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The WordPress Stack That Turns Designers Into One-Stop Web Agencies

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Behind every web experience, there is a designer. Great designers are highly sought after for their insight into peoples’ expectations and their underlying assumptions about how things should work.

Some web agencies prize their designers and grant them significant freedom to pursue innovative ideas. However, that’s not always the way things work. Often, technical demands and other obstacles get in the way, forcing designers to compromise on their ideas and change course.

That’s why many web designers are looking for ways to bypass technical limitations and build comprehensive web experiences without compromise. For many years, that simply meant branching off and starting your own agency.

But starting a web agency means hiring developers, managing projects, and interfacing with clients. That often leaves precious little time for actual design!

Many designers are now turning towards a set of WordPress technologies that let them streamline the technical aspects of their work. Instead of taking time away from design, these tools can help you focus more time on your ideas, while letting you take on major client projects all on your own.

Elementor Cloud Website combines the WordPress community’s most reputable website builder with a managed cloud hosting solution that offsets all the technical responsibilities of managing your own web agency. You can be your own developer and manage projects from start to finish without writing a single line of code.

How does Elementor Cloud Website work?

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Elementor Cloud Website is a package that includes two products:

  • The popular Elementor Pro website builder, which lets designers build and publish professional websites without any coding knowledge whatsoever.
  • A highly customized managed hosting solution that provides a pre-installed WordPress tech stack on a readymade cloud server – no configuration needed.

This means you can essentially skip every technical step in the web creation process. You do not need to go through the trouble of finding a third-party hosting solution willing to host your domain. You don’t need to configure a dedicated server to host your website or integrate any complex technologies like SSL certificates or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Instead, you get a cloud-hosted solution that provides you with everything you need to jump right into the process of designing the perfect web experience. You can create professional-quality websites without writing any code, and deliver the ideal agency experience to your clients without having to consult with a team of developers and project managers in the process.

This dramatically changes the speed and profitability of your web creation work. You now have access to best-in-class technologies that allow you to compete with major web agencies. Best of all, your streamlined workflow lets you charge lower rates (or earn higher margins) than large companies can.

Introducing the Elementor Cloud Website Tech Stack


Elementor Cloud Website relies on WordPress as its content management system. As the most popular web platform on the Internet, there is no shortage of good reasons to rely on WordPress.

But while WordPress is a robust and versatile content management solution, it’s a technically demanding one. You need to know how to code before you can build websites from scratch on WordPress.

Enter Elementor. The WordPress community’s favorite website builder takes the guesswork out of web page creation. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets designers create professional websites without having to write any code themselves. It has numerous features and widgets that cover the most in-demand functionalities clients are asking for.

Before you can install Elementor on WordPress, you need a website host. In most cases, that means purchasing a dedicated server package from a reputable third-party hosting company.

This is where things usually get complicated. The responsibility for configuring that server falls on you. Your hosting service may not be compatible with all the technologies your client wants. You may run into other problems that only an experienced technical developer can solve.

Elementor’s managed cloud hosting solution solves that by giving you a fully optimized web creation platform from the very start. You don’t have to configure any servers or install any technologies at all – it’s already been taken care of.

Elementor Cloud Website depends on market-leading Google Cloud infrastructure and includes free Cloudflare SSL certification. It includes a performance and security-boosting CDN as well as 24-hour backups that guarantee best-in-class results.

  • Elementor Cloud Websites have 20 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth available. This is sufficient for supporting 100,000 monthly visits. Google has one of the best cloud uptime scores in the industry (99.99%!), and even issues financial credit to customers who suffer downtime below that figure.
  • Cloudflare SSL certification protects web traffic from interference. This means that it’s harder for hackers to copy your website and steal user login credentials. It prevents compromised network routers and other devices from running malicious scripts on your web pages – and making it look like you’re doing it.
  • CDNs copy up-to-date versions of your website to different data centers around the globe. Whenever a visitor accesses your website, the CDN routes traffic from the nearest available server, improving page load time and performance. If one of your servers goes down for any reason, the network can automatically reroute incoming traffic to another server.
  • Secure backups are the foundation of business continuity in today’s web environment. Elementor Cloud Website performs automatic backups every 24 hours and allows admins to create their own backups at specific points. This way, you can be prepared for major site overhauls or other changes.

Start Creating With Elementor Cloud Website Today

Elementor gives designers a chance to expand their capabilities and start taking on large, complex web projects. For a fixed price of US $99 per year, you can take your web design business to the next level and start taking on major agency projects by yourself. With Elementor taking care of your technical needs, you have everything you need to create a successful web experience for the most demanding clients.


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