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WalkFit App Review: Create Optimal Walking Workouts

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The use of digital fitness tracking devices has exploded in the health and wellness sphere. However, they are not a trending gimmick. There is compelling scientific evidence for their usefulness.

A systematic analysis published in 2021, assessing 40 randomized controlled studies published within a 10-year period, showed that 75% of the time, participants showed greater weight loss than those who tracked diet and exercise less frequently. Wishing to lose weight and improve health is a good and noble goal, and fitness trackers are an invaluable tool to help achieve that. What could be simpler than easing yourself into a healthy routine by simply walking?

What is the Walkfit app?

The WalkFit app is a health and wellness, weight loss, digital application. As the name denotes, the central tenet employed in this fitness app is walking. It helps you track steps, time active, and time to completion of specific routines. It also helps track calories burned and provides historical data to gauge improvement. Furthermore, it offers a gamut of walking and other diverse, instructionally guided workout routines. Walkfit is available for download on both Apple IOS and Android.

How does it work?

After downloading the app on your phone, you will be directed through a set of questions. These are general questions intended to help the WalkFit logarithm compose an individualized program. It will inquire about your body type, experience with fitness, exercise level, fitness goals, biological sex, and age. It also requests information on your energy levels after eating, typical sleep duration, water consumption, dietary vices, causes of weight gain, height, weight, BMI, and purpose for weight loss.

After you have completed this brief inquisition, you will be directed to a payment page, which is obligatory in order to access the app. It features three different options to select from a one-month trial of $0 for the first month, 12 months for $ CAD 3.17/month, and 3 months for $10.00/month. Please be aware that even when selecting the trial period, you will be asked to enter your credit card information prior to continuing on to the app. Note also, that after the complimentary trial month, you will be automatically charged for the subsequent month.

What features does the Walkfit application have?

The Walkfit app has many useful attributes and amenities that make exercise fun and varied, while simply walking for weight loss.

  • It has a built-in pedometer
  • Clearly state the time you have spent being active and the time taken to complete said steps
  • Informs you of the estimated calories burned
  • Details the intensity of exercise performed
  • Uses GPS to record where you have walked
  • Records distance traveled

Additionally, the WalkFit app provides graphs (bar and line graphs) to provide an easy-to-see sequential improvement over time or indeed, where improvement needs to be made. It also has a built-in digital analytical tool that compiles, examines, and computes historical activity data. It provides the user with detailed statistics and insights on average step count, time exercised, intensity, and calories burned. For your convenience, it can also synchronize via Bluetooth, to wearable fitness devices for both Apple and Android.


The application provides a dashboard for the user where you can choose from numerous different exercise and walking routines. Not only that, but it can also track all idle steps you take during the day, apart from intentional activity. You have the option to select a free walk where you simply press start, and it will track activity at your own pace. It also includes a plethora of walking workouts for all levels from beginner to advanced for both outdoor walking and at home. The latter is particularly useful during winter, or when you simply cannot get out of the house for a proper stroll.

Workouts differ in the time allotted and intensity. Routines include interval training, longer intervals for steady-state cardio, walks to improve one’s fitness level, interval training, and brisk and short 10-minute walks. Additionally, it includes routines for fat burning, post-prandial (after a meal) walks for enhanced digestion, and even slow-paced, easy walks to improve sleep.

Unique advantages of the application

Unlike many walking apps, the WalkFit app has a diversity of workout routines that diverge away from the numerous walking routines they also offer. The app has over 200 exercise routines and over 500 different movements! These include abdominal and core training, toning, fat loss, HIIT, yoga and flexibility, dancing, upper body strength, calisthenics, and strength conditioning.

All of these workouts, for which there are many, include a timed interval, pictorial diagrams for user instruction, time allotted for each movement, estimated calorie burn for the sequence, as well as the option for a warmup and cooldown. In fact, the WalkFit app includes a guided warm-up and cool-down option for you, helping to remove the guesswork. Furthermore, the app provides voice instructions for each movement in the workout sequence.

Another unique feature of the WalkFit app is the opportunity to enter into workout challenges. This offers certain rewards to those who participate. This is a helpful psychological tool, especially for those who find it difficult to stay motivated.

Personalized walking programs

As was alluded to, the app asks basic questions regarding physicality, height, weight, and fitness level. This enables the app to tailor fitness programs and goals to you, specifically, based upon this input.

Achieve your walking goals with the Walkfit app

Fitness apps are a valuable assistive tool for those passionate about improving their health, and fitness level and losing excess fat. The WalkFit app helps you track steps, calories burned, and distance traveled and informs you how long they were active throughout the day. It also compiles and performs data analytics that takes averages of metrics listed above and puts them in an easy-to-interpret graphical form.

The WalkFit app also provides a massive library of workouts that are instructionally guided and timed, as well as multi-day workout challenges. These facets of the app assist people in improving their health and achieving health goals. This is done by analyzing their activity and providing a psychological impetus to motivate people to work out regularly and enjoy doing so.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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