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The Most Preferred Southwest Airlines Seats

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The seat you choose on a flight may often make or ruin your day (or trip). Southwest Airlines, in contrast to many of its competitors, has an open seating policy. Once it is your time to board, you will be able to choose any available seat.

However, if you are not a regular flier, how can you determine which seat will be most suitable for you? Here are some ideas for selecting the most comfortable seat on Southwest Airlines in order to have the most enjoyable journey possible.

Why Should You Fly Southwest Airlines?

Why would you ever consider flying with Southwest Airlines? There are several causes; here are a few:

  • 2 complimentary bags
  • No cancellation or modification fees
  • Southwest Accompanying Pass
  • Free in-flight entertainment
  • Numerous wonderful locations, including Hawaii and the Caribbean

Boarding Procedure for Southwest Airlines

As the Southwest Airlines boarding procedure differs somewhat from that of other airlines, let’s examine the fundamentals.

Southwest will board you depending on your boarding group (A, B, or C) and boarding number (1-60). After boarding the aircraft, you may choose any available seat.

Your boarding position is determined by many variables:

  • Check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight; the sooner you check-in, the better.
  • Type of admission: Business Certain tickets are given an A1-A15 boarding place automatically.
  • If you hold A-List or A-List Preferred status, regardless of your boarding position, you will be allowed to board before the B group.
  • EarlyBird Check-In: If you buy EarlyBird Check-In, you will be checked in up to 36 hours before your scheduled flight.
  • Improved boarding: If available, you may buy upgraded boarding at the gate for an A1-A15 boarding ticket. Additionally, many Southwest credit cards have complimentary upgraded boarding tickets.

Southwest Airlines Seating Arrangements

Southwest Airlines operates Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Boeing 737-700

The Boeing 737-700 has 143 seats and comprises almost 60% of Southwest Airlines’ fleet.

Boeing 737-800

The somewhat bigger Boeing 737-800 aircraft seats 175 passengers.

The Best Southwest Airlines Seats

These recommendations have been compiled from many Southwest Airlines flights. Keep in mind that because Southwest Airlines offers to open seating, a particular seat is never guaranteed – even if you have an A1 boarding position (the airplane may have people remaining from the prior trip)!

The prime seats If You’re Flying With Young Children, Consider

Flying with children may be exciting. Even the most experienced young travelers are sometimes susceptible to meltdowns and tantrums. If you are traveling with children on Southwest, go to the rear of the aircraft. You should do this for many reasons.

The back of the plane has the most empty seats, so you may choose together. Family boarding happens after the A group, thus you should not have to pay EarlyBird Check-In to guarantee seats together.

One of the final rows is near the toilets and flight attendants. This is crucial if you have a sick, filthy, or “kind of” potty-trained kid.

Most parents sit at the back of the plane, so if your kid yells, others will understand.

The Prime Seat If You’re a Nervous Flyer, Do This

If you dislike turbulence (and who does? ), opt for seats above the wings. These chairs provide the most comfortable riding. Seats in the front of the aircraft will protect you from turbulence more than those in the rear, where you will experience more up and down movement.

Knowing your flying style might help you choose a seat. In other cases, can help you.


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