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Top 3 eBay Fees & Profit Calculators To Use In 2024

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When selling on eBay, understanding your fees and potential profit is crucial for success. With the right tools, you can make informed decisions about pricing and selling strategies.

Here we’ll cover the top three comprehensive eBay fee and profit calculators.


1. eBay Fee Calculator with ROI + Profit

Flipl is a cutting-edge Chrome extension designed to help eBay sellers navigate the complex world of fees and profits. It offers a detailed fee breakdown, profit calculation, sale price optimization, and custom fee options.

Key Features of

Detailed Fee Breakdown

  • Insertion Fees: Calculates the cost of listing an item on eBay.
  • Final Value Fees: Estimates the percentage of the sale price eBay will take as commission.
  • Payment Processing Fees: Takes into account PayPal or eBay Managed Payments fees.

Profit Calculation

Allows sellers to input costs, shipping, and desired profit margin to find the optimal selling price.

Sale Price Optimization

Analyzes similar listings and market trends to suggest competitive pricing strategies.

Custom Fee Options

Tailors calculations to specific eBay store subscriptions and seller status.

Chrome Extension

Provides quick access to fee calculations, sales, and price history, Google Shopping feeds, and a profit calculator.


2. 3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator

About 3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator

The 3Dsellers eBay fee calculator is a versatile tool that calculates costs and profits for Fixed Price (GTC) USA eBay listings. It allows for custom input or automated selling price recommendations based on desired profit.

Key Features of 3Dsellers

  • Custom Price Setting: Enter your own selling price or use the tool to find one.
  • eBay Item ID Lookup: Calculate fees based on an existing item ID.
  • Accurate Fee Considerations: Includes insertion fees, final value fees, promotion fees, and eBay Managed Payment Fees.

How to Use 3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator

  1. Access the Calculator: Visit the 3Dsellers website and navigate to the fee calculator.
  2. Enter Item Details: Input your item cost and desired profit.
  3. Review Calculations: The calculator will provide an estimated cost breakdown and profit margin.
  4. Adjust as Needed: Use the information to set or adjust your eBay pricing.

ZIK Analytics

3. ZIK Analytics eBay Fee Calculator

ZIK Analytics offers an eBay fee calculator that simplifies the process of understanding eBay fees and profits. It’s a straightforward tool that provides quick calculations for eBay sellers.

Key Features of ZIK Analytics

  • Simple Interface: Easy-to-use calculator for quick fee estimations.
  • eBay Calculator Shipping: Includes shipping costs in the fee calculation for a more accurate profit estimate.

How to Use ZIK Analytics eBay Fee Calculator

  1. Go to ZIK Analytics Website: Find the eBay fee calculator on their site.
  2. Input Sale Details: Enter the selling price, shipping cost, and item cost.
  3. Calculate Fees and Profit: The tool will instantly provide you with the fees and expected profit.
  4. Make Informed Decisions: Use the results to price your items effectively on eBay.

Bonus: eBay Arbitrage Software

Flipl also has other products and features, such as their eBay arbitrage software, which is tailored to assist sellers in maximizing their profits through the practice of arbitrage—buying products at a lower price on one marketplace and selling them at a higher price on another. This software is specifically designed to facilitate eBay to Amazon flips, making it a valuable tool for resellers looking to take advantage of price discrepancies between the two platforms.

Comprehensive Deal Scanning

Flipl’s software continuously scans eBay listings and compares them against Amazon’s database of over 4 million products. This extensive scanning ensures that users have access to the most current and profitable arbitrage opportunities available.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

The platform provides real-time data and analytics, allowing users to make quick and informed decisions. By having access to fresh data, sellers can stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on deals as they arise.

Key Product Data and Metrics offers detailed insights into key product data and metrics, including estimated profit, return on investment (ROI), sales rank, and potential intellectual property alerts. This information helps sellers evaluate the viability of flipping a specific product before making a purchase.

With Flipl’s advanced filtering options, users can narrow down their search to find deals that meet specific criteria. This includes filtering by keywords, categories, Amazon Sales Rank (BSR), and more, ensuring that sellers can quickly find the best products to flip.

Keepa Charts Integration

Embedded Keepa charts provide users with Amazon price analytics directly within the Flipl interface. This feature allows sellers to track price history and trends, which is crucial for making strategic buying and selling decisions.

SellerAmp Integration

The software includes a 1-click feature to open and pre-fill SellerAmp with the eBay product and Amazon ASIN. This seamless integration streamlines the process of listing and managing products across both marketplaces.

Best Sellers and Warehouse Deals also provides access to Amazon’s best seller rankings, enabling users to browse deals based on product popularity. Additionally, the platform includes a dedicated search for Amazon Warehouse Deals, which can be a goldmine for resellers and consumers alike.

Support for Multiple Marketplaces

While the software primarily focuses on eBay to Amazon arbitrage, it supports both the USA and UK marketplaces, giving users a broader scope for their reselling business.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes navigating through various deals and data points straightforward. This ease of use is essential for both novice and experienced resellers to efficiently operate their arbitrage business.


For eBay sellers looking to maximize profits, using a fee calculator is essential. stands out with its comprehensive features and Chrome extension, making it a convenient and powerful tool. However, 3Dsellers and ZIK Analytics also offer valuable calculators that can help sellers make profitable decisions. By utilizing these tools, you can ensure that your eBay business remains competitive and profitable.

Remember to keep your fee calculators updated and to check for any changes in eBay’s fee structure that may affect your profit calculations. Happy selling!

FAQs on eBay Fee and Profit Calculators

What is an eBay fee calculator?

An eBay fee calculator is a tool that helps sellers determine the fees they will incur when selling an item on eBay, including insertion fees, final value fees, and payment processing fees. The calculator can also help estimate profit margins after these fees are accounted for.

Why should I use an eBay fee calculator?

Using an eBay fee calculator ensures that you are aware of all the costs associated with selling your items, allowing you to price your products competitively while still making a profit. It also saves time by automating the calculation process.

How accurate are eBay fee calculators?

eBay fee calculators are designed to provide estimates based on the most current fee structures provided by eBay. However, they should be used as a guide rather than an absolute figure, as fees can change and individual circumstances may vary.

Can eBay fee calculators account for shipping costs?

Yes, many eBay fee calculators, including those from, 3Dsellers, and ZIK Analytics, allow you to input shipping costs to provide a more comprehensive profit estimate.

Do I need to pay for an eBay fee calculator?

Many eBay fee calculators are available for free, including the ones mentioned in this guide. Some may offer additional features or services for a fee.

Does’s eBay Fee Calculator work with eBay Managed Payments?

Yes,’s eBay Fee Calculator includes the option to calculate fees for sellers using eBay Managed Payments.

Can I use an eBay fee calculator for international sales?

Some eBay fee calculators may offer features to calculate fees for international sales, but you should verify this with the specific tool you are using. Fee structures can vary significantly for different eBay international marketplaces.

Is it possible to calculate fees for different types of eBay listings?

Yes, most eBay fee calculators allow you to calculate fees for various listing types, such as auction-style listings or fixed-price listings.

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