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Unleashing Power: VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers in Germany with Oxtrys

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In the fast-paced digital world, having a powerful and reliable hosting solution is essential for companies to thrive online. Oxtrys, a main website hosting issuer, offers a various variety of services, such as VPS web hosting and Dedicated Servers in Germany. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and features of VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers while highlighting Oxtrys’ commitment to delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

  1. VPS Hosting – The Perfect Balance: Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting combines the best aspects of shared hosting and dedicated servers. Oxtrys’ VPS hosting in Germany offers numerous advantages for businesses:
  2. a) Enhanced Performance: With Oxtrys’ VPS hosting, your website benefits from dedicated resources, ensuring consistently high performance even during peak traffic periods. The robust infrastructure and optimized server configurations guarantee faster loading times and seamless user experiences.
  3. b) Scalability and Flexibility: VPS hosting allows businesses to scale their resources easily. As your website grows, you can effortlessly upgrade your VPS plan, including CPU, RAM, and storage, without any disruptions. This flexibility ensures that your hosting solution aligns with your business’s evolving needs.
  4. c) Full Root Access: Oxtrys provides full root access with VPS hosting, enabling businesses to have complete control over their server environment. You can customize software installations, configure settings, and fine-tune performance to meet specific requirements.
  5. d) Enhanced Security: Oxtrys prioritizes the security of your data. Their VPS hosting solutions include robust security measures such as firewalls, regular backups, and advanced monitoring systems to safeguard your website from potential threats.
  6. Dedicated Servers in Germany – Unparalleled Power: For businesses that require ultimate performance and control, dedicated servers in Germany offer unparalleled advantages. Oxtrys’ Dedicated Servers excel in the following areas:
  7. a) High Performance: Oxtrys’ Dedicated Servers utilize cutting-edge hardware and network infrastructure to ensure exceptional performance. With dedicated resources and no resource-sharing, businesses can handle resource-intensive applications and high traffic volumes with ease.
  8. b) Full Control and Customization: Dedicated Servers grant complete control over your server environment. You can customize every aspect, from operating systems and software installations to network configurations. This level of control allows for optimal performance and compatibility with your specific requirements.
  9. c) Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Germany is known for its stringent data protection laws, making it an ideal location for businesses concerned about data privacy and compliance. With Oxtrys’ Dedicated Servers in Germany, you can ensure that your data remains secure and compliant.
  10. d) Reliability and Redundancy: Oxtrys’ Dedicated Servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers with redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and network connections. This infrastructure guarantees high availability and minimizes downtime, ensuring your online presence remains uninterrupted.

Benefits of Look at:

Hosting Solution Features Benefits
VPS Hosting – Enhanced performance – Scalability – Robust security – Consistently high performance- Easy resource scaling to accommodate business growth- Advanced security measures to protect data
Dedicated Servers – Unparalleled power – Full control – Data sovereignty and compliance – Exceptional performance for resource-intensive applications- Complete customization options- Assurance of data privacy and compliance

 Pricing Comparison of VPS hosting and Dedicated server Germany

 For VPS Hosting:

Plan Name Price (per month) CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth
VPS Basic $19 2 4 GB 400 GB 32 TB
VPS Standard $29 4 8 GB 200 GB 32 TB
VPS Pro $49 6 16 GB 400 GB 32 TB

 For Dedicated Servers:

Plan Name Price (per month) CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth
Dedicated Basic $179 Intel Xeon E-2286G 32 GB 1 TB HDD 30 TB
Dedicated Pro $179 Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 32 GB 2 TB HDD 30 TB
Dedicated Elite $339 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 64 GB 4 TB HDD 30 TB

 What to choose between VPS and dedicated server?

VPS Hosting:

  • Offers a cost-effective solution for companies with finances constraints.
  • Presents an awesome balance between overall performance and price, making it appropriate for small to medium-sized corporations.
  • Shares resources among multiple users but still provides reliable performance and scalability.
  • Allows for easy resource scalability, enabling you to upgrade or downgrade resources as your needs change.
  • Offers a level of control and customization, although it may have some limitations compared to Dedicated Servers.
  • Generally easier to manage and maintain, making it a suitable option for businesses without extensive technical expertise.
  • Provides robust security measures implemented by the hosting provider.
  • Ideal for businesses with moderate traffic and resource requirements.

Dedicated Servers:

  • Offers unparalleled performance as resources are dedicated solely to your use.
  • Provides full control and customization over the server environment, allowing for tailored configurations.
  • Recommended for resource-intensive applications or websites with high traffic volumes.
  • Requires a higher upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs compared to VPS Hosting.
  • Offers advanced scalability but may involve more complexity and potential downtime during scaling.
  • Requires advanced technical knowledge for setup, configuration, and maintenance.
  • Provides enhanced security with the ability to implement stricter security measures based on specific requirements.
  • Suitable for businesses with high traffic, demanding applications, and specific security or compliance needs.

VPS web hosting is a cost-effective choice that offers reliable overall performance, scalability, and ease of control, making it suitable for small to medium-sized organizations.

Alternatively, dedicated Servers provide extraordinary overall performance, full control, and customization, making them perfect for resource-extensive programs and agencies with precise safety or compliance desires.

The choice ultimately depends on your budget, performance requirements, level of control needed, and the technical expertise available.


Oxtrys’ VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers in Germany offer businesses the perfect combination of performance, control, and reliability. Whether you opt for the flexibility and scalability of VPS hosting or the power and customization of Dedicated Servers, Oxtrys delivers top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

You can get a discount on these services at VPS.Coupons. With Oxtrys’ commitment to customer support, robust infrastructure, and adherence to data protection standards, businesses can confidently rely on their hosting services to achieve online success. Embrace the performance and power of VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers in Germany with Oxtrys, and unlock the true potential of your digital ventures.


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