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Top Fitness Apps for Women in 2022

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In this technology era, it’s easy to have a 24/7 fitness coach in your pocket as long as you have time for it and a little cash to spend on it.

These exercise apps enable you to train when and wherever you are. In fact, you can attain all your fitness goals as long as you have the right app in your pocket.

An online trainer can spice up their program for women who are tired of home workouts or repeating the same workout routine in the gym. Once you pay the subscription membership, the exercise apps give you access to a wide array of fitness content. Although you can find free workout apps on the internet, the paid-for version offers outstanding features and access to a personal trainer.

So then, here are the top fitness apps for women in 2022. While these apps target women and have female trainers, there is no gender-specific exercise, and so even males can subscribe or support their partners.

·        Tone and Sculpt

This is a go-to workout app because it offers a customized fitness plan. The app makes you feel like these exercises were personalized just for you. Aside from exercises, the platform allows you to choose your trainer. Tone and Sculpt has a variety of female trainers with different specialties such as yoga, strength, barre, and endurance.

Further, you can choose the number of workout sessions per week, nutrition preference, equipment, if you’re working from a gym or home, and the training level, i.e., beginner, intermediate, expert, etc. Based on your selection, your training can either be 67 weeks of strength training or eight weeks of yoga exercises.

You will find on its dashboard a weekly planner highlighting your workout routines for the week. The app allows you to change or add more workouts from the workout library. Each challenge has a description and short videos to help you do the exercise correctly.

Additionally, the app has a meal planner with four different diet types: standard (targets meat lovers), vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan. The app can track what you eat each day, or you can use its suggestions to plan your meals. The advantage of using the app to track your diet is that it gives you simple and easy recipes to follow and a shopping list for your meals.

It will cost you $14.99 every month or $90.99 each year to access Tone and Sculpt.

Yoga exercises

·        StrongHer

Are you’re preparing for your wedding anytime soon? StrongHer is one of the best apps for holistic health. The app provides a fitness and nutrition program that you can take anywhere with you.

The advantage of using this app as a woman is that it gives you a fully customizable nutrition plan and personal training, all tied to your own goals. For instance, the nutrition plan has recipes that you can use to make meals at home; hence no more meals begin delivered at your door.

So you have to set your objectives when you download the app. These can be toning your muscles, losing weight, or even building muscle mass. Next, you’re required to choose where you will be working out from, such as from the gym or home, your weight, height, lifestyle, and your favorite workout types.

Further, you can customize your nutrition plan based on your liking. You can pick the standard diet if you have no restrictions or allergies, vegetarian or keto diets. Although the app doesn’t have a vegan option, you can exclude foods to create a vegan-friendly plan. Additionally, each food in the app is given points based on the number of calories, protein, and fat. So you earn points based on the foods on your personalized nutrition plan.

StrongHer is a unique app because it tracks your progress throughout your training program. The app tells you about your water and calorie intake, as well as your physical activity progress. Also, the app allows you to choose your workouts, such as the amount of weight to use. The short video demonstration and quick outline on each exercise help you get started with each challenge easily and quickly.

It will cost you $14.99 every month, $38.99 every quarter, or $89.99 each year to access StrongHer.

·        Alo Moves

The yoga app is responsible for making women addicted to the popular Alo Yoga Goddess Leggings. The platform has a wide array of classes and yoga instructors. Aside from yoga, you can access other workout categories like fitness, yoga, skills, and mindfulness.

Upon signing up, Alo Moves asks several questions, including your goals, skin level, and preferred workout methods. The app gives you access to classes ranging from 20 to 60 minutes and over 70 instructors based on your objectives. Additionally, the app suggests exercises based on your answers, like how Netflix recommends the movies and shows to watch based on your history.

Instructors are ranked based on their energy levels. The restorative yoga series has a calming and soothing presence, while those from vinyasa or kundalini classes have too much energy. So you’re able to choose challenges based on your moods.

Additionally, your instructor has an option to describe poses or assume that you know them and proceed. Therefore, the classes are perfect for women in the intermediary and above levels but not beginners. However, you can work out at your pace the same way you would if you were taking your yoga classes in a studio.

It will cost you $20 every month, or $199 each year to access Alo Moves.

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