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The most Valuable antique Dime coins

These are the most valuable and sought-after 10-cent coins (DIME DOLLAR) for collectors. Some are worth millions of dollars.

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Monedas antiguas de 10 centavos de dólar valiosas

There are some  VERY valuable old 10-cent coins , for which coin collectors would pay any amount of money.

It’s amazing, these coins being so small in size, they can cost a lot of money.

In this article I focus on one of the most sought after coins by American coin collectors, the  Dime Dollar 10 cents .

We will review the history of these coins, their design changes and evolution through time, and what you are probably most interested in: The most valuable 10-cent coins.

What is a collection Dime?

A Dime is a currency that has a  value equivalent to one tenth of one US dollar . It is the smallest coin, of less diameter and weight, that is minted in the United States today.

The term Dime comes from the old French “di(s)me”, and refers to “the tenth part” of something. These coins are also known as “One Dime,” as the back of the 10-cent coins circulating in the United States is indicated.

Another curiosity is that the Dime are the  only coins in circulation in the United States that are not denominated in “dollars”  or “cents. That is, they do not have the legend of 10 cents, although they are equivalent to this amount.

The Dime is one of the pieces that every collector of American coins should have. There are some very valuable pieces that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How much is 10 cents worth?

The 10 dollar cents can have different values, ranging from 10 cents to several hundred thousand dollars.

Of course, few  coins Dime  are worth thousands of dollars.

Only those that are rare or very scarce get the full attention of collectors. These are the ten-cent coins that can cost fortunes.

At the end of this text I will leave you a list of the most valuable Dime coins, but now, we will review the history and evolution of Dime coins, and see the most valuable specimens at each stage.

Take note, because if you were to get your hands on one of these dimes,  you would surely make a fortune selling it .

History of the 10 cents

The American Dime coins were created by the Law of the Currency in 1792 and exist until today, which makes this denomination a very old one, with more than 2 centuries of creation.

The American Dime has had 6 different designs throughout its history, without taking into account the first one that was never put into circulation. From now on we will review the most valuable types of 10 cents.

Disme: copper 10 cents

The 10-cent coins, known as Disme, were never actually issued for circulation. They were approved by the 1792 Mint Law, but the few that exist were minted in copper, which is the metal used to create the coin patterns.

For this reason, Disme 10-cent coins are extremely expensive and highly coveted by collectors.

Tell me Draped Bust (1796-1807)

The first ancient 10-cent coin that actually circulated was the Dime Draped Bust. This  coin was minted in 1796 , and as a curiosity it had the same obverse and reverse as the rest of the dollar coin denominations.

The 1792 10-cent coins are easily distinguishable by the 15 stars they bear in the states that made up North America at that time. Another curiosity of the  Dime Draped Bust of 1792  is that they were minted without any indication of their value, therefore, people recognized them by their size.

The Dime Draped Bust of 1792 can reach the value of a few thousand dollars. When auctioned in a good state of preservation.

On the other hand, in 1797 there are two types of Dime Draped Bust coins. One has 16 stars, because they reflect Tennessee’s admission to the Union, while others have only 13 stars corresponding to the original 13 States.

Dime Draped (13 estrellas)

10 cents de 1797.
Dime Draped Bust (13 estrellas) valued in
 $ 57,563 

Dime Draped Bust (16 estrellas)

10 cents de 1797.
Dime Draped Bust (16 estrellas) valued in
 $ 37,157 

Tell me Capped Bust (1809-1837)

The previous design was replaced by what is known as the Dime Capped Bust, a wonderful antique coin also highly desired by collectors.

From 1809 the design changes greatly, and the value of the coin is added with a 10 C. This was done because foreigners were often confused, while locals were already used to recognizing 10 C coins by their size.

The  1828 Dime coins  in particular is highly sought after by collectors. This year the coins were minted without a necklace, so it seemed that they were larger than other coins of equal value, but issued in other years.

Any numismatic lover could create a whole collection of antique coins just from Dime Capped Bust, as there are 123 different known variants.

NOTE: If you are interested in selling Antique Coins in your possession, you can read our: Guide to Selling Antique Coins Safely

Tell me Seated Liberty (1837-1891)

The Dime Seated Libertay, or as they are known in Spanish, lady’s sitting dime, are very eye-catching and also in demand by collectors of antique coins.

These coins on the reverse present the image of Liberty, freedom, sitting on a rock, hence their identifying name.

Of the Seated Liberty there are many different models, as time went by they introduced variations in the design of the Dime Dollar. There are variations with arrows, with stars, and clean of these designs and details.

The rarest dimes of this stage, and therefore  more valuable are these 1873 and 1874 Carson City dimes , with arrows and the only 1873 Carson City dime without arrows.

dime 1873

10 cents de 1873.
Seated Liberty valued in
 $ 168 

dime 1874

10 cents de 1874.
Seated Liberty valued in
 $ 627 

dime 1873 sin flechas

10 cents de 1873 (*).
Seated Liberty valued in
 $ 1,800,000 

(*) In this case it refers to an uncirculated coin in a MS-63 state. The high price is due to the fact that it is an extremely rare coin to be found, and highly coveted by collectors. This information can be found at:

Tell me Barber (1892-1916)

The Barber 10-cent coin is named for its design.

This coin has the peculiarity of buying you design with the Quarter and Half dollar coins, during this stage.

Like the rest of the coins of this denomination, the 10 dollar cents have the Liberty motif. Only during this period the motif was presented as a bust, and adorned with a crown of laurels and an inscription that reads “LIBERTY”.

Experienced collectors analyze this inscription very carefully, as it is where one first feels the passage of time and circulation. So a LIBERTY in perfect condition will often mark the degree of preservation of Dime Barber pieces.

Of all the varieties coined during this period, the most popular is the  Barber Dime from 1894-S . Just to give you an example, in 2005 one of these coins was sold for 1.3 million dollars.

Dime 1894S

Then, in 2017 this record was broken, when a Barber Dime from 1894-S was sold for more than 2 million dollars, according to CoinNews.Net.

The value of this 1894-S Barber Dime coin is due to the fact that only 24 pieces of this model were minted, of which only 10 are currently known.

Tell me Winged Liberty Head “Mercury” (1916-1943)

The name given to the old 10-cent coins minted between 1916 and 1943 is due to a misperception of the true meaning of the motif.

When you look at the dime from this period, it seems that it was minted in reference to Mercury, the Roman messenger god, but it is false. Like the rest of the American dime, this one has the Goddess Liberty on the reverse side, but wearing a Phrygian cap that causes misunderstanding.

The Winged Liberty coin is considered by many coin collectors to be the most beautiful design of all American coins of all time.

Tell me Franklin D. Roosevelt (1946-in circulation)

Finally, in this historical review of the  most iconic and valuable 10-cent coins , we arrive at the model that is currently in circulation. The Dime Roosevelt coin.

The Roosevelt Dime was issued on the day the President would have turned 64, January 30, 1964, and there has been some controversy about it since its inception.

The designer John R. Sinnock engraved his initials on the coin  (JS) , but in 1964 and the Cold War in full swing, some people thought that the initials could refer to Joseph Stalin. This was quickly disproved, but still caused quite a stir at the time.

One of the most interesting facts about these coins, is that they made the transition in 1965 from a 90% silver and 10% copper alloy, to Cupronikel. Therefore, if you find 10 cent coins after 1965 you should know that they don’t have any silver in them.

There are a small number of  Philadelphia 10-cent coins minted in 1982  that by mistake do NOT have the P mint mark. The mint mark would normally be just below the base of Roosevelt’s neck.


Since collectors love unique coins, either because of mistakes or because they are rarities, the value of the 1982 Dime without Mint can be around $600. In other words, these coins are now in high demand by collectors and very valuable.

Tell me the most valuable old coins

Now we can make a list of the most valuable dime of all time.

No Coin Price
06 Drapped Bust: 13 Stars 1797 $83,000
07 Drapped Bust: 1798/7 $73,500
08 Seated Liberty 1873-CC $67,000
09 Seated Liberty 1874-CC $67,000
10 Drapped Bust 1803 $67,000
11 Drapped Bust: 13 Stars 1804 $63,500
12 Drapped Bust 1802 $56,000
13 Drapped Bust: 16 Stars 1797 $49,750
14 Drapped Bust 1801 $49,250
15 Capped Bust: Curl Base 2 1829 $46,000
16 Drapped Bust 1800 $42,500
17 Drapped Bust: Small 8 1798 $42,250
18 Drapped Bust 1796 $42,250
19 Seated Liberty 1846 $39,500
20 Seated Liberty 1843-O $36,250
21 Mercury 1916-D $29,500
22 Seated Liberty 1859-S $26,500
23 Capped Bust 1822 $26,500
24 Drapped Bust: 5 Berries 1805 $20,750
25 Drapped Bust: 8 Over 7 – 16 Stars 1798 $20,750
26 Drapped Bust: Large 8 1798 $20,750
27 Capped Bust: 4 Over 2 – Pointed Top 1 1824 $19,000
28 Seated Liberty 1858-S $16,250
29 Mercury: 42 Over 41 1942 $15,750
30 Seated Liberty 1856-S $15,750
31 Seated Liberty: Transitional Pattern: Obverse of 1859 – Reverse of 1860 – 1859 $15,750
32 Seated Liberty 1860-O $15,750
33 Drapped Bust: 4 Berries 1805 $14,750
34 Seated Liberty: Doubled Die Obverse 1873 $13,250
35 Drapped Bust 1807 $13,000
36 Seated Liberty 1865-S $12,500
37 Seated Liberty 1844 $12,500
38 Barber 1895-O $10,250
39 Mercury: 42 Over 41 1942-D $9,750
40 Seated Liberty 1885-S $9,500
41 Seated Liberty: Reverse of 1838 O – 1839-O $8,500
42 Capped Bust 1809 $7,500
43 Seated Liberty 1845-O $7,250
44 Seated Liberty 1838-O $7,250
45 Capped Bust: 11 Over 09 1811 $6,500
46 Seated Liberty 1849-O $6,000
47 Capped Bust: Extra Large 10C – 1829 $6,000
48 Seated Liberty: No Drapery 1840-O $6,000
49 Seated Liberty 1861-S $5,750
50 Capped Bust: Large Date – Curl Base 2 – 1828 $5,750

I hope you found quality information and inspiration in this article.

Leave me a comment with any questions or recommendations you have about the blog, or the content I share here, and I’ll be happy to respond immediately.

Even if it’s a question that requires an extensive answer, I could write a full article on the subject and share it on the blog.

See you in the next content.

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