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TranzactCard: A Revolutionary Approach to Banking and Commerce

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In a financial landscape dominated by traditional banks whose primary goal is shareholder profits, a new player, TranzactCard, is redefining the norms. By placing its members at the forefront of its operations, TranzactCard, co-founded by Peter Rancie and Richard Smith, and based in Provo, Utah, is offering a fintech-powered innovative banking solution that aims to stretch the buying power of its members.

Doubling Buying Power through Z-Bucks

At the heart of TranzactCard’s offering is the Z-Buck – an innovative reward system. Every dollar spent in the TranzactCard ecosystem yields an equivalent Z-Buck. Effectively, this system doubles the buying power of every member within TranzactCard’s online Marketplace, the Z-Club. Here, Z-Bucks operate with a one-to-one parity to the US Dollar, allowing users to offset the retail prices of various products and services. And for those with a penchant for timely deals, Z-Club’s exclusive flash sales, which are Z-Buck exclusive, are an added attraction.

Joining the TranzactCard community is more than just accessing a financial platform. It’s an entry into a dynamic ecosystem driven to create positive social impacts in the banking realm and in the lives of its members. For a lifetime fee of just $25, members receive a bonus of 500 Z-Bucks upon their first transaction and an additional 500 Z-Bucks after their renewal date.

And while TranzactCard serves as a banking platform, it’s crucial to note that it isn’t a bank. It functions thanks to sponsor banks that provide essential banking services. At its core, TranzactCard’s primary vision is to spur financial momentum or ‘Finmo’ for its members. This momentum, amplified by each purchase, propels the financial well-being of individuals and families.

Fintech Innovation Driven by Artificial Learning

Behind TranzactCard’s revolutionary system is a robust technological framework powered by Artificial Learning. This technology, grounded in three core principles – smart analysis, automation, and knowledge discovery, refines the user experience. It ensures not only a heightened level of security for both financial and personal data but also paves the way for data-driven decision-making. This results in tailored marketing campaigns and enhanced service delivery, offering members a seamless shopping experience.

TranzactCard is more than just a banking platform. It’s a paradigm shift in how we perceive banking and commerce. By intertwining financial services with reward mechanisms like the Z-Buck, it aims to give power back to the users, ensuring that every transaction yields tangible benefits. Whether you’re looking to save more, shop smartly, or simply be part of a community that values financial momentum, TranzactCard is a promising avenue to explore.

TranzactCard Company Information

TranzactCard is redefining the banking experience by centering its services around member benefits rather than shareholder profits. As a banking platform, it offers a unique rewards system where every dollar spent using the TranzactCard bank card earns a matching Z-Buck. These Z-Bucks serve as a powerful currency within the TranzactCard ecosystem, doubling the purchasing power in their exclusive online Marketplace, the Z-Club. Members can redeem Z-Bucks for a variety of products, services, and travel packages, enjoying the benefits of flash sales and additional rewards on qualified purchases.

The company is currently in its pre-launch phase, with an official launch scheduled for November 2023. During this period, TranzactCard is offering limited-time membership benefits, including a waived annual fee, a bonus of 500 Z-Bucks upon the first transaction post-renewal date, and double Z-Bucks on every purchase for the first year. Additionally, TranzactCard is establishing a Digital Branch Office model, allowing members to earn revenue by promoting TranzactCard and growing their own businesses. This pre-launch phase is a strategic move to build a community around the TranzactCard platform, which emphasizes social impact and financial empowerment for its members.

About Peter Rancie

Peter Rancie, an Australian native, co-founded TranzactCard in Provo, Utah, in 2021. His journey began in the suburbs of Melbourne, where he started as an elementary school teacher after graduating from LaTrobe University. However, his ambitions soon led him to the advertising world alongside his brother, Ken Rancie. Together, they transformed an old insurance company into a billion-dollar enterprise and managed substantial marketing projects for some of Australia’s largest financial institutions. With over $100 million in advertising and marketing under their belt, the Rancie brothers brought their innovative ideas to the U.S., where Peter’s path crossed with Terry K. McEwen, former Director of Banking for New Jersey. This connection deepened Peter’s understanding of the American banking industry.

Peter’s expertise in banking and marketing, combined with his dedication to social impact, culminated in the creation of TranzactCard with Richard Smith and legal expert Jared Moss. The platform, which is gaining traction in the U.S. banking sector with over 20,000 customers even before its official launch, is a testament to Peter’s lifelong commitment to charitable causes and his vision to merge social consciousness with banking innovation.

About Richard Smith

Richard Smith, a co-founder of TranzactCard, is a pioneering entrepreneur from Utah. His business acumen was honed at Utah Valley University, where he was an early innovator in the e-commerce space. Smith’s entrepreneurial journey began with creating an online retail clothing business during the infancy of the internet, which grew into a multimillion-dollar success story. His expertise in e-commerce, import-export, and wholesale distribution laid the groundwork for TranzactCard, which has quickly become a revolutionary purchasing platform and e-commerce hub since its emergence in 2023.

With a rapidly growing customer base, TranzactCard reflects Smith’s customer-centric philosophy and his commitment to family values. He is dedicated to enhancing the financial power of Americans, especially those who are underbanked or non-banked, through the innovative financial solutions offered by TranzactCard. Smith’s vision is to empower those who have less and need more, fundamentally changing the financial landscape to be more inclusive and beneficial for all.


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