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The New Home Guide: 6 Tips To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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We all know that moving house can be an incredibly stressful experience, which is why it is important to find ways to make your new house feel like home. Although there is a lot of stress that comes with the moving house process, settling into your new home can also be a lot of fun too. You have the opportunity to transform your new house into the home of your dreams and make real changes to the house.

If you have got a big move soon and you are worried about getting settled into your new home, then this article is for you. In this article, we will go over six different tips and tricks that you can use to help you transform your new house into the home of your dreams. So, if you are worried about your big move, then keep on reading to find out our helpful tips and tricks.

Unpack Straight Away

One of the first things you will need to do once you move into your new place is to unpack straight away. Unpacking is one of the worst parts of moving house, but it is something you should sort out as soon as you arrive at your new place. The reason for this is that once you have unpacked, you can then start arranging furniture and organising your house the way you want. You should first start with unpacking kitchenware and your bedroom items, as this will mean you can at least make a cup of tea and have a nicely made bed to get into after a busy day of moving. It would also be helpful if, during the packing process, you organised and labeled the boxes accordingly. So, put all kitchenware into one box and bathroom items in another, as this will make things a lot easier once you get to the unpacking stage. Once you have fully unpacked all of your belongings, you can then start transforming your new home.

Add Your Signature Scent

Every home has a unique scent, so if you want your new house to start feeling like home, then you should add your signature scent to your house. If you lit a lot of candles or burnt incense in your previous home, you should ensure your new home has those smells too. Smell is a very powerful scent, and often there are a lot of memories that are associated with certain smells. Adding your signature scent to your new house can help the house feel like home, so once you move in, make sure you get those candles burning straight away. Additionally, if your new home has been vacant for a while, then there may be a bit of an odd smell to the property. Lighting some candles or burning some incense is a super simple way to get rid of the musty smell and make your new house feel cosy and welcoming. Alternatively, you could opt for a new signature scent for your new home, to mark the introduction of a new chapter in your life.

Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows can be a great way of making your new house feel like home. When it comes to making changes to a house, a lot of people overlook windows, but they actually play a very important role. Windows can transform a space and they can also ensure that your house is kept warm. Old windows are known to let in drafts, which can lead to your house being cold and could even cause some dampness. So, once you arrive at your new home, you should take the time to assess the current windows and see what improvements can be made. In terms of what windows to choose for your home, double-glazing is always the best option. Double-glazing windows are ideal as they ensure your house remains warm, which is especially important in winter. You can learn more about the best double-glazing windows by looking online and reading some guides and reviews.

Revamp The Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, so if you want to make your new house feel like home, then it could be a good idea to revamp the kitchen. Revamping the kitchen gives you the opportunity to transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams, which means you can make changes to the kitchen that suit your lifestyle. If you are someone who likes to host lots of parties, then you’ll want to ensure that the kitchen has enough space for you to cook for all of your guests. It could be a good idea to install multiple ovens in your kitchen, as this will mean you can cook everything at once. Additionally, you should invest in modern gadgets and kitchen supplies like the ones from Progressive International. It’s important to invest in kitchen tools that will make cooking a lot easier. Once you move in, assess the space you have and then start making a plan on how you can transform the kitchen space.

Invest In New Furniture

While you may choose to move your old furniture into your new house, if you want to start a new chapter in your new home, then you could instead invest in some new furniture. If you have had your old furniture for years, then you may notice that it has become a bit worn out and tired. Bringing worn out furniture into your new space is not going to make your house look very presentable, so buying some new furniture could be the better option. Thankfully, buying new furniture is super easy and you can order it online at the click of a button. You could also choose to visit your local charity shop as often they will have new furniture in stock at a fraction of the price of branded furniture. New furniture can really bring the home together, so once you have got your furniture into your new house, it should start to feel a bit more like home.

Host A Housewarming Party

What better way to show off your new house than by hosting a housewarming party? Once you have unpacked and you have sorted out your house the way you want, you should invite all of your friends and family over to celebrate. Hosting a housewarming party is a super easy way for your house to feel like home, so make sure you plan a party that everyone will remember. If you have a big outdoor space in your new home, then you should ensure that you make full use of the space and buy some outdoor furniture for everyone to sit on. Additionally, you could create a drinks station using a wheelable drinks trolly, so that people can help themselves to drinks. It could also be a fun idea to make a list of some easy cocktail recipes and have them printed out on the bar cart. This way, if people want to make themselves some fancy cocktails, they can easily do so. And, last but not least, cook up some delicious snacks and party food in your newly revamped kitchen!


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