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What is business domiciliation and the steps to follow?

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An entrepreneur has to complete several mandatory steps and formalities before launching his business. Domiciliation or company registered office is one of these mandatory procedures and formalities. The business owner is therefore required to domicile the company in order to be able to launch his business and so that it can exercise its activity legally.

Regarding this domiciliation obligation, the business owner or the entrepreneur has several choices, especially since he has the freedom to choose the address of the company’s head office. Currently, online domiciliation is attractive to several companies because it has numerous advantages. So the article will tackle the subject “The steps to follow during business domiciliation.”

What is domiciliation?

Domiciliation is first of all a requirements for all companies at the time of its creation. The business owner must give the company an address by setting up its head office according to these details. In addition, the address of the registered office or domicile of the company must be a real address because it is this which will be its administrative and physical address.

The importance of domiciliation

Domiciliation plays a very important role in the life of the company.

From a legal point of view, the domiciliation address is a tool for determining the nationality of a company, for example, if the head office of a company is located in one of the states in the US, then it will have American nationality. The domiciliation address will guide the courts in the event a corporate action is initiated against the company.

Finally, the registered office address is included in all marketing campaigns of the company.

From an economic perceptive, domiciliation address can be used by the company as a strategic choice to have a good image. A corporate image affects business performance because it makes it easier for customers to trust a company that has a good image. In addition, the choice of a head office address can help a company save money because some forms of domiciliation are more expensive than others.

What is online domiciliation?

Online domiciliation consists of domiciling a company, however, the procedures are carried out through an internet platform belonging to a domiciliation company.

The advantages of an online registered head office address

Domiciliation is not just a responsibility but also has other benefits, the choice of domiciliation must be strategic in order to bring the most benefits. For this reason, choosing an online domiciliation can only be beneficial to the business.

First of all, online domiciliation is a solution offered by domiciliation companies. By choosing this form of domiciliation, the entrepreneur can be guaranteed to have a unique address for his business. Because the domiciliation companies offer several addresses in cities or in high-end towns, which is beneficial.

The procedure for online domiciliation is faster and simpler because all the steps or procedures are carried out online. This allows the company to avoid travel related to its domiciliation. In addition, it’s time-saving, the business can also save money by avoiding travel expenses. Especially since it is the domiciliation company that will take care of the administrative costs associated with the online domiciliation.

Finally, with online domiciliation, the management of the company enjoys protection against customers disputes. With the online domiciliation, only the address of the head office will be published and known by the customers this will prevent malicious customers from directly contacting the manager of the company.

Steps of domiciling a business online

Online business domiciliation is a short process that takes few minutes to complete.

– Choose a domiciliation company

Obviously, domiciling a business online involves choosing a domiciliation company that will take care of the formalities. For this, it is necessary to make sure that the domiciliation company offers an online service. Then, it is necessary to confirm that this is a registered company that is authorized to conduct an online domiciliation exercise of its activity.

– Choose an address and related services

After having chosen the domiciliation company, it is necessary to choose the address of domiciliation from the list of proposed addresses.

Next, choose the offer or services annexed to the domiciliation. These services may vary from one domiciliary company to another. On the other hand, it is necessary to check the price of the domiciliation online, because this price can increase according to the chosen address and the additional services which accompany the domiciliation.

– Sign the domiciliation contract

Online domiciliation is a commercial domiciliation concluded between two parties, the domiciliation company (domiciliary) and the company to be domiciled. These two parties must therefore sign an online domiciliation contract. The domiciliation contract is mandatory because it is this contract that will serve as proof of use of premises for the company at the time of its registration.

Therefore, you should exercise due diligence when choosing a domiciliation company.

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