDMI switcher, which then sends the signal to a single monitor. The most important feature of an HDMI extension system is the quality of the HDMI cables. If the cables aren’t of high quality and are susceptible to signal loss, then you’ll end up with unreliable security footage. 

High resolution

High-resolution security cameras produce images with sharp clarity. This lets you see details like faces in the camera view or other small details that would be blurred or fuzzy with cameras of a lower resolution. A PTZ security camera system with high-resolution capabilities is ideal for businesses that need to see details, so they can verify if employees are safe or identify theft victims. However, a high resolution PTZ camera can often be expensive.

Depending on the property you’re trying to protect with extra safety and security measures, your budget will vary. If your property doesn’t stock many expensive items, you may be able to afford to save some money on your PTZ camera system. However, if you’re protecting a home or expensive storefront, this may not be able to provide the level of protection you need.

SDI Video Production

SDI stands for serial digital interface. It’s the same technology used to transmit HD signals from security cameras to monitors and recorders. SDI is the best option for high-quality video. It’s also the most expensive connection for security camera systems, so make sure you’re making the right decision before making this purchase.

Optical zoom

Optical zoom allows you to zoom in while capturing video footage and see the details of a field of view with more clarity. This feature is useful in outdoor or low-light conditions, where visibility may be severely limited. You’ll get the best images of the night and at dusk with an optical zoom that has a long focal length. 

With optical zoom, you can zoom in to see details like license plates or faces.

While zoom lenses have been available for many years, they’ve been steadily improving and growing more popular in recent years. With recent advancements, PTZ camera 20x optical zoom has become an option. Choosing a high-quality zoom lens is important because this is the part of your security camera system that will get the most use. Should the worst come to pass and you encounter the need to identify someone from security footage, optical zoom can be invaluable. 

Bottom line

Security camera systems come in many different forms, sizes, and costs. While some camera systems can provide enough protection for a small business, others are designed for large businesses that need more than basic security. For example, some security camera systems can monitor hundreds of properties at a single time. 

If you’re unsure which camera system is best for your business, first take a look at what you need the system for. Once you know what you need and what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the best security camera system for your needs. Make sure you read through each article in this guide, so you know what to look for when shopping for a brand-new PTZ security camera system.

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