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The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Stolen Funds from Scammers

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Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Stolen Funds from Scammers

Have you lost money to a scam recently? Let Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) guide you through the recovery process.

Find out how to report the scam, what you can do to get your money back and how to get support if you’ve been left in financial difficulty. We also explain ways to spot scams and recover your money from the scammers.

How to spot a scam

There are many types of scams, including texts, letters, or even in person – but more and more, these criminals will target their victims online.

They can take many forms, and usually appear to be a legitimate opportunity. Scammers are clever and know all the tricks to get you to hand over your information.

Knowing how to recognize scams is the best way to protect yourself. Here are some things to be wary of:

  • Your bank calls asking you to move money: Possibly the most common bank scam is getting you to transfer money out of your account, often into a ‘safe account’. Banks will never ask you to do this. If you’re suspicious of someone saying they’re from your bank, hang up and call them back on the number printed on your card.
  • Cold-calling: If somebody contacts you claiming to be from a known company and offers you a product or deal, avoid signing up there and then. Instead, contact the company to ask if it is legitimate (don’t use any contact details they give you).
  • You’re asked to pay before you receive an item or service: For example, an upfront fee before a loan is paid into your account.
  • The company is difficult to contact: If a firm doesn’t allow you to call them back, or their contact details are only mobile phone numbers or a PO box address.
  • Mistakes and typos in emails and text messages: Most emails and texts from major companies are proofread and checked. Also watch out for email address that have random characters and letters, and emails encouraging you to click a link in the message.
  • If it sounds too good to be true (it usually is): For example, a company is promising a refund if you click on a link and enter your bank details.
  • If you’re asked for passwords and PIN numbers: A bank or legitimate company will never ask you for your PIN number or any online banking passwords.
  • If you’re pressurized to make a quick decision: Scammers like to involve a sense of fear or urgency as a tactic to bully you into action. Never be rushed into making a decision.
  • Winning a competition you didn’t enter: Avoid competitions to win prizes on pages that are very new, or not the official brand page. Be wary if you get a message from a stranger, brand or even a friend telling you you’ve won a competition that you don’t recall entering.
  • The website doesn’t have a secure link: It’s easy to be fooled by a fake website. When using web pages, make sure the site has a secure link by checking there’s a padlock symbol in the browser and the link starts with ‘https://’.

How to Get Your Stolen Money Back from Scammer

Provided you’ve done nothing to compromise the security of your account, you should get your money back. But this isn’t guaranteed.

Refunds can be delayed or refused if there is reasonable grounds to think you’ve been grossly negligent. However, banks can’t simply say because your PIN or password were used that the payment was authorized.

Depending on the type of scam you have lost money to, here is how Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) will help you to recover money lost to different kinds of scams below;

Crypto Scam Recovery – How to Recover Money from Crypto Scam: Crypto has been on the rise, especially within the last decade. Unfortunately, crypto scam has also been on the rise at almost an equal pace. But the good news is that crypto scam victims can now recover their scammed crypto by reporting to Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).

Dating Scam Recovery – How to Recover Money from Romance Scam: Romance scammers target people searching for love. They prey on this vulnerability and steal from the innocent victims. Romance scam victims are now able to recover their money back from scammers when they report the scam to Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).

Pig Butchering Crypto Scam Recovery – Recover money from pig butchering scam: Pig butchering scam involves a blend of both romance and crypto investment scams. The scammer begins by befriending the scam victim, then end up pitching an a fraudulent investment idea in order to steal. Get your money back from pig butchering scam through Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).

Binary Options Forex Recovery – Recover Money Lost to Binary Options and Forex Scams: Victims of binary options scams and forex scams can recover their lost funds. All you have to do in order to recover your money from binary options scams and/or forex scam is to report the scam for recovery with Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).

Investment Scam Recovery – Recover Money Lost to Investment Scammers: Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) also helps victims of investment scams to recover their money from investment scams.

Conclusion: Recover Your Stolen Funds from Scammers

Losing money to any kind of scam is bad, but the good part is that, it is now possible to recover your money from the scammers. Find out more about how to report the scam and recover money lost to scam with the best funds recovery firm – Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).


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